Release Notes Nero 2019 > Nero MediaHome 4.4.1010

We are listening to your feedback.  Nero MediaHome 4.4.1010 has improved stability of the application, and fix the below issues:

  • Improved stability:
    1. Fixed some random crash at some special PCs.
    2. Fixed a file indexing problem if user also added his OneDrive as watched folder.
  • Now when getting online movie / TV Show information automatically, Nero MediaHome will take the ‘release year’ information into account as much as possible.

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What’s new in Nero Burning ROM for Nero Volume Licenses 2019

With the latest Nero Burning ROM for Nero Volume Licenses 2019, you will get the new feature “Burn SecurDisc to USB Stick/Card”.

With new feature, you can directly select burn the “SecurDisc” to the USB Stick/Card.

Before burning, a pop up dialog will help to verify the information. A checksum file for the SecurDisc will be generated at the same time.

And after burn succeed, with Windows File Explorer, the SecurDisc(.iso) file can be mounted to Virtual Driver, with the file “NeroSecurDiscViewer.exe”, you would view the files in the SecurDisc.


Information: If Windows File Explorer do not support open or mount .iso file(For example, in Windows 7), you still need a Windows Virtual Driver tool.

Other Improvements:

  • Fix crash issue in burning huge number of files to a CD

How to access my mobile device at Mac wirelessly?

From WiFi+Transfer iOS v.1.2.5/Android v.1.3.6, when you turn on WiFi+Transfer,  whether you’re using an Android or an Apple device, you are able to open it directly on your Mac system.

First of all, please make sure that:
1. you are using the right version: WiFi+Transfer iOS v.1.2.5 and higher / Android v.1.3.6 and higher.
2. your mobile device and your Wi-Fi enabled Mac are on the same Wi-Fi network.
3. please switch on WiFi+Transfer and keep it in the foreground.

Then, follow the steps:
1. In Mac Finder, Go > Connect to Server
connect to server
2. Enter the URL listed in WiFi+Transfer in the ‘Connect to Server’ dialog. Click ‘Connect’.
input URL_combined
3. You may get a system message – ‘Unsecured Connection’. But actually WiFi+Transfer will NOT send or get any name and password from your system. Please click ‘Connect’.
connect_unsecured connection
4. You will then be asked to enter your name and password. Whether you are connected as ‘Guest’ or ‘Registered User’, simply leave it empty and click ‘Connect’.
enter name
5. At this moment, your Mac is connecting your mobile device. You need to allow the access of this Mac in the ‘WiFi+Transfer’ of your mobile device.
allow access_combined

Once you agree, you will see that your mobile device has been successfully listed in the form of an IP address in your Finder > Shared.

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When I try to click ‘Network’ in Explorer, I got ‘network discovery is turned off’ warning. What shall I do?

From WiFi+Transfer iOS v.1.2.5/Android v.1.3.6, when you turn on WiFi+Transfer, your mobile device will be listed in ‘Windows Explorer > Other Devices’ as follows:
network_other devices

If this is the first time you’ve tried to discover your mobile device on your network, when you click ‘Network’ in Windows Explorer, you may see a warning because of your system settings:
network discovery turned off

1. When this warning pops up, you will find a prompt bar above Windows Explorer.
not visible_change option
2. Click this yellow bar to list its menu. Click the first item ‘Turn on network discovery and file sharing’
turn on option
3. If you see the following dialog box from the system, we recommend that you open only the network discovery and file sharing for the private network.
turn on for private network

Your network discovery is now turned on.

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