Do Nero Volume Licenses end? What do I have to know about Nero Volume Licenses?

Nero Volume Licenses are available in two different components:

  • The license itself, i.e. the regular Nero Volume Licenses per seat
  • An optional Maintenance License per seat on top of a regular Nero Volume License
  1. Regular Nero Volume Licenses per seat

Nero Volume Licenses are perpetual, i.e. they continue without limitation or termination, and allow you to use your product as long as you want under the two conditions below:

  • You can only use it for the specified Nero product
  • The licenses are only valid for the given number of seats as specified on your certificate (see example)


I have Nero Volume Licenses for one hundred seats, which I am using on one hundred PCs.

Now, I have bought twenty new PCs. How can I handle this without buying a new license?

If you do not intend to upgrade your Volume Licenses and just use it as normal, you could uninstall your Nero Volume License software product on twenty of your old PCs and install your Nero Volume License software product on the twenty new PCs, instead. This way the number of active seats will not change and you will comply with your purchased licenses.

General rule for this case: please make sure that the number of active PCs running Nero software never exceeds the bought number of seats per Nero Volume License.

  1. Nero Maintenance License per seat on top of a regular Volume License

In addition to a given regular Nero Volume License, you can buy an optional Maintenance License for the duration of one, two, or three years. The selected Maintenance ends on the expiry date shown on your Maintenance Certificate. A Maintenance Certificate is not auto-extended.

A Nero Maintenance License includes the following services and benefits:

  • VIP-Level Technical Assistance
  • 1 Free Version Upgrade
  • Guarantees system compatibility and security


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