How can ‘Live Guide’ in ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ help me?

From Nero 2019, ‘Live Guide’ is available via ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ in all Suite and standalone end user products.

‘Live Guide’ is available for the following applications:

  • Nero MediaHome
  • Nero DuplicateManager Photo
  • Nero Video
  • Nero Recode
  • Nero Express
  • Nero Burning ROM
  • Nero BackItUp

With new ‘Live Guide’, ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ integrates a unique and very  comfortable feature for getting context sensitive tips & tricks and help from within Nero applications.

The new mode called ‘Live Guide’ directly links to related FAQs, manuals pages, and tutorials within the main Suite applications in regards to the actual use case, the application mode, or task performed inside of the application.

Let’s see some examples of how this works inside of ‘Nero Video’

Imagine you have just started using one the of the great new ‘Nero LifeThemes Pro’ in ‘Nero Video’ for creating a slideshow or movie with automated intro and outro, effects, captions, and music.

Switch on the ‘Live Guide’ toggle on the header bar of ‘Nero Video’ and ‘Live Guide’ will give you context sensitive FAQs and other information.

Live Guide_1

A context path at the bottom of ‘Live Guide’ shows you where you are in your project: ‘Nero Video >…> Express Editing’. In this case you will see all relevant information for editing in Express Mode.

Live Guide_1_1

Now, when you change to open the MovieTheme template selection window, ‘Live Guide’ will automatically adapt its context to match your new task. Now, the job path at the bottom tells you: ‘Nero Video >  … > Movie Theme Dialogue’.  The context inside of ‘Live Guide’ has changed, accordingly.

Live Guide_2

Then, when you handover your editing project to the disc authoring in ‘Nero Video’ for creating a DVD-Video, ‘Live Guide’ will update the context relevance automatically and provide all materials for the new case as you can see in below screen shot. The context path shown at the bottom for this case is: ‘Nero Video > … > DVD-Video Disc Project > Content Screen’. Again, the context inside of ‘Live Guide’ has changed, accordingly.

Live Guide_3

This way, utilizing Nero Suite becomes even more easy and intuitive. Moreover, you can also send feedback and report issues via the respective button in ‘Live Guide’.

As mentioned, this context sensitive behavior is available in Nero MediaHome, Nero DuplicateManager Photo, Nero Video, Nero Recode, Nero Express, Nero Burning ROM, and Nero BackItUp.  This will give you a very comfortable time using Nero applications and growing with your projects.

Nero KnowHow 00137

What is ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’?

Many Nero customers already know and utilize the Nero learning center ‘Nero KnowHow’. So far it was only available as a Windows 10 app (PC/mobile), as well as an iOS and Android app.

With Nero 2019, ‘Nero KnowHow’ comes as a new application with additional functionality also reflected in the new name. Now, ‘Nero KnowHow PLUSis a fully integrated Suite PC application and is available for all operating systems supported by Nero Suite 2019 and later products (Win 7/8/10).

NKH in Nero Start

A new mode called ‘Live Guide’ inside of ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ enables users to get context sensitive tips & tricks, including help from within Nero applications. ‘Live Guide’ directly links to related FAQs, manuals pages, and tutorials within the main Suite applications in regards to the actual use case, application mode, or task performed inside of the given application (also see Nero KnowHow 00137).

The new context sensitive window also allows sending feedback, as well as reporting issues (support tickets).

Nero Life Guide_2

Inside of the applications, a toggle switch enables ‘Live Guide’. The ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ user interface including ‘Live Guide’ shows itself in a vertical window right hand side of the screen, which can be moved over the screen, enlarged, and also pinned back to the minimized right hand position.

‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ availability in Products

From Nero 2019, all Nero Suite and standalone products will include ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ as a regular PC application . It will be delivered together with the Nero installer and will be available after installation of a Nero 2019 (and later) product. An Internet connection is mandatory for using ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’.

For users of Nero 2018 and earlier versions, ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ is available as a PC application that does not include ‘Live Guide’, but has the function to ‘Report issues’ integrated. This way, ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ is a generally available PC application and support-tool for any Nero user.

Starting with the product launch of Nero 2019 products, ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’ will replace the support section on From this date, users going to report issues to Nero Support need to use ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’.

Volume License and OEM versions do not include ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’.

Tip for mobile App Users of ‘Nero KnowHow’

‘Nero KnowHow’ App for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 will continue to be available without modification, i.e. it will neither include ‘Live Guide’ nor the function for reporting issues, but will include any updates on content as regular.

Nero KnowHow 00136

What is new in ‘Nero Start’?

Starting with Nero 2019 generation, ‘Nero Start’ (to some also known as Nero Launcher) comes in a refreshed design and updated workflows. Now, you will get going with your Nero product much more easily and achieve result faster than before.

The new user interface with completely updated design and workflows now includes animated buttons, which make the former next/previous page behavior superfluous. This way, you can directly open the info and video tutorial windows per application, now.

Moreover, it integrates a last used application function and gives prominent access to new Nero KnowHow PLUS. Via a slider, Nero Start allows you to change the UI between a lighter and a darker UI version.

Another highlight is ‘1-Click Video Story‘, that integrates into ‘Nero QuickStart’. Simply drag & drop photos or videos to the drop zone and your files will load automatically with a predesigned movie theme inside of Nero Video. Also see Nero KnowHow 00139.

‘Nero Start’ is available for all Nero Suite and standalone products, and also includes access to new ‘Nero KnowHow PLUS’.


Changes in the Version Installation Behavior

First published with Nero 2019, ‘Nero Start’ becomes independent of the installed Nero Suite generation. It is part of the Nero product installer but installs individually as ’Nero Core’ (including Nero Start, Nero Control Center, Nero KnowHow PLUS, and  Nero Update), after which the Suite applications will be installed.

From Nero 2019, ‘Nero Start’ will reside on the system and integrate with the Nero product version you own. Your product version displays prominently in the header of Nero Start. Even if you uninstall Nero Suite, ‘Nero Start’ with ‘NeroKnowHow PLUS’ and ‘Nero ControlCenter’ will still be available and usable.

Because ‘Nero Start’ will be generation independent, you will no longer see a version number associated to the Nero icon in Windows Start Menu. The icon will not say ‘Nero 2019’, but will just say ‘Nero’, or ‘Nero Start’ respectively. If a desktop shortcut was not added automatically, clicking on this icon in Windows Start Menu, will launch the application and automatically create a desktop shortcut for ’Nero Start’.

What to do if ‘Nero 2019’ was not installed, but only ‘Nero Core’

In some circumstances, it can happen that after the initial installation of Windows prerequisites and ‘Nero Core’, the installer will ask you to reboot. In most cases, the installation for Nero applications will automatically continue after the reboot.

In the rare case that the installation does not continue automatically, please run the installer you received with your Nero ESD purchase or run the Nero program installer on the DVD of your Nero retail product again, to finalize the installation.

Nero KnowHow 00135

Does ‘Nero Recode’ support latest device profiles?

‘Nero Recode’ is an easy to use application, which supports transcoding various media source file formats to a variety of target video formats, so that you can playback your trans-coded media files on compatible devices.

A comfortable function in ‘Nero Recode’ is supplying many predefined device profiles in different device categories, so that you can select the proper device profile, and trans-code all the media files for your device, easily.


Many users always ask us “Has the new ‘Nero Recode’ added device profiles for the latest popular smartphones and tablets?”

The answer is “Yes”. About every half year, ‘Nero Recode’ will update its list of supported device profiles with latest popular smartphone and tablet devices.

NR device profiles

From ‘Nero Recode’ 2019, you do not only benefit from profiles for smartphone and tablet devices, but also have the option to select disc compatible profiles to trans-code to fully video disc compliant files. This is very beneficial if you want to use disc compatible files in your editing or authoring project in ‘Nero Video’. For detailed information on this check Nero KnowHow 00131.

Disc Compatible

Nero KnowHow 00141

Can I convert video files to be fully compatible to disc formats like DVD or BD?

Starting with Nero 2019, in ‘Nero Recode’ you have the option to select disc compatible profiles to trans-code your files.

This is very beneficial, if you want to use disc compatible files in your editing or authoring project in ‘Nero Video’.

Imagine you want to edit quite a number of 4K source footage files and burn your project to a Blu-ray Disc.  With ‘Nero Recode’ you can improve your ‘Nero Video’ editing and burning speed drastically now, when you just trans-code your files from 4 K to a Blu-ray Disc compatible profile, initially. ‘Nero Video’ is fully ‘SmartEncoding’ enabled, so it will benefit from importing, editing and burning disc compatible files.

Just use ‘Nero Recode’ in the regular way and select the new profile ‘Disc compatible …’.

Disc compatible_1

Click ‘ok’, and on the home screen click ‘Start encoding’. When the encoding is finished, Nero Recode will show a ‘more’ button. Click it to select between handing over your encoded files to a ‘Nero Video’ editing or a disc authoring project.

‘Nero Video’ will open your project in the disc compatible format that you selected in ‘Nero Recode’, before. This is very convenient.

The same process applies if you select a DVD compatible profile in ‘Nero Recode’.

select handover to NV_final draft

Nero KnowHow 00131