Upscale images with cloud GPU acceleration⚡

We are pleased to announce that the latest version includes an online engine mode. Users can now upscale images faster than ever before, thanks to the acceleration provided by the cloud server GPU.

What is the online engine mode?

This mode refers to the integration of a web service engine within the AI Image Upscaler Windows Desktop App to handle the process of image upscaling.

Therefore, images will be uploaded to the server for processing. Rest assured that your precious pictures will not be stored after processing. Our server will promptly and securely delete your uploaded data, ensuring that there is no risk of your valuable information being exposed. We prioritize your data privacy and are fully committed to protecting it.

Why do we need the online engine mode?

The speed of AI image upscaling greatly depends on the performance and power consumption of the GPU.

Expensive GPU

In recent years, due to the influence of Bitcoin and AI-Generated Content (known as AIGC), the prices of graphics cards have skyrocketed. Not all users can afford to equip their desktop computers with high-performance graphics cards.

Even if your desktop computer at home has a good graphics card, you may still have to endure long waits caused by the lack of a dedicated graphics card while traveling on business trips.

travel and work with laptop

No more errors, hardware issues, quality compromises, or long loading times! That’s why the online engine mode is introduced.

Can I use the online engine mode for free?

First of all, the online mode is not a free service. It requires consuming credits from your account to enable its usage. Generally, it takes 1 credit to upscale one image.

Secondly, you need to have Pro version privileges. You can upgrade your entitlement through In-App purchases or online purchases.

If you have subscribed to our Platinum Suite 1-Year License (known as the Nero Platinum Suite 365), congratulations, you can log in to your Nero Account to obtain your entitlement.

How to use the online engine mode?

  1. Run the app.

    Run the app
    Run the app
  2. Import the image.

    Import image
    Import image
  3. In the AI model selection section on the right side of the settings panel, you can click on the mode options and select Online mode.

    select online mode
    Select online mode
  4. Click on Start to begin.
    Select AI model and click [Start processing]
    Select the AI model and click [Start processing]
  5. Don’t forget to save the result.

    Save the result
    Save the result

Additionally, you can also set the preferred engine mode as Online mode and specify the default model within the preferences settings. Turn on the switch for automatic start.

Preferred engine, model and auto-start
Preferred engine, model and auto-start settings

Simply import the image without clicking the Start button, and the app will automatically perform the image upscaling task.

What should be considered?

First, you need to have an internet connection.

Second, you need to have the Pro version privileges.

Third, you need to have enough credits.

Fourth, you need to agree on the Privacy Policy and EULA.

Finally, once the task is processed successfully, please save the images to your local storage promptly.


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