How can I browse and play media with Nero MediaHome?

‘Nero MediaHome’ is a complete media management and playback solution for all your files and discs; be it photo, video, music or accessing connected mobile devices.

On the left hand side you find categories for Photos & Videos, Music, and Slide Shows. When inserted or connected you can also directly access discs and USB devices from here.

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Click on ‘Photos & Videos’ for quick browsing. Here you can choose between three different viewing modes.

‘Timeline’ has a daily or monthly view and a year reference so that you can quickly scroll or jump to the wanted clips. Clip information is shown on the right hand side.

You can modify the thumbnail view and filter the view for either video or photos. The field above lets you type in search words to easily find assets.

Via ‘Faces’ view you will easily find photos of people that are already identified via face detection.

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To playback files simply click on the play button below. Photos and videos will be played automatically in the order of clips in the library with optional background music for photo playback.

Also check out the video tutorial

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Can I create and burn Video DVDs in Nero MediaHome?

Sure you can. To do so create a so called ‘Slide Show’. In there you can automatically create a movie consisting of photo only, video only, or a combination of photo and video and then burn that to a DVD Video with menus.

In ‘Nero MediaHome’ select your photos or videos from which you are going to create a themed  slideshow. ‘Nero MediaHome’ has a whole variety of automatic design templates.

Click the button ‘Create new’, select ‘Slide Show’ and type in a name. Your slide show including all elements is shown in the storyboard at the top of the window.


On the left hand side you can select themes like ‘Abstract’. Within the tab ‘Title’ your slide show name appears and will be used for the intro sequence.  You can modify captions for intro and outro sequence by typing in new names.


Clicking the tab  ‘Music and duration’ allows you to set the duration of single images and to select the wanted music track. For example: you can chose between the music that comes with the template or your own music.

Do a preview of your project to get a first  impression. If you prefer other themes just click on the ‘Themes’ button again and select a different one.

In the storyboard you can add more images and videos. Click on the ‘+’ area and ‘Nero MediaBrowser’ will open.

NMH Browser EN

This is a minature view of ‘Nero MediaHome’ with access to all your media.

Your slide show will be auto saved and is ready for burning, now. In case you want to burn several slide shows (videos) to a single DVD-Video just repeat the described process several times, then go to ‘All Slide Shows’, and select the wanted  slideshows on the main screen.


Now click on the burn icon bottom right and select ‘DVD-Video’. Menus based on your theme will be added automatically.NMH DVD EN 3 00047When finished each of your videos can now be selected for individual playback via the menu buttons on your DVD that will play in any standard DVD player.

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