New versions of Nero Streaming Player App available!

New versions of Nero Streaming Player App are live now.
Check details for your mobile operating system below.

Nero Streaming Player iOS 1.0.46

  • Select content from your album
  • Play your albums to TV wirelessly
  • Direct access to Nero KnowHow App (when installed)
  • Downloaded videos from the Internet now play in correct orientation
  • Issues with using the home function fixed
  • Some minor bug fixes

Nero Streaming Player Android 1.0.38

  • Less memory consumption and better performance
  • Direct access to Nero KnowHow App (when installed)
  • Some minor bug fixes


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Nero KnowHow App – New version available!

A new version of Nero KnowHow App is available for all supported operating systems, now.

  • Nero KnowHow comes with a new start screen showing which functions the App provides
  • Clicking ‘Start’ will directly open the FAQ pages
  • ‘Welcome’ menu access point has been renamed to ‘Nero News’ to better reflect the nature of the content
  • Several bug fixes

Nero KnowHow App for Windows 10/Windows 10 Phone
Nero KnowHow App 1.1.2 for Android
Nero KnowHow App 1.1.2 for iOS



Nero KnowHow 00069

I have installed Nero Suite but cannot launch Nero WaveEditor and Nero SoundTrax via Nero Start Screen. What can I do?

Nero WaveEditor and Nero SoundTrax are free to use programs for anybody. They are no integrative part of any Nero product on purchase.

But, if these free products are installed on the same system as your Nero Suite they integrate into Nero Start Screen under ‘Nero Tools’.

Both product are now availbale for download with a new version number under below links.

Nero WaveEditor

Nero SoundTrax


Nero KnowHow 00068


I lost my serial number. What can I do?

If you purchase our product via, you can look up:

  • your order history
  • reference number
  • order confirmation
  • invoice
  • etc.

Go to and click on “Access or Redeliver Order Information”.

01. cb help center

If you are logged in, the next page will show your recent purchases on the next page.

Click on the “Details” link to check your order details, including the purchase serial number.

02. details

If the page does not show your recent purchases, enter your Email address that you used for your purchase. Your purchase history and detailed information will be sent to you by Email.

03. purchase lookup

Please be noted that, this help center is managed by our cart provider and product or technical questions will not be read, forwarded, or answered.


Where can I find previous (older) versions?

Go to and select the versions you are looking for,.



Nero KnowHow 00067

Can I print out documents in Nero KnowHow App?

Starting from Nero KnowHow App version 1.0.11 you can print documents and pages. The printing function is available within the following modules: Nero FAQ, Nero Manuals, and Nero Glossary.

Make sure you are viewing content from one of the three modules mentioned above. To print out a special FAQ topic click on the FAQ headline to open the related page only.

To activate printing go to the top menu and select the three dot icon. Then select ‘print‘.

Print Function

Depending on your used device an internal printing dialog or a web browser based printing dialog will open. Follow the instructions and settings within the dialog to continue printing.

Please note that Nero KnowHow only opens the printing interface availabe on your device. Selection of printing options is owned by the given printing interface of your device. Please make sure to understand the printing functionality and options of your device and in case check the availability of a network printer before making use of the print button in Nero KnowHow App.

Via the print function you can also print documents to PDF. For printing documents to your preferred cloud service you need to set up a cloud service accees point accordingly.

Note: when printing via a cloud print service you may see a message like ‘Print Spooler not available’. This may be caused by a faulty cache handling of your device. With the following steps you can do a workaround:
1. Open Settings > Apps
2. Find the application ‘Print Spooler’
3. Click the button ‘Clear data’
4. Open ‘Nero KnowHow App’ and try to print again

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