What is the difference between a Nero Product Update and a Product Upgrade?

Updates within one Nero version are free of charge.
For example if you already own a copy of Nero 2018, you can update for free to all upcoming Nero 2018 updates.

If you use a Nero Essentials version or any older version of Nero (e.g. Nero 2017 Classic, Nero 2017 Platinum or before) you can upgrade to the latest product version at a very reasonable price. If you use Nero Standard 2018 version, you can upgrade to Nero Platinum 2018 version for a special price.

Please visit our Upgrade РInfo Page for information and pricing.

Upgrades are available as serial number only. If you want to receive an installation disc, please add the Backup DVD to your cart. Nero does not offer retail DVD packages as an upgrade product.

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What can I do if Nero does not accept my Nero serial number?

If Nero does not accept your serial number, please check the following:

Go to ‘Nero ControlCenter’ and check for the installed products under ‘Serial numbers’.Add serial EN 00001_1Make sure that the correct Nero version is installed on your PC.

Go to ‘Nero ControlCenter ‘and click on ‘Update’ to make¬†sure that the latest update of your Nero version is installed.

In ‘Nero ControlCenter’ you can check your serial number, and re-enter it, if necessary.

Make sure that you’re not having any typing errors.

Note that you cannot install Nero 2017 products using a former Nero product version serial number.

If you are using a trial version of Nero 2017 you can easily enter your bought serial number into Nero Control Center to switch to a full product.Add serial DE 00001_2Also check out the video tutorial.

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