Nero Start release notes –

In our recent updates, we released the brand new Nero AI Video Upscaler. We also focused on improving some of the usability and user experience issues reported by users.

    • Brand new Nero AI Video Upscaler

Check out how to upscale a video now!

Find more details here.

    • Simpler and more user-friendly user account creation and login process

Nero Start - existing account

Nero Start - new account created

    • Clearer and simpler My Account menu and ’My product‘ interface

From My Account menu, you can navigate to:

      • My products: to check your products, enable the product which you want to show in Nero Start.
      • Enter Activation Code: to activate your product, if you own an activation code. (Note: No activation code is supplied with online orders.)
      • Balance and Credits: to check your Nero Credits which available for Nero AI onlince services.
      • Manage my account: to check or update your profile, update password, check your products, etc.

    • The update installation process has become more transparent.

When an application’s installation seems “stuck”, you can now easily see which dependent components are being installed.


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Nero Start release notes –

After updating to Nero Start, you will find the access to new applications, some fresh new stories in ‘Nero Start > New’ view,  new solutions in ‘Nero Start >Solutions’, the new video template link at left panel.

New applications

Nero Screen Recorder

Nero Screen Recorder is a powerful tool that allows you to capture and record your computer screen with ease. Find more detail introduction below:

What is Nero Screen Recorder

Nero Motion Tracker

The latest update of Nero Motion Tracker allows the application to be run outside Nero Video separately which gives you the best freedom to track objects without minding the timeline editing. Find more detail introduction below:

What’s new in Nero Motion Tracker


You can always find the latest new stories on ‘Nero Start > New’

Nero is constantly adding new features and use cases to the products to help our customers master digital projects more quickly and easily.

You can always find the latest released features on the Nero Start > New view to avoid missing exciting use cases.

2024 What's new

For sure, you also can find all these new solutions with green dot in the general Solutions view:

2024 new solutions

Video Templates

video templates

From Nero Start left panel, under Resources, you will find a new entry: Video Templates. Clicking it will open the latest page of Nero Creative Center to download the fatastic video templates.

creative center video templates

Just open the video template in Nero Video. Feel free to drag and drop your video clips into the template and create more shining videos like a professional video producer.

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Nero Start release notes –

This release includes some user experience improvements and bug fixes.


Jump into your use case just in 2 steps!

Back from vacation, are you still struggling about how to make a video with so many pictures and videos?

Follow the introdution below to create a vacation video just in 2 steps!
Jump into your use case just in 2 steps

Not only creating video automatically, but also other use cases, now, from Nero Start > Solutions, you can jump into your use cases just in 2 steps


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