What should I do if start Nero BackItUp failed due to missing Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8?

The new 2020 Q1 online update for Nero Platinum Suite – Subscription also supplied a new version of Nero BackItUp to improve and fix backup or restore failures.

Some PCs, however, may show the following after the update to the new version: “missing Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8”. This is usually caused by Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 not being installed on the PCs.

.Net Framework 4.8

To prevent the issue from happening, please make sure the components “Nero BackItUp” and “Nero BackItUp Prerequisite” are both checked in the Nero ControlCenter online update.


If your system is Windows 10, the latest Windows Updates already includes .Net Framework 4.8. So if your Windows 10 has updated to the latest version, the .Net Framework is already installed on your system.

Check the below page to understand if your Operating System support .Net Framework 4.8 before Updating. 



If the issue still exists, please click the button “Yes” in the pop up dialog to install the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 on your PC. You are also able to access the below link to find the same information:



In the page, click the button to download the installer from the Microsoft website. After the download is finished just click to install the .Net Framework 4.8.



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I am not a Nero Platinum 2019 subscription user, what should I do If I do not have a Nero Account after Online Update in 2020 Q1?

Recently, Nero Start supplied an online update for Nero 2019, Nero Platinum Suite and Nero 2020 products. After the online update, Nero 2019 users can also benefit from some of the advantages that Nero 2020 users like using the AI Photo Tagger and logging in to the Nero Account to manage all Nero products.

These are the steps for a non-subscription user to get access to the latest Nero Start, even without a Nero Account.

Use Nero Start without Nero Account Sign-in

During the 1st time launch of Nero Start, the application will help you to configure your software with the Nero Account. If the software detects that you are not a Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription user, an additional entry point will appear in the bottom of the screen. Click the link to skip the registration process.


Everything works the same as in the previous Nero Start. Each Nero application has a startup button that will start up the application by clicking it. You can also switch buttons to search use cases of Nero applications, Nero Mobile apps, or preview video with Movie Themes.


If you would like to create a Nero Account later, you can register by clicking on the “account” button in the top right corner.



Use Nero Start with Nero Account

While in the Nero Start startup wizard, you can also create a Nero Account. Input an email address and the Nero Account System will check if it is a valid account already exists and allow to sign in or guide you to register a new account.

After entering the password which was sent to your email address via the Nero Account System, you can finish creating a new Nero Account.


In next screen, you can enter the Activation Code to unlock your other Nero Products, for example Nero Platinum 2020, Nero Burning ROM 2020. If you do not have any valid Activation Code, just click the “Skip for now” to skip this step. Without any Activation Code, you still can use your own Nero 2019 products as usual.


The activation code is not the same as Nero Serial Number which you got for Nero 2019 products. Entering any serial number will produce an error message.


You are also able to click the link to purchase a full version copy of Nero Platinum Suite.


Also for Nero Platinum 2019 subscription users, after signing into the Nero Account, an In-App notification will help you to upgrade the product to the latest Nero Platinum Suite, that always supplies the newest features, product improvements, quality improvements and bugs fix. (The Nero Account for Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription users was already created while ordering the product in Nero Online Shop. It is the same email address used to receive the delivery information of the purchase.)

Visit the below FAQs to get more information about Nero Account and Nero Start.


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My Smart TV is not detected by Nero MediaHome, what should I do?

1. Please make sure your TV or media player, and your PC are connected in the same WiFi network.

2. Please make sure your Smart TV is compatible with DLNA/uPnP.
You can use DLNA product search to confirm if your TV is a DLNA certified product: https://spirespark.com/dlna/products/. You can search by manufacturer, product type or device classes and capabilities.

3. If your Smart TV is integrated Google Play Store, you also can download and install Nero Receiver on your TV. Nero MediaHome works perfectly with Nero Receiver TV.

How to install Nero Receiver on Smart TV?

4. Restart Nero MediaHome to try again.

5. Hotspot: Find a mobile phone, open personal hotspot, connect your PC and TV to this hotspot, and now try to check if Nero MediaHome can list your TV correctly. If Nero MediaHome is able to play content to TV without any problem with this hotspot, it can basically confirm that there is a problem with your router settings. Please check it.

6. Try Nero stick: Nero Easy Stream FullHD – HDMI Stick: https://www.nero.com/enu/products/nero-easystream/?navid=116134471207
HDMI port need to be available for your TV.

How can I covert and export AVC 4K Video in Nero Recode?

This cool feature is only available for subscribers

In addition to more profiles for Tablets, Smartphones and Home Entertainment systems, the 2020 Spring Release also contains 4K video – “AVC Ultra HD (4K)” export support.



After you add some video files into Nero Recode, select and activate the profile “AVC Ultra HD (4K)” under the category “Video files”. The output file will be AVC Ultra HD (4K). You can also click the button “Edit Settings”, in the pop up profile setting dialog, and select any type of resolution you prefer.



Click here to try to convert to 4K video files in your Nero Platinum Suite.



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I am a Nero Platinum Suite (Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription) user, how can I upgrade to the latest Nero Platinum Suite?

If you own a valid Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription, you are eligible to get the latest Nero Platinum Suite applications.

Option 1: Directly download the latest Nero Platinum Suite installer from www.nero.com

1. Go to the website www.nero.com, and navigate to the download page.



2. In the download page, click the download button under the product “Nero Platinum Suite”, Enter your email and download the latest Nero Platinum Suite installer.



3. After downloading the Nero Platinum Suite installer successfully, you can run the installer to finish the upgrade.



4. After the whole installation is finished, launch Nero Start, and sign in to your Nero Account to unlock the upgrades. For detailed information on how to sign in, please refer to the FAQ “How do I create a Nero Account?” and “What is a Nero Account? What can I do with my Nero Account?”.



Option 2: Upgrade to the latest Nero Platinum Suite from Nero Start

1. Update Nero Start to the latest version (this version supports the Nero Account).


If you enable auto updates for Nero Products during installation, Nero Start will auto update to the latest version or notify you whenever a new update is available. If you disable the auto update for Nero products, you can check manually if there is any update for your Nero Products

After updating to the latest Nero Start, you can sign in to your Nero Account, and get the latest information and support from Nero. However,  you can continue to use your own Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription applications without signing in to your Nero Account


2. Launch Nero Start, sign in to your Nero Account to unlock the upgrades. If you already are a Nero Platinum Suite (Nero Platinum 2019 Subscription User), the email address used to order the product online is your Nero Account. If you are not sure about the password of the account, just click the link “Request password again” to resend the password to unlock the account.


For more detailed information, please refer to the FAQ


3. After your account is unlocked, you will see the Start screen. At the same time, if the software detects that a new version of Nero Platinum Suite is available, Nero Start will inform you. Click the button “Yes” to start downloading the latest version.


The latest upgrades and update checks are only available to you after signing in to your Nero Account .


4. After the download, launch the installer to install/upgrade your subscription.



5. After the installation is finished, restart Nero Start to enjoy your product.

9_Successfully upgrade to Nero Platinum 365



If you are not sure about the details of your Nero Account, Activation Code, please refer to the below FAQs:


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