How to mirror screen from Android to Windows PC?

1.Network connection:

First make sure that your Windows PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi with Android Phone. (Wi-Fi in 5G band is the best choice)

2.Install 1001 TVs

You need to install 1001 TVs on both of the devices you want to mirror.

Android Phone: click to get 1001 TVs for Android Phone 

Windows: Click to download 1001 TVs for Windows, and you can use it without installation.

3.Mirror screen

1.Launch 1001 TVs on your PC, goto the "Screen Mirror" page and choose “Mirror from Phone” feature. 

2.launch 1001 TVs on your Android Phone,and goto the "Screen Mirror" page which displays the target devices that connected to the same Wi-Fi..
微信图片_20220128192958_副本 the Windows PC device we want to connect, click it, and the phone screen appears on the PC.



4.If no available devices, you can also scan QR code to pair. Click the code scanning button to scan the QR code on the Windows PC side, and then you can mirror the screen to your PC.




❶Change the projection resolution on the Android side to meet different customer needs.

If you encounter screen lag, it is recommended to try lowering the resolution.

Android Phone:there is resolution setting in the screen after mirroring screen succeed.

❷Change the screen settings (The delay may occur during the screen mirroring process, the resolution is not high, etc., you can improve the screen quality by changing the screen settings)

Screen capture mode: Automatic selection in default, you can turn on the setting to change to codec mode or picture mode.

Floating Window: The mirroring maybe disconnected unexpectedly when [Floating Window] option is disabled, please allow the permission.

Ignore battery optimization: Screen mirroring may be interrupted when battery optimization is on. It is recommended to enable this option.


1.There is no sound in target device when mirror screen. It is recommended that the phone is connected to a Bluetooth speaker or Bluetooth headset.

2.Try to connect Wi-Fi in 5G band, the screen will be more stable and the delay will be less.
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