I want to install Nero on a new PC – can I take over my Nero MediaHome library?

In case you want to install your Nero product on a new PC or if you have installed new hard drives in your given system, you can move your media library to the new system. This way you will have all your media assets and Nero MediaHome projects available and can use Nero MediaHome on the new system in the same way as before. We will show you how this can be achieved, easily.

Open Nero MediaHome and go to ‘Options’, ‘Library Copy’.

Library Copy

Connect an external hard drive to your PC and click the button ‘Copy Library’.

In the copy page you get an overview which types of files you have in your media library including overall file sizes. Select the external drive that you want to copy your media library to.

library copy access

Then click ‘Copy’ and the media library will be copied to your target drive as specified. Depending on the size of your media library this may take some time.

library Copy process

After having installed Nero on the new system, attach your external hard drive to your new system, open Nero MediaHome, go to ‘Options’, ‘Library Copy’ again, and click the ‘Paste Library’ button.  In the ‘Paste’ page select your external hard drive and via ‘Paste’ copy the media library to your new location. Depending on the size of your media library this may take some time.

library paste_final_2

Once pasted, your configuration, all your media files, slideshow projects, tags, etc. are available in the same way as you were used to on your former system.

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Why do I get a “Unable to open the database file.” message upon launch of Nero MediaHome?

Please open Nero MediaHome via Nero 2017 launcher screen.

Background Information:

In former versions Nero MediaHome used to be a standalone product that was version independent from Nero Suite product releases. A new version or an update of Nero MediaHome would have just updated any version of Nero MediaHome on the same system and overwritten the former version.

Starting with Nero 2017, Nero MediaHome 2017 like any other application of Nero Suite was changed to be version dependent with Nero Suite releases. There is also no feature reduced free version of Nero MediaHome available any longer. Due to these modifications the new product can be better positioned in the market and you as a paying customers can benefit from an extended feature set. Moreover, there is no disadvantage or risk of data loss against older versions. Any asset of the media library of an existing product will be automatically taken over to the new Nero Media Home 2017.

Same as before, only the latest available Nero MediaHome on an end-user system is allowed to access the media library.  Different than before now an older version can exist side by side with new Nero MediaHome 2017 on the same system. In such a scenario – if you try to open a former version of Nero MediaHome (which by design does not include the media library any longer) it will fail to launch with the message: “Unable to open the database file.” This is the expected behavior and you can safely uninstall the older version.

Unable to open

Also, if you are using the text search from Windows start menu to launch Nero MediaHome possibly an older version might be executed and you will run into the same issue. In this case you can safely uninstall the older version of Nero MediaHome, too.


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