Changelog – Image Upscaler Pro Steam

This is the changelog for Image Upscaler Steam.

The initial version is on the way…


Utilize artificial intelligence to increase image resolution with enhanced sharpness and detail.

  • Flexible Upscale: up to 4x
  • Batch process: upscale multiple images in 1-click.
  • Remove noises and jpeg compression artifacts.
  • Recover blurred facial details for blurry portraits.
  • Use the Nero cloud-based GPU for slow PCs.
  • Support JPEG, PNG, WEBP, BMP, JFIF, and so on.


Image Upscaler Release notes –

New features

We are pleased to announce that the latest version  includes an online engine mode. Users can now upscale images faster than ever before, thanks to the acceleration provided by the cloud server GPU.

select online mode
select online mode

A new AI model – Face Enhancement is included in the online engine mode so you can restore and enhance blurry faces in the desktop app without going to the web service or the mobile app.

Save the result
Example result of Face Enhancement


Now you can set up the automatic trigger with a specified AI model. Just import the images and the upscaling process will be automatically started.

Preferred engine, model and auto-start
Preferred engine, model and auto-start

Upscale images with cloud GPU acceleration⚡

We are pleased to announce that the latest version includes an online engine mode. Users can now upscale images faster than ever before, thanks to the acceleration provided by the cloud server GPU.

What is the online engine mode?

This mode refers to the integration of a web service engine within the AI Image Upscaler Windows Desktop App to handle the process of image upscaling.

Therefore, images will be uploaded to the server for processing. Rest assured that your precious pictures will not be stored after processing. Our server will promptly and securely delete your uploaded data, ensuring that there is no risk of your valuable information being exposed. We prioritize your data privacy and are fully committed to protecting it.

Why do we need the online engine mode?

The speed of AI image upscaling greatly depends on the performance and power consumption of the GPU.

Expensive GPU

In recent years, due to the influence of Bitcoin and AI-Generated Content (known as AIGC), the prices of graphics cards have skyrocketed. Not all users can afford to equip their desktop computers with high-performance graphics cards.

Even if your desktop computer at home has a good graphics card, you may still have to endure long waits caused by the lack of a dedicated graphics card while traveling on business trips.

travel and work with laptop

No more errors, hardware issues, quality compromises, or long loading times! That’s why the online engine mode is introduced.

Can I use the online engine mode for free?

First of all, the online mode is not a free service. It requires consuming credits from your account to enable its usage. Generally, it takes 1 credit to upscale one image.

Secondly, you need to have Pro version privileges. You can upgrade your entitlement through In-App purchases or online purchases.

If you have subscribed to our Platinum Suite 1-Year License (known as the Nero Platinum Suite 365), congratulations, you can log in to your Nero Account to obtain your entitlement.

How to use the online engine mode?

  1. Run the app.

    Run the app
    Run the app
  2. Import the image.

    Import image
    Import image
  3. In the AI model selection section on the right side of the settings panel, you can click on the mode options and select Online mode.

    select online mode
    Select online mode
  4. Click on Start to begin.
    Select AI model and click [Start processing]
    Select the AI model and click [Start processing]
  5. Don’t forget to save the result.

    Save the result
    Save the result

Additionally, you can also set the preferred engine mode as Online mode and specify the default model within the preferences settings. Turn on the switch for automatic start.

Preferred engine, model and auto-start
Preferred engine, model and auto-start settings

Simply import the image without clicking the Start button, and the app will automatically perform the image upscaling task.

What should be considered?

First, you need to have an internet connection.

Second, you need to have the Pro version privileges.

Third, you need to have enough credits.

Fourth, you need to agree on the Privacy Policy and EULA.

Finally, once the task is processed successfully, please save the images to your local storage promptly.


Nero KnowHow 00318

What is Nero Muse?

Nero Muse is an AIGC app to generate AI art based on prompts and photos. AIGC stands for AI Generate Contents. It is an artificial intelligence-based tool that helps in generating photos and images.

How does Nero Muse work?

Nero Muse uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand the context, tone, and style of the content. It then generates unique and high-quality photos based on the input provided by the users such as prompts and reference images.

What are the benefits of using Nero Muse?

Using Nero Muse can save time and effort in image creation. It can generate images quickly and efficiently. What’s more, it is a lot of fun to share your AI artworks and creations. You can also get inspired by the Artwork Gallery which is published by other creators.

Is Nero Muse easy to use?

Nero Muse is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

The Rookie mode is designed for users who are not familiar with AI image generation at all. Users just need to select a photo from the library and choose a style. Then the app will turn the real photo into great AI art.

The Hall of Fame mode is a bit difficult for rookies who never heard about AI image generation. Like the other AI image generators, users need to write a prompt before AI starts to process.

What is prompt and how does it work?

In image generating, a prompt is a short description or phrase that provides the AI model with an idea or concept to generate an image from. The model then uses algorithms to create an image that matches the prompt. The quality of the generated image depends on the quality of the model and the level of detail provided in the prompt.

How to write a prompt for image generation?

To write a good prompt for image generation, you should be as specific and detailed as possible. Use descriptive language to convey the style, tone, and context you want the image to have. It’s also helpful to provide reference images or examples to give the AI model a better understanding of what you’re looking for. Experiment with different prompts and see what works best for you.

Is it free to use?

Yes, Nero Muse offers a free version with limited features. The free version allows users to generate images with some basic styles and limited quality. You can upgrade to the Pro version for unlimited access to all features and styles. The Pro version is available for a monthly or yearly subscription fee.


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Changelog – Image Upscaler MS

This is the changelog for Image Upscaler Microsoft Store

What’s Coming next:

UI Improvements



  • New model to restore blurred faces.

  • Zoom in to the image at 300% level.



setup default ai model

  • Now you can set up the default AI model in the Options.
  • Support new format .webp
  • A 7-day free trial is now available.



  • Sign in or create a new Nero Account for a special gift now!

sign in

  • Hints with gif when cursor hovers on the model.

tooltip for models

  • Show the progress status in the thumbnail list for the image under processing.

progress status

  • Support compression settings when saving results as jpeg files.

jpeg compressions

  • Keep original EXIF data in the result.


  • Better sample image with result presenting.
  • The project will not be interrupted when the PC sleep.
  • Other improvements for stability and reliability.



  • Some improvements for Intel CPU acceleration.



  • Some example images to start start with example
  • You can input images from Google Drive

open from google drive

  • AI model selection is now available. Try different models for different photo till you get happy result.

ai models

  • You define how big the result goes. 2x, 4x or by targeted width and height values.

more scale ratio

  • More comparison views:

1on1 view

  • Compare traditional and AI results with slide bar.


  • Batch processing is possible and up to 20 images in a row.

batch process


  • Giant improvements on processing speed with NVIDIA GPU acceleration.
  • Save files with customized file name.



Microsoft Store initial release of Nero AI Image Upscaler – use artificial intelligence to increase image resolution with enhanced sharpness and detail.

  • Upscale rate: 4x.
  • Remove noise and jpeg compression artifacts.
  • Support JPEG, PNG.



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