How to mirror multi phone’s screen to one PC(Windows and Mac)?

Application Scenario: In modern classroom teaching activities, the use of cell phone screen mirroring is constantly being explored and becomes part of the communication between students and teachers. Students can take pictures of their answers and cast them onto the whiteboard for face-to-face review and answer by the teacher. However, in the face of the demand for simultaneous screen casting by multiple students, most screen casting products on the market are unable to meet the demand for simultaneous casting of multiple cell phones to a single computer. The multi-device screen casting function of 1001 TVs can meet the demand of this scenario and facilitate the interaction between teachers and students.

① First, mirror a phone screen to the computer

If you don't know how to mirror a single phone screen to a computer, see the following help document for details.

1.Mirroring screen from Android mobile phone to PC
2.Mirroring screen from Apple (iOS) mobile phone to PC
3.Mirroring screen from Android mobile phone to Apple (Mac)
4.Mirroring screen from Apple (iOS) mobile phone to Apple (Mac)

Here's a picture after mirroring first phone's screen to a computer:QQ截图20220124160831_副本

② Mirror the second phone to the computer

Launch the 1001 TVs on the second phone, goto the "Mirror Screen" page, continue to scan the QR code on the computer, then the two mobile phone screens will appear on the computer.



③If you want to mirror more mobile phones to the computer, you can continue the above operation.



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