How can I split tracks included in one big file of a digitized vinyl record and export it to individual music files directly?

Digitizing a vinyl record means analog to digital conversion. With Nero WaveEditor you have an easy to use free tool allowing you to do A/D recording of your vinyl record, plus automatic track splits, as well as single file export in one go.

This FAQ deals with splitting tracks and exporting individual music files of already digitized files.

Track split and exporting to individual tracks in Nero WaveEditor

If you already have recorded a digital track that has all the different music tracks included in one piece, it is easy to open your audio file in Nero WaveEditor, and split and export individual tracks afterwards.

Open Nero WaveEditor and your recorded track via the top menu. Your track will be displayed in Nero WaveEditor timeline with a waveform. In there, you can already visually identify where the individual tracks start and end. With the + and – buttons you can zoom in and out.


There are two ways to add track splits

1. Automatically

Go to the menu bar and select edit > ‘Pause Detection’. Set the dB value to minimum (-30 dB), leave the rest of the settings as are. Try out some different settings, if your results are not optimal.


F_NWE_32. Do it manually

Just use the ‘Insert track split’ function in the edit menu in combination with the cursor position on the waveform. Each split will create a new track.

F_NWE_4For checking each split, zoom in to see the detailed waveform view. If you are not satisfied with the position, just touch the set track split with the cursor and move it slightly left or right. You can also use this function after you have added track splits automatically.


Export your tracks as individual files

In the edit menu go to the bottom entry ‘Save tracks as Files’.

F_NWE_5In the coming up window, you can rename your tracks manually. Within the selectable audio file formats for export, you have many options: besides MP3 and AAC even lossless formats. Select the folder where you want to save your files and click ok.


When the export of multiple single files is finished, you have many options of how to utilize your music tracks with other Nero applications:

  • Import your tracks into Nero MediaHome library (and use Gracenote Music Technolgy for automatic title naming and cover art)
  • Move your music files including song information and cover art to your mobile device via WiFi+Transfer App connected to Nero MediaHome on your PC
  • Import your tracks into Nero Burning ROM to burn an Audio CD (and use Gracenote Music Technolgy for automatic title naming and cover art)
  • Import your tracks into Nero Burning ROM to burn your music files to a Jukebox CD, DVD or BD with higher storage capacity*.

*For more information also check Nero KowHow DIGITAL LIFE MADE EASY (4)

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