[Mac, Windows PC File Transfer] How to send and receive files in sharing

1. Network connection 

First make sure that the device is connected to the same Wi-Fi with mobile phone. (Wi-Fi in 5G band is the best choice)


2. Install 1001 TVs on Phone and Mac/PC

You can download app from App Store or Google Play

1001 TVs iOS App on App Store

1001 TVs Android App on App Stores

1001 TVs Mac App on App Stores

1001 TVs PC App on App Stores

3. Launch Mac/PC App, select File Transfer feature


4. Launch iOS/ Android App, select file transfer feature


5. Search nearby devices


6. Listed all devices


  • If the last connected devices is available, can transfer files directly.
  • For the paired device, also can transfer files directly.
  • For the new device, please tap it to pair.
  • For the offline device, please make sure the network is ok, but can view received files.

7. Pair device with Mac/PC



8. Select files to send




9. View files from phone to Mac/PC

You can click to open file, view file in the Finder or Windows file explorer, click to refresh current list.



10. Send files from Mac/PC to Phone

Select one paired device


11. Drag and drop files in the drop zone


12. Open receive tab page on the phone, your files will show here


What is Nero AI video upscaling and how to turn on/off it?

Even people who are not so interested in watching movies may agree that watching videos in high resolution (such as Full HD, 4K) is a wonderful experience. With 4K monitors and TVs becoming more and more popular, are you still satisfied with watching blurry SD videos on 4K monitors or TVs?

What is traditional video upscaling?
Traditional upscaling or resize is the easiest way to stretch a lower resolution video onto a larger displayer. The pixels in the lower resolution image are simply repeated and averaged to fill all the pixels of the higher resolution display. The result is that the video fits a 4K monitor, but it usually looks blurry.

What is Nero AI video upscaling?
Nero AI video upscaling predicts high-resolution videos through an AI model and produces incredible clarity and enhanced details that cannot be reproduced by traditional upscaling, such as sharper edges, more realistic hair, and the landscapes with striking clarity.

Before and after: Nero MediaHome playback with Nero AI video upscaling


The result video that converted by traditional video upscaling and Nero AI video upscaling

What You’ll Need

  • Nero Platinum or Nero Platinum 2022 installed. 

    🛒 Click and Get Nero Platinum Suite

  • Nero Platinum supports Nero AI video upscaling up from V24.x and higher.
  • Please attach your monitor to the higher performance graphic card, if your PC has dual graphic cards.
  • Windows 10 or higher 64-bit operating system is recommended.

Enjoy a better performance with enabled hardware-accelerated AI enhancement

We recommend using at least a Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390 graphics cards for hardware accelerated video AI upscaling of SD source files. If you would like to do video AI upscaling of HD source files, we recommended using at least a Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 5600 graphics cards.


How to turn on/off Nero AI video upscaling?
In Nero Platinum V24.x and higher versions, you can enjoy the improvement of video quality from Nero AI video upscaling during video playback, converting and exporting.

Video Playback – Nero MediaHome
When you are playing video clips, no matter playing from Nero MediaHome Library or in Nero MediaHome Viewer, you will find a “Video Enhancer” icon in the lower right corner. From there you can turn Nero AI video upscaling on or off.

VSR playback in NMH Library VSR playback in NMH Viewer

The real-time video playback of “Nero AI video upscaling” depends on the performance of your graphic card.
We recommend enabling hardware acceleration under Video Playback in Nero MediaHome > Options > Video.

NMH Option HWA


Export – Nero Video
In Nero Video V24.x or later versions, you will find the option to enable or disable Nero AI upscaling in the export settings under “Configure”. Nero Video will apply Nero AI upscaling to your movie project when the target size is larger than your movie resolution settings.

Nero AI video upscaling_configure

Nero AI video upscaling_export
There are two levels for the output quality: standard quality and high quality. With the “high quality” level, you will get a better output file, but it needs more time.

Convert – Nero Recode
In Nero Recode V24.x or higher versions, you will find the “Nero AI upscaling” and its AI hardware acceleration options in Output settings.
Recode_Nero AI upscaling_configure
Recode_Nero AI video upscaling_export
There are no special hardware requirements for the conversion in Nero Recode and the export in Nero Video. The general performance depends on the system performance. But the hardware limitation will not affect the output quality. We recommend running Nero AI upscaling on Windows 10 or higher 64-bit operating systems.

Nero KnowHow 00238

TV screen projection tutorial

1.TV mirror screen  tutorial

Mirror screen from Android to TV

Mirror screen from IOS to TV

Mirror screen from PC to TV

What should I do when screen mirroring always being interrupted unexpectedly?


2.how to mirror screen  on TV?

1.How to mirror iOS screen to PC

(1)Launch mirror screen feature from slide menu


please follow the instruction to setup

please make sure the iOS device connected to same Wi-Fi with TV


(2)Launch mirror screen feature on TV


(3)Scan QR code


If fail to connect target device, the following picture will be shown.


(4)Start Mirror

If connect successfully, you can see the follow screen.


Please click the black round dot to start mirror, will navigate broadcast page.


Tap the [Start Broadcast], the countdown starts from 3 to 0.


Wow! Congratulations to you! The phone screen has been shown!


2.How to mirror screen from Android Device to TV

(1)Network connection:

(2)Install 1001 TVs

You need to install 1001TVs on both of the devices you want to mirror or mirror to.

The installation method please consult the Installation Guide.

(3)Mirror screen

There are two ways to start mirroring:

  • Scan QR code

You can choose scan QR code entrance1 or 2.The first time scanning QR code requires authorization of the camera.

Once scanning code succeed, you can start screen mirroring.

  •  Select nearby equipment
    Normally, it will automatically display all smart TV, TV box and PC that open “1001 TVs” in the same LAN.
    Selecting one device will start mirror screen to it.
    Note: The device needs to launch 1001 TVs. Click the refresh button to reload device.


Before mirror screen, you need to grant notification permission to view status in the notification bar.


This function can be used in various scenes, such as demo in mobile phone and mirror phone’s screen to big screen in conference, mirror screen while playing mobile game to live, read e-books in bigger screen and so on.

 1) Change the screen resolution  (You can change resolution on mobile phone, computer, and TV to meet different customer requirement.)
If screen mirroring always get stuck, try reducing the resolution.
In phone, there is resolution setting in the screen after mirroring screen succeed.
PC: Top left setting menu –> Picture quality
TV/Box Side: Press Menu key of Remote Control–>Screening Quality.


2) Change the screen settings (The delay may occur during the screen mirroring process, the resolution is not high, etc., you can improve the screen quality by changing the screen settings)

Screen capture mode: Automatic selection in default, you can turn on the setting to change to codec mode or picture mode.


Floating Window: The mirroring maybe disconnected unexpectedly when [Floating Window] option is disabled, please allow the permission.


Ignore battery optimization: Screen mirroring may be interrupted when battery optimization is on. It is recommended to enable this option.

3.How to mirror screen from PC to TV?

1.Network Connection

2.Install 1001 TVs

Search “1001 TVs” from Google Play, then install it, run it, keep in [mirror] page


Go official website to install 1001TVs on PC. You can refer to the Installation Guide.

  1. Mirror screen

1)Search device
Under normal circumstances, the smart TV with “1001 TVs” in the same local area network will be automatically displayed.
Select the device you want to cast your screen to, and you can easily cast your screen with one click!
The mirror screen projection function can be used in various scenarios, such as conference presentation PPT projection .
switch to【PC–>TV】 tab


4.Screen setting
1) Change the screen definition (You can switch the video resolution on your computer to meet different customer needs.)
If you experience stuttering, it is recommended to try reducing the sharpness.


4.How to mirror screen from Mac to TV?

1.Network Connection

2.Install 1001 TVs

Search “1001 TVs” from Google Play TV store, then install it, Run it, keep in [Mirror] page.


Install 1001TVs on Mac. You can refer to the Installation Guide.

  1. Mirror screen

1)Search device
Under normal circumstances, the smart TV with “1001 TVs” in the same local area network will be automatically displayed.
Select the device you want to cast your screen to, and you can easily cast your screen with one click!
The mirror screen projection function can be used in various scenarios, such as conference mobile screen projection presentation PPT.
switch to【Mac–>TV】 tab


  1. Notes:
  • No sound when mirroring the screen, it is recommended that the computer has speakers
  • Try to connect to the 5G band Wi-Fi, the screen will be more stable, and the delay will be less.