[iOS] How to mirror Apple (iOS) mobile phone screen to Android TV?

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1.Network Connection 

Make sure your iOS Phone and Android TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi. (Preferably 5G band Wi-Fi)

2.Install 1001 TVs

iOS: Click to download 1001 TVs for iOS on your iOS Phone.


Android TV/TV box: Open the app store that comes with the system, search for “1001 TVs”, download and install it, or get the 1001 TVs for TV from Google Play.

3. Cast screen (mirror screen)

3.1 Launch 1001 TVs on Android TV.


3.2 Launch 1001 TVs on your iPhone, and go to the “Screen Mirror” page which displays the target devices that connected to the same Wi-Fi.

649A4611A84AF28D6FC35C1380FDDCDF_副本 3.3 Select the Android TV device we want to connect, then click “Start Mirror” button, and continue to click “Start Broadcast” button, wait for the 3-second countdown to start mirror.

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3.4 If no available devices, you can also scan QR Code to pair. Click the code scanning button to scan the QR Code on the Android TV side, and then you can mirror the screen to the TV.

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