Why do I need Nero KnowHow App?

Nero KnowHow App is an easy to use digital learning guide that helps you make best use of your Nero products. It combines individual learning modules into one unique Nero learning toolkit.  It is available for the PC (Windows 10) and all mobile device platforms.

You can make use of the following modules:

‘Welcome’ – latest and greates Nero product news
‘Nero FAQ’ (frequently asked questions) – answers, tips and trick for your use cases
‘Nero Manuals’ – full manuals for your Nero applications
‘Nero Tutorials’ – more than 50 video tutorials easily accessible for indidivual applications
‘Nero Glossary’ – explains individual terms and related use cases
‘Nero User Forum’ – access to Nero End User Forum

Nero KnowHow can be used indpendantly of having a Nero product installed, but full value will be gained when the latter is the case. Having a Nero 2017 product installed (suite & standalone) you can access Nero KnowHow via Nero Launcher as well via the ‘KnowHow’ menu in the individual applications.

Once the app was launched it gives you a selection for the modules on the left hand side. This can be extended or just used in icon view. In small mobile UIs this menu bar can be made visible by touching the three lines top left.



A great new resource is the FAQ section. In here you find individual blogs per application which are grouped to categories. Recent post and top ten posts give you an idea of latest and most viewed blogs. In the mobile app UI you need to touch the ‘three line icon’ top right to open the browser with such entries. To go back to the blog list jsut click on the ‘X’.


The search field can also be used for typing in a so called ‘web code’. Each FAQ blog has a dedicated web code. So if you find a Nero ‘web code’ mentioned in a ‘Nero User Forum’ entry, in magazines or other public pages just type in this code and Nero KnowHow will get you straight to the answer you are looking for.

Please note: you need tob e connected to the internett o make use of Nero KnowHow App.

Nero KnowHow 00064

How do I make my photos look better with just one or two clicks?

Open ‘Nero MediaHome‘ and attach your smartphone, DSC or USB stick to your PC. ‘Nero MediaHome‘ will detect your device and show files on your device that you can select for importing. If your photos are already availabe on your PC, ‘Nero MediaHome’  will probably already have scanned your system and will show the in images in ‘timeline view’, ‘faces view’, or ‘places view’. You can also add folders manually to ‘Nero MediaHome watched folders or drives ‘ by clicking ‘Options‘ > ‘Library‘.

Now select a photo in browsing view and double click on it. Your photo will open in full screen view. In the bottom panel click ‘Edit Photo‘.


A message box appears telling you that all changes you are to apply in any part of the image editing will be stored in history for an ‘undo‘ at any point later. It is also very convenient that you do not have to save any of the changes applied. Check the box ‘Never show me again‘ and proceed via ‘ok’.


Now the left hand image editing menu opens. Click on ‘Auto Enhance‘ for one click image fixing, or click ‘Auto Exposure‘ and ‘Auto Color‘ to auto enhance these two values individually.  In our example we just clicked
‘Auto Exposure‘ to brighten up the image while color already looked great.


Under ‘Adjust‘ you will find more options for manually fine tuning your images, if wanted.

You can also crop and straighten your images, or remove red eyes. Let us take a look at the crop functions.


As you can see you have handles top, bottom, left, and right to easily crop your image to the wanted dimensions. Click ‘Apply’ for using the selected dimensions. Under ‘Manual‘ you will also find typical useful template sizes to auto-apply (post card sizes, A4, 16:9, 4:3, and more).


Now, let us also take a look at the nice image enhancing effects. You have got a number of vintage photo effect templates here. Just put the mouse over one of the effect templates and you will see a preview immediately. Then just click on the wanted effect template and it will be applied automatically. In our example we used a sepia effect.


That’s how easy it is to enhance your images with ‘Nero MediaHome‘ applying just one or two clicks.

By the way: you can also make use of these easy image enhancing functions when you have a series of images inside of a slideshow project – you don’t even have to leave your project for applying image enhancement.

Just try it out and have fun.

Nero KnowHow 00062

Why do I get a “Unable to open the database file.” message upon launch of Nero MediaHome?

Please open Nero MediaHome via Nero 2017 launcher screen.

Background Information:

In former versions Nero MediaHome used to be a standalone product that was version independent from Nero Suite product releases. A new version or an update of Nero MediaHome would have just updated any version of Nero MediaHome on the same system and overwritten the former version.

Starting with Nero 2017, Nero MediaHome 2017 like any other application of Nero Suite was changed to be version dependent with Nero Suite releases. There is also no feature reduced free version of Nero MediaHome available any longer. Due to these modifications the new product can be better positioned in the market and you as a paying customers can benefit from an extended feature set. Moreover, there is no disadvantage or risk of data loss against older versions. Any asset of the media library of an existing product will be automatically taken over to the new Nero Media Home 2017.

Same as before, only the latest available Nero MediaHome on an end-user system is allowed to access the media library.  Different than before now an older version can exist side by side with new Nero MediaHome 2017 on the same system. In such a scenario – if you try to open a former version of Nero MediaHome (which by design does not include the media library any longer) it will fail to launch with the message: “Unable to open the database file.” This is the expected behavior and you can safely uninstall the older version.

Unable to open

Also, if you are using the text search from Windows start menu to launch Nero MediaHome possibly an older version might be executed and you will run into the same issue. In this case you can safely uninstall the older version of Nero MediaHome, too.


Nero KnowHow 00059

Does Nero allow streaming media files between two mobile devices, independantly of my PC?


Yes, this is possible with Nero mobile streaming solutions.


When you have two mobile devices available within your home network you can use one device with Nero Streaming Player App as streaming server and the second device with Nero Receiver App as client.

With this setup it is extremly easy to stream your photos, videos, and music e.g. on your iPhone with Nero Streaming Player App to your second mobile device (e.g. your iPad) utilizing Nero Receiver App.

Find information on how to use Nero Streaming Player in this blog: Nero KnowHow 00045.

Find information on how to use Nero Receiver App in this blog: Nero KnowHow 00057.

Nero KnowHow 00058