How to install Nero TuneItUp and Unlock the PRO feature

Install Nero TuneItUp in Nero Start

If Nero TUneItUp is not yet installed, you can click the application button in the Start screen to start installing Nero TuneItUp.

Home Installing


After a successful installation, Nero TuneItUp Free version is available.

Installed NTIU_Free


Install Nero TuneItUp via Installer

Click the Nero TuneItUp installer to download and install the latest available Nero TuneItUp and all necessary Nero components.

Installer Installer_Install Desktop



Unlock Nero TuneItUp PRO after Installation

The new Nero TuneItUp will not use any serial numbers to activate the PRO feature. Instead, the software needs to sign in to your Nero Account to unlock the PRO feature.

After you have installed Nero TuneItUp, launch Nero Start and sign in to your Nero Account.


After the account/product was unlocked successfully, Nero TuneItUp will auto enable the PRO features.



Info: In Nero Start, you can also download and try the latest Nero Platinum Suite – Subscription


How to Purchase Nero TuneItUp PRO

  • You can Purchase the Nero TuneItUp PRO from

Access the Online Shop in the, find the Online Shop entry point in the bottom,

nero_com standalone

  • You can click the “PRO” button in Nero TuneItUp, to place an order for Nero TuneItUp PRO

* The Nero Account will be created based on the input email address.


  • You can purchase from the VIP Store in Nero Start

* Only for Nero Platinum Suite Subscription Customers


Nero Platinum Suite subscription customers can purchase Nero TuneItUp PRO in the VIP Store. Click “Buy” to place an order in Nero Start. If the order of Nero TuneItUp PRO is ready, just launch Nero TuneItUp to use the software.

From_VIP NTIU_PRO Desktop



Nero KnowHow 00224

What can be configured in the Options of Nero Start?

There are two buttons in the right-top of the Options screen:

Apply: Save and apply the new configuration

Reset: Reset all configurations to default settings.


Display Language of Nero Products

You can use the detected system language or select one of the supported languages as the Nero product display language.


Network Connection for Nero Start

Check the details of the FAQ “How to check and fix “Network or service is not available” in Nero Start” about the configuration.



Install & Online Update

Install location for Nero Products: The location used for installing or updating Nero Products. You should keep 5GB of disk space available for the partition.

There are 3 types of updates check policy:

Download updates but let me choose whether to install them (recommended) If updates for the applications are detected, Nero Start will automatically download the update in the background. You will be notified upon completion.
Check for update but let me choose whether to download and install them While Nero Start launches, it will check for updates for the applications, and show the number available updates.
Never check for updates (not recommended) Nero Start will not check for any updates.


Click the button “Check for updates” to immediately leave the Options screen and start an online update check in Updates screen.

Install & Update Policy

Info: Make sure to click the button “Apply” to save the configuration update before leaving the Options page.


Nero Product Improvement Program

You can participate in the Nero Product Improvement Program to help improve the quality, reliability, and performance of Nero products.


About Nero Start

Show the version information of Nero Start.


Nero KnowHow 00213

🛒 Click and Get Nero Platinum Suite

How to obtain products from the VIP Store?

Available Product: Nero Platinum Suite – yearly license


The VIP Store is the app Store in Nero Start. It is only available for Nero Platinum Suite – yearly license users. In the VIP Store, you can directly purchase additional software with just one click.

Info: Nero Start and other necessary components should be updated to the latest version to ensure the smooth functioning of the VIP Store.


When you are signed in in Nero Start and have Nero Platinum selected as your default product, the Nero VIP Store will appear in the left menu entry.


Nero Platinum subscribers will receive exclusive discounts for different products.


After you have confirmed your purchase in the VIP Store, the order will be placed by our authorized payment provider Verifone. The payment method will be the same one you are using for your yearly Nero Platinum license.

VIPStore_PurchaseConfirm VIPStore_Purchase


After the order is finished and successful, Nero Start will begin to download and install the product. After the product is installed successfully, you can start the application directly via the VIP Store.

VIPStore_Install_App VIPStore_Puchased_All


You can also find the application in your Extras menu entry.


If the payment information from your Nero Platinum Suite happens to be out of date, you will be notified and asked to input your payment info manually to continue with the order.


You can get the privacy policy detail information from below link.



Nero KnowHow 00225

🛒 Click and Get Nero Platinum Suite

How can Nero Video export or package media files which are used in the project?

Available Products: Nero Platinum Suite, Nero Platinum Suite 2021, Nero Video 2021


While using Nero Video to create your own movie, Nero Video can import your own media files like Video, Music or Pictures from different folders or different devices like TV or Camera. At the same time, all media files can be managed in the “My Media” palette.

Sometimes, if you want to consolidate your media files in your disks, or edit the Nero Video project in another PC, you have to

  1. Manually check and copy all used files in the Nero Video project to a specific folder.
  2. Copy or save the Nero Video project to the specific folder again.
  3. It is possible that you have to fix the Nero Video project file issue first before opening the project again. If certain files cannot be set correctly, these files and related applied effects will be removed.

Nero Video 2021 now supports exporting or packaging the project file and used media assets.

Once you have finished video editing and click “Save”, you can “Save project file and assets” by clicking the button “Save As …”.

Popup dialog

Then the Windows folder selection dialog pops up, and you can select the folder which you want to export or package the whole folder. You can even select a removable device or network drive.



Depending on the number of the files you need to export and package, the whole export process will take some time. After the process is finished, you can open the folder to check the exported project and files.

Finish Export Folder

Other info: Nero Video will create a folder with the project name and the date info.



Nero KnowHow 00212


🛒 Click and Get Nero Platinum Suite

How can I get the latest updates for my Nero Products?

Available products: Nero Platinum Suite yearly license, Nero Platinum Suite 2021, Other Nero 2021 products


Checking for Online Updates will get the updates for

  1. The basic components, free applications or Content Packages.
  2. The applications in the product which are selected in the Nero Account -> My product page.

Let’s say you have Nero Platinum Suite and Nero Platinum 2021 available in your Nero Account, and select Nero Platinum 2021 as the default product. Then only the updates for applications in Nero Platinum 2021 will be listed in the Updates screen. If you switch to Nero Platinum as the default product, then only the updates for applications in Nero Platinum will be listed in the Updates Screen.


After the check, a number badge will be shown next to “Updates” in the left menu bar.

Badge Number

To update the Install & Online Update configuration, click “Apply” in the Options screen for the updated configurations to take effect.

For installing or updating, the applications need to run in administrator mode, so a UAC dialog will pop up to get permission while the installation is in progress.





How to configure Install and Online Update

In the Options screen under section “Install & Online Update”, it is possible to set the Install and Update configurations.


Install location for Nero Products The root folder in which Nero Start will install all Nero products or applications.

·         Change the install location setting will only apply to the next installation or update.

·         The space size of the target drive for installations should exceed 5GB or more available space.

Temporary files The folder used to store the temp downloaded files. Click the button “Delete” to remove the whole folder and files .

·         The space size of the drive for storing temporary files should exceed 5GB or more available space

Online Update Online update policy for Nero Products.

Click the button “Check for updates” to skip the current modification in Option screen and open the Updates screen to check the latest updates for all available application in the selected product.

–          Download updates but let me choose whether to install them (recommended) While Nero Start launches, check and download the latest updates for the selected product. After the installer packages have been downloaded, a notification will appear. Click the notification to continue with the installation.
–          Check for update but let me choose whether to download and install them While Nero Start launches, only check if there are updates for the selected product. The badge number will update at the same time.
–          Never check for updates (not recommended) Never check updates for the selected product any more.




How to Install or Update applications in the Updates screen

When the auto update check for the Nero Application is set, every time Nero Start launches, the application will check if there are any updates for the selected product. In addition, you can check manually in the Updates screen.

Check for Updates

Below screen means all applications are updated to the latest version.


If there are updates for the selected product available, or there are applications available for the selected product but not installed yet, they will all be listed in the Updates screen. The difference is if the application is available but not installed yet the button will show “Install”, and if the application exists  but needs to be updated, the button will say “Update”.


Click the button “Install” or “Update” to start to download the select application, then install it. Also a progress bar will indicate the whole process.

At the same time, the downloading can be canceled by clicking the button “X”. While the application installing/updating begins, the whole process cannot be canceled any more.


You can also click the button “Update all” in the top-right to update all available applications to the latest version.


While the Nero application updating begins, you can leave the Updates screen. Nero Start will handle the whole process in the background, and you will be notified upon all successful installations.

Update Notification

If you exit Nero Start while the application is still updating, a warning dialog will pop up. Exiting Nero Start will cancel all application updating. You can restart the update process when launching Nero Start again by clicking “Update all”. 



If an application update has failed, you can click “Try again” to try to download and install the application again. In most cases it will fix the issue. If the issue still exists, click the button “Send ticket” to create a support ticket and our engineers will check and fix the issue.

Failed NeroStart



Nero KnowHow 00216

🛒 Click and Get Nero Platinum Suite