What should I do if the screen mirroring has significant delay?

The screen mirroring function has high requirement on network performance.

1. Turn off the router, turn on router after 5 minutes.

2. If the router provides a 5G band network, it is recommended to use the 5G band.


3. Adjust mirroring quality. It is recommended to use [Normal]. The higher the mirroring quality, the greater the delay.


4. If you are indeed far away from the router, it is recommended to use personal hotspot.
Data transfer between mobile phone and computer or TV does not consume mobile data.


5. Please make sure that your mobile phone has more than 70% power, it’s best to keep charging state.



What should I do if can’t install 1001 TVs app on TV?

This product requires install the app on TV, why you can’t install?

1.The TV is old, not the Android system, can’t install the app.

2.The TV is new, but not the Android system, such as LG, Samsung, can’t install the app.

3.The TV is new, and it is also an Android system, such as TCL, Konka, but there is no 1001 TVs App in the TV’s own market,then you can install App on TV via USB stick.

How to install App on TV via USB stick?


How to install App on TV via USB stick?

1. Download the TV app from the follow link, then copy it to the USB flash disk.

Click here to download Android TV APK

2. Plug the USB flash disk into the TV box, open the TV box, go to the advanced settings – Security, open “Allow installation of unknown sources”. 9-1

3. Go to the desktop – apps, open the “File Browser” that comes with the box


4. Select “File Browser” to enter, [If File Browser does not appear, please restart the box and repeat this step]


5. Find the 1001 TVs apk that was put in before


6. Click “INSTALL”


7. Installing


8. Installation completed


9. After opening, you can start to mirror screen!


How to mirror media files to TV or computer?

  1. Network Connection: 

First make sure that Android Smart TV, Android TV Box, PC are connected to the same WiFi with mobile phone. (WiFi in 5G band is the best choice)


Personal hotspot is also support.

  1. Device discovery:

Open “1001 TVs” and enter “Mirror Medias” page.


Click “+” button to select the device. Most TV and TV boxes currently on the market support the DLNA protocol, once connected to the same network with phone, they can be found automatically.


Then you can choose photo, video, music to mirror.

Mirror photo – Tap the Play button to automatically play the next photo. Modify the picture play interval in Settings page.

Mirror video – Long press to select multiple videos, automatically play the next selected video, support mirroring sound.

Mirror music – support mirroring sound


  1. Mirror media files to Windows Media Player in your computer:

Windows Media Player can be used as the target on the computer, set as follows:

Open the Windows Media Player software on your computer and check “Allow remote control of my player” under “Media Stream”.


Refresh the device list in the Mirror media page, as shown below:


Select the corresponding PC to start mirroring media files!


How to mirror videos with audio on TV?

  1. Open 1001 TVs on your phone and TV, connect the two devices and start mirroring. Tap “Web Video” to experience mirroring videos with audio.
    Tips:This feature need Android 10 + for phone and Android 6 + for TV


  1. You will see a catalog of different webs and every song and video from these webs can be mirrored with sound on your TV. Take YouTube as an example, tap and enter it.


  1. Browse videos on YouTube or search ones you like or log in your account and choose one video to mirror.


  1. When mirroring, you can adjust captions, quality and speed of the video in Playback Settings.


  1. Pre-condition
  • Phone: Android 10 +, App
  • TV: Android 6 +,App