Nero Burning ROM Release notes –

New feeling

We are glad to introduce a new look for Nero Burning ROM by changing the default background color from grey to gradient red orange to bring a warm feeling to you.

Of course, you can switch back to the classic background by the following steps:

  1. Open the “Options” dialogue by clicking “File” -> “Options”.
  2. Switch to the “Misc” tab.
  3. Change the “Background” option under the “General user interface settings” from “Awesome” to “Neutral”.

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Image Upscaler Release notes –

New features

We are pleased to announce that the latest version  includes an online engine mode. Users can now upscale images faster than ever before, thanks to the acceleration provided by the cloud server GPU.

select online mode
select online mode

A new AI model – Face Enhancement is included in the online engine mode so you can restore and enhance blurry faces in the desktop app without going to the web service or the mobile app.

Save the result
Example result of Face Enhancement


Now you can set up the automatic trigger with a specified AI model. Just import the images and the upscaling process will be automatically started.

Preferred engine, model and auto-start
Preferred engine, model and auto-start
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Nero Start release notes –

After updating to Nero Start, you will find the access to new applications, some fresh new stories in ‘Nero Start > New’ view,  new solutions in ‘Nero Start >Solutions’, the new video template link at left panel.

New applications

Nero Screen Recorder

Nero Screen Recorder is a powerful tool that allows you to capture and record your computer screen with ease. Find more detail introduction below:

What is Nero Screen Recorder

Nero Motion Tracker

The latest update of Nero Motion Tracker allows the application to be run outside Nero Video separately which gives you the best freedom to track objects without minding the timeline editing. Find more detail introduction below:

What’s new in Nero Motion Tracker


You can always find the latest new stories on ‘Nero Start > New’

Nero is constantly adding new features and use cases to the products to help our customers master digital projects more quickly and easily.

You can always find the latest released features on the Nero Start > New view to avoid missing exciting use cases.

2024 What's new

For sure, you also can find all these new solutions with green dot in the general Solutions view:

2024 new solutions

Video Templates

video templates

From Nero Start left panel, under Resources, you will find a new entry: Video Templates. Clicking it will open the latest page of Nero Creative Center to download the fatastic video templates.

creative center video templates

Just open the video template in Nero Video. Feel free to drag and drop your video clips into the template and create more shining videos like a professional video producer.

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What is Nero Screen Recorder

Nero Screen Recorder

Nero Screen Recorder is a powerful tool that allows you to capture and record your computer screen with ease. Its features include:

Record high-quality videos

Nero Screen Recorder allows you to record high-quality videos with crystal clear resolution. Whether you’re capturing gameplay, creating tutorials, or recording online meetings, Nero Screen Recorder ensures that your videos are of the highest quality. With its advanced video encoding technology, you can expect smooth and sharp videos with vibrant colors. Say goodbye to pixelated and blurry recordings. Nero Screen Recorder takes your video recording experience to the next level.

Capture gameplay with ease

Nero Screen Recorder makes it effortless to capture gameplay footage. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a content creator, you can rely on Nero Screen Recorder to record your gameplay sessions in high resolution and stunning detail. With its user-friendly interface and powerful recording capabilities, you can easily capture every exciting moment of your gaming adventures. From intense battles to epic wins, Nero Screen Recorder allows you to relive and share your gaming experiences with friends and followers. Start capturing your gameplay with Nero Screen Recorder today!

Create tutorials with ease

Nero Screen Recorder is the perfect tool for creating tutorials. Its intuitive interface and powerful recording features make it easy to capture your screen and explain concepts step by step. Whether you’re teaching a software tutorial, demonstrating a process, or sharing educational content, Nero Screen Recorder provides the tools you need. With its ability to capture both your screen and your voice, you can provide clear and concise instructions to your audience. Start creating engaging and informative tutorials with Nero Screen Recorder today!

Customize recording settings

Nero Screen Recorder allows you to customize your recording settings to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to adjust the resolution, frame rate, or audio settings, Nero Screen Recorder provides you with the flexibility to tailor your recording experience. You can choose the desired resolution, ranging from standard definition to high definition and even 4K resolution, ensuring that your recordings are captured with the level of detail you desire. Additionally, you can adjust the frame rate to achieve smooth playback or reduce the file size. With Nero Screen Recorder, you have full control over your recording settings, allowing you to create videos that perfectly match your requirements.

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