Jump into your use case just in 2 steps!

Back from vacation, are you still struggling about how to make a video with so many pictures and videos?

Follow below steps to create a vacation video just in 2 steps!
1. Find ‘Create a vacation video’ in Nero Start > Solutions and click it
search use case

2. Browse and open the pictures and videos which captured during your vacation

browse files for use case

Now, Nero Video will create the vacation video automatically!
create video automatically

Not only creating video automatically, but also other use cases, now, from Nero Start > Solutions, you can jump into your use cases just in 2 steps:

Step 1: find your use case and click it
Step 2: some use case need to be feeded with source files

Try your use case now!

Nero KnowHow 00316

Why and how shall I choose a product to show in Start?

Nero Start, as your hub to manage all your Nero programs, it always show the applications of your selected product in Start view. Your selected product name will be listed at Nero Start header bar. If you own several Nero products, you can choose one to show its applications in Start view according to your preference.

For example, in below screen, the Start view lists all your applications of Nero Platinum Suite 2021:

Start view in Nero Start

If you start an application from Start view now, e.g. started Nero Recode as below, Nero Recode 2021 will be started.

Start_version consisit

Then you may wondering, if I have multiple Nero products, how do I choose which product shall be listed in Start view?

There are two places you can choose the product, and just in 2 steps.

1. Nero Start header bar
You will find a ‘drop-down’ arrow beside your product name at Nero Start header bar if you own several Nero products.

  • Step 1 – clicking drop-down icon: you will see all your Nero products from the list. The product with green mark is the one which listed in Start view now.
    drop-down menu to choose product
  • Step 2 – choose the product: Now you can click the product from the list to choose it. For example, I clicked Nero Platinum 365 now.

After I selected ‘Nero Platinum 365’ from the product list, the product name at header bar will be changed. If now I click the Nero Recode button from Start view, I will get the Nero Recode subscription version, see below:

the application started from Start
2. Nero Start > Manage my account

You also can choose the product to show in Start view in ‘My Nero Account’ view.

  • Step 1 – click ‘Manage my account’: Clicking ‘Manage my account’ from the menu of ‘Account Settings’ will open ‘My Nero Account’ view. The product whose ‘switcher’ is turned on is the one which listed in Start view now. Account Settings menuMy Nero Account view
  • Step 2 – turn on the ‘switcher’ for your product: Turn on the ‘switcher’ of the product you want to show in Start view.

As same as in product drop-down menu, the Start view will show the applications from new product once you switched.

Now, just try, feel free to change your product to show it in Start view. Please contact Nero support if you still feel confusion.

Nero KnowHow 00315


How can I get the latest updates for my Nero Products?


Checking for Online Updates will get the updates for

  1. The basic components, free applications or Content Packages.
  2. The applications in the product which are selected in the Nero Account -> My product page.

Here is one map guide for you to understand the whole working flow.

One guide map

Let’s say you have both Nero Platinum Suite subscription and Nero Platinum 2021 available in your Nero Account.

Select Nero Platinum 2021 as the default product.


Then only the updates for installed applications in Nero Platinum 2021 will be listed in the Updates screen.

update item empty for np2021

If you switch to Nero Platinum subscription as the default product.

np 365

Then only the updates for installed applications in Nero Platinum will be listed in the Updates Screen.

update items for np 365 -1

After the check, a number badge will be shown in ‘Updates’ tab in the sidebar menu to indicate that how many applications are available to update.

highlight indicator for updates np365

To update the Install & Online Update configuration, click ‘Apply’ in the Options screen for the updated configurations to take effect.
For installing or updating, the applications need to run in administrator mode, so a UAC dialog will pop up to get permission while the installation is in progress.

option configured success


How to configure Install and Online Update
In the Options screen under section ‘Install & Online Update’, it is possible to set the Install and Update configurations.

  • Install location for Nero Products:

The root folder in which Nero Start will install all Nero products or applications.
• Change the install location setting will only apply to the next installation or update.
• The space size of the target drive for installations should exceed 5GB or more available space.

  • Temporary files

The folder used to store the temp downloaded files. Click the button ‘Delete’ to remove the whole folder and files.
The space size of the drive for storing temporary files should exceed 5GB or more available space

  • Online Update

Online update policy for Nero Products.
Click the button ‘Check for updates’ to skip the current modification in Option screen and open the ‘Updates’ tab to check the latest updates for installed applications in the selected product.

  • Download updates but let me choose whether to install them

While Nero Start launches, check and download the latest updates for the installed applications. After the installer packages have been downloaded, a notification will appear. Click the notification to continue with the installation.

  • Check for update but let me choose whether to download and install them (recommended)

While Nero Start launches, only check if there is any update for installed applications with selected product. The badge number will update at the same time.

  • Never check for updates (not recommended)

Never check updates for the selected product any more.

options-install and update


How to update or install applications in ‘Updates’ page
When the auto update check for the Nero Application is set, every time Nero Start launches, the application will check if there are any updates for the selected product.

In addition, you can check manually in the ‘Update’ tab by clicking ‘Check for updates’ button.

check for update

Below screenshot means that all applications are updated to the latest version.

update item empty for np2021

If there is any application available to update, it be listed up. You can click ‘Update’ button on each application or click on ‘Update all’ button.

highlight update or all

Click the button ‘Update’ will start to download. A progress bar will indicate the whole process.
At the same time, the downloading can be canceled by clicking the button ‘X’. While the application installing/updating begins, the whole process cannot be canceled any more.

highlight cancel botton

You can also click the button ‘Update all’ in the top-right to update all available applications to the latest version.

While the Nero application updating begins, you can leave the Updates screen. Nero Start will handle the whole process in the background, and you will be notified once complete.

notified after finish

If you exit Nero Start during updating or installing, a warning dialog will pop up.

exit during updating

Exiting Nero Start will cancel updating and installing. You can restart the update process by clicking ‘Update all’ or ‘Install all’ when launch Nero Start again.

If you failed to update application, you can click ‘Try again’ to try to download and install the application again.

In most cases it will fix the issue.

If the issue still exists, click the button ‘Send ticket’ to create a support ticket and our engineers will check and fix the issue.


Nero KnowHow 00216

How to install Nero TuneItUp and Unlock the PRO feature

Install Nero TuneItUp in Nero Start

If Nero TUneItUp is not yet installed, you can click the application button in the Start screen to start installing Nero TuneItUp.

Home Installing


After a successful installation, Nero TuneItUp Free version is available.

Installed NTIU_Free


Install Nero TuneItUp via Installer

Click the Nero TuneItUp installer to download and install the latest available Nero TuneItUp and all necessary Nero components.

Installer Installer_Install Desktop



Unlock Nero TuneItUp PRO after Installation

The new Nero TuneItUp will not use any serial numbers to activate the PRO feature. Instead, the software needs to sign in to your Nero Account to unlock the PRO feature.

After you have installed Nero TuneItUp, launch Nero Start and sign in to your Nero Account.


After the account/product was unlocked successfully, Nero TuneItUp will auto enable the PRO features.



Info: In Nero Start, you can also download and try the latest Nero Platinum Suite – Subscription


How to Purchase Nero TuneItUp PRO

  • You can Purchase the Nero TuneItUp PRO from www.nero.com

Access the Online Shop in the www.nero.com, find the Online Shop entry point in the bottom,

nero_com standalone

  • You can click the “PRO” button in Nero TuneItUp, to place an order for Nero TuneItUp PRO

* The Nero Account will be created based on the input email address.


  • You can purchase from the VIP Store in Nero Start

* Only for Nero Platinum Suite Subscription Customers


Nero Platinum Suite subscription customers can purchase Nero TuneItUp PRO in the VIP Store. Click “Buy” to place an order in Nero Start. If the order of Nero TuneItUp PRO is ready, just launch Nero TuneItUp to use the software.

From_VIP NTIU_PRO Desktop



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