[Mac] How to mirror Mac screen to Apple TV?

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1.Network Connection 

Make sure your Mac and Apple TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi. (Preferably 5G band Wi-Fi)

2.Install 1001 TVs

Apple TV: Open the App Store, search for “1001 TVs”, and download and install it. Or click directly to get the 1001 TVs for Apple TV.


Mac: Click to download 1001 TVs for Mac.

3. Cast screen (mirror screen)

3.1 Launch 1001 TVs on Apple TV. IMG_42623.2 Launch 1001 TVs on your Mac, select “Mirror Screen to TV”. Devices that connected to the same Wi-Fi will be displayed for you.

Screenshot 2022-06-07 195141

IMG_4365_副本 3.Select the Apple TV device we want to connect, click it, and the Mac appears on the TV. IMG_4365_副本2 IMG_4362_副本_副本23.4 If no available devices are, you can also add target device manually. Click the “Add it manually” button, and enter the IP address provided by the TV side, then you can start mirror. Screenshot 2022-06-07 195853Screenshot 2022-06-07 222359IMG_4362_副本


Change the projection resolution on the Mac side to meet different customer needs.

If you encounter screen lag, it is recommended to try lowering the resolution.


1.No sound when mirroring the screen, it is recommended that the computer has speakers.
1.Try to connect to the 5G band Wi-Fi, the screen will be more stable, and the delay will be less.

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