What should I do if the app tells me that Nero DVD Player is not available?

If you experience this problem, it is basically caused by two main reasons:

  1. Nero DVD Player is not allowed for your product.
  2. Nero DVD Player is not able to get its status correctly.


We suggest you start “Nero Start” to double-check your product status. You are likely to encounter the below scenarios in Nero Start:

  • You are not signed in. Please sign in and then you will be able to run Nero DVD Player correctly.
  • You are using a Trial version and it is expired. Please activate your official product or purchase a version.
  • Some files or configurations of your product have been changed and need to be repaired. Please follow the steps in Nero Start to repair them.

Regarding ‘Repair Nero Product’, you can find more detail at:

Why does Nero Start show the “Repair Nero Product” screen and how to continue?

If your product does include Nero DVD Player and still cannot start the application smoothly according to the instructions in this FAQ, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service for help: feedback@nero.com.

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Nero DVD Player 4.0 Updates

We are glad to introduce the new 4.0 version of Nero DVD Player with all the newly designed user interfaces. Hope this update can bring some new feelings to you.

New functions:

  • Support MP4 and MKV media file playback which is totally free.
  • Support loading subtitles during media playback.
  • Support loading Nero NRG DVD video disc image.
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Nero Video Motion Tracker FAQ

How to get a better tracking result?

To get better tracking results, you shall choose the proper target to track. The target shall have enough features for the application to distinguish between the target and the background. If you choose a plain color to track, the application will not be able to recognize the tracking area with the background. Before starting tracking, please preview your video and check if the target’s size changes much or not. If the target’s size does not change much, turn off the “Adaptive scaling“ option to get better accuracy and performance.

Video Extensions

Q: Why do I need to install the other video extensions from Microsoft Store?

A: The Motion Tracker uses a new 64-bit architecture based on the Microsoft Media Foundation technology which means the video decoding and encoding is different from Nero Video. Microsoft Media Foundation must use video extensions to decode and encode some videos like HEVC.

File Problems

Q1: Some videos can be imported to Nero Video but cannot be used in Motion Tracker, what should I do?

A: You can export the source video to AVC with the original resolution in Nero Video first. Then import the exported AVC video to Nero Video to do motion tracking.

Q2: Some video preview is not good/black/flickering in Motion Tracker, what should I do?

A: You can export the source video to AVC with the original resolution in Nero Video first. Then import the exported AVC video to Nero Video to do motion tracking.

Q3: The preview is different between the Nero Video and Motion Tracker, what should I do?

A: You can export the tracked result in Motion Tracker to video first. Then import the exported video to Nero Video to do further editing.

Hardware Acceleration

Q: What is the function of the “HWA“ button? Why is the button disabled sometime?

A: The “HWA“ button is used to switch between hardware acceleration and software acceleration during playback. When the hardware acceleration is enabled, the button’s color turns orange. The button will be disabled when the video codec does not support hardware or software acceleration.

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Changelog – Image Upscaler MS

This is the changelog for Image Upscaler Microsoft Store whose version id starts with 2.0.x.x

See the changelog for which version id starts with 24.5.x.x.



setup default ai model

  • Now you can set up the default AI model in the Options.
  • Support new format .webp
  • A 7-day free trial is now available for you.



  • Sign in or create a new Nero Account for a special gift now!

sign in

  • Hints with gif when cursor hovers on the model.

tooltip for models

  • Show the progress status in the thumbnail list for the image under processing.

progress status

  • Support compression settings when saving result as jpeg.

jpeg compressions

  • Keep original EXIF data in result image.



  • Better sample image with result presenting.
  • The project will not be interrupted when the PC sleep.
  • Other improvements for stability and reliability.



  • Some improvements for Intel CPU acceleration.



  • Some example images to start with.new start with example
  • You can input images from Google Drive

open from google drive

  • AI model selection is now available. Try different models for different photo till you get happy result.

ai models

  • You define how big the result goes. 2x, 4x or by targeted width and height values.

more scale ratio

  • More comparison views:

1on1 view

  • Compare traditional and AI results with slide bar.


  • Batch processing is possible and up to 20 images in a row.

batch process


  • Giant improvements on processing speed with NVIDIA GPU acceleration.
  • Save files with customized file name.



Microsoft Store initial release of Nero AI Image Upscaler – use artificial intelligence to increase image resolution with enhanced sharpness and detail.

  • Upscale rate: 4x.
  • Remove noise and jpeg compression artifacts.
  • Support JPEG, PNG.



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