Release Notes for Nero Platinum 2020 – 2021 Q2

We always improve our product based on your feedback and suggestions continually.

16th July, 2021

Nero BackItUp

  • This update includes the fixes of Google Drive backup issue.

Nero MediaHome

  • This update includes some bug fixes to improve the app stability.

Nero Video and other applications

  • This update includes some regular bug fixes and minor improvements.

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Nero KnowHow 00237

Why no audio while mirroring screen?

Because of the limitation of Android system, it is impossible to transmit the sound to TV or computer when mirror screen. Most screen mirroring Apps on the market do like this. But if the system of your phone is Android 10+ and your TV box is Android 6+, this problem will not happen.


If you need audio, please connect phone to wired earphones or Bluetooth speaker to get better experience.

If you just want mirror/cast/stream a local video on your phone, it is recommended to select feature [Mirror Media], which has sound.

If you are using our Android app, you can tap the [web video] feature when mirroring is done, and then streaming the videos of the given websites to your TV with sound.

What should I do when screen mirroring always being interrupted unexpectedly?

1. Turn off the router, turn on router after 5 minutes.

2. Check if the network is stable. It is recommended using network cable to connect to the router for PC and TV. If using Wi-Fi, please make sure the signal is full. ( Wi-Fi with 5G band is prefer)


3. Check if there are tips from 1001 TVs in the notification bar:


If not, please open Settings and find the notification Management, open the notification permission of 1001 TVs.


4. Please turn on [Ignore Battery Optimization] to prevent 1001 TVs process from being cleared while mirror screen. The setting steps are as follows:


5. Please turn on [Floating Window] to prevent 1001 TVs from being closed while mirror screen. The setting steps are as follows:


6. Please make sure that your mobile phone has more than 70% power, it’s best to keep charging state.

What should I do when failed to mirror screen even though connect to same Wi-Fi?

1. Turn off the router, turn on router after 5 minutes.

2. Check whether the AP isolation is enabled on the router. If the AP isolation is enabled, turn it off and try to mirror screen again.
Taking TP-Link as an example, device management–>AP isolation –>Off

3. Check if the proxy settings are enabled on the mobile network. If there is a proxy, turn off the manual proxy or add the IP of target device to the exception list.



4. Check the 1001 TVs PC app is the latest version or not, if not, please upgrade to the latest version. And tap ‘run as administrator’.


5. If you still can’t mirror screen, try function [Mirror To Browser].

Mirror to the browser:

6. Or open your personal hotspot, and connect your PC or TV to the hotspot, then try to mirror screen.