How to resolve the “Out of memory” issue?

The “out of memory” issue is due to the memory allocation errors that occur in Windows 10/11, you can refer to the links below.

To work around this issue, manually configure the size of the page file. To do this, follow these steps:


  1. Press the Windows logo key + the Pause/Break key to open System Properties.
  2. Select Advanced system settings and then select Settings in the Performance section on the Advanced tab.
  3. Select the Advanced tab, and then select Change in the Virtual memory section.
  4. Clear the Automatically manage paging file size for all drives check box.
  5. Select¬†Custom size, and then set the “Initial size” and “Maximum size” values for the paging file. We recommend that you set the initial size to 1.5 times the amount of RAM in the system.
  6. Select¬†OK¬†to apply the settings, and then restart the system. If you continue to receive “out-of-memory” error messages, increase the “initial size” of the page file.


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What should I do if the app tells me that Nero DVD Player is not available?

If you experience this problem, it is basically caused by two main reasons:

  1. Nero DVD Player is not allowed for your product.
  2. Nero DVD Player is not able to get its status correctly.


We suggest you start ‚ÄúNero Start‚ÄĚ to double-check your product status. You are likely to encounter the below scenarios in Nero Start:

  • You are not signed in. Please sign in and then you will be able to run¬†Nero DVD Player correctly.
  • You¬†are using a Trial version and it is expired. Please activate your official product or purchase a version.
  • Some files or configurations of your product have been changed and need to be repaired. Please follow the steps in Nero Start to repair them.

Regarding ‚ÄėRepair Nero Product‚Äô, you can find more detail at:

Why does Nero Start show the ‚ÄúRepair Nero Product‚ÄĚ screen and how to continue?

If your product does include Nero¬†DVD Player¬†and still cannot start the application smoothly according to the instructions in this FAQ, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service for help:¬†

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Nero DVD Player 4.0 Updates

We are glad to introduce the new 4.0 version of Nero DVD Player with all the newly designed user interfaces. Hope this update can bring some new feelings to you.

New functions:

  • Support MP4 and MKV media file playback which is totally free.
  • Support loading subtitles during media playback.
  • Support loading Nero NRG DVD video disc image.

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