[Android] How to mirror screen from Android mobile phone to Mac?

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1.Network connection

First make sure that Android Smart TV, Android TV Box, PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi with mobile phone. (Wi-Fi in 5G band is the best choice)

network connection image

2.Install 1001 TVs

You need to install 1001TVs on both of the devices you want to mirror or mirror to.

The installation method please consult the Installation Guide.

3.Mirror screen

There are 2 ways to start mirroring:

  • Scan QR code

You can choose scan QR code entrance1 or 2. The first time scanning QR Code requires authorization of the camera.

Once scanning code succeed, you can start screen mirroring.

  • Select nearby equipment

Normally, it will automatically display all smart TV, TV box and PC that open “1001 TVs” in the same LAN.

Selecting one device will start mirror screen to it.

Note: The device needs to launch 1001 TVs. Click the refresh button to reload device.


Before mirror screen, you need to grant notification permission to view status in the notification bar.


This function can be used in various scenes, such as demo in mobile phone and mirror phone’s screen to big screen in conference, mirror screen while playing mobile game to live, read e-books in bigger screen and so on.

Mirror screen to web browser

Tap the [Mirror To Browser] in the Toolbox.

Enter the displayed URL in your web browser to mirror screen! (Recommended to use Chrome browser~)



Resolution: once the phone is connected to the PC, you have the option to change the screen resolution.
Phone: Resolution setting in the screen after mirroring screen succeed.
PC: Top left setting menu –> Picture quality
TV/Box Side: Press Menu key of Remote Control–>Screening Quality.2-7

Capture mode: you can also change the capture mode in the mirror settings.

Automatic selection in default, you can turn on the setting to change to codec mode or picture mode.

Guide the users to open the mirror settings option in the toolbox bar

Let users allow the 1001TVs draw over other APP to set up the permission for “Floating Window”

Floating window: to prevent connection interruptions, please make sure you allow the permission of the “Floating Window” option.

Let users allow the 1001TVs draw over other APP to set up the permission for “Floating Window”

Ignore Battery Optimizations: screen mirroring may be interrupted when battery optimization is on. It is recommended to enable this option “Ignore battery optimization”.

1001TVs App mirror settings showed Ignore Battery Optimizations option

The effect of Android phone successfully cast screen Apple is shown below:

WeChat Screenshot_20211012141610


  • There is no sound in target device when mirror screen. It is recommended that the phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset.
  • The mobile version supports Android 6.0 or above, and TV version supports Android 4.2.2 or higher.
  • Try to connect Wi-Fi in 5G band, the screen will be more stable and the delay will be less.

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