What can I do with my AI tags?

AI tags will help you to find the right image from many snapshots, fast and easy.

    • In Windows Explorer, how to use AI tags to find the right photo from many files?

After you got the analyzed AI Tags, you can save all or some of them to your JPEG/JPG photos. Then in Windows Explorer, you will see the saved AI tags are listed:
faq_tag in windows explorer_1
If the ‘Tags’ is not by default enabled, please enable it from Windows Explorer title bar.
Now, you can input the AI tag as keyword to search photos. For example, if I would like to find one photo with ‘cat’, I just need to input ‘cat’ into Windows Explorer ‘search’ area. Windows Explorer will list all photos with ‘Cat’ tag.
faq_all found photos with cat_1

  • Nero MediaHome can make your AI tags even more powerful.

The all new Nero AI Photo Tagger is connected to Nero MediaHome. Now, via AI tags, you can more easily manage your photos in Nero MediaHome. If you have not installed Nero MediaHome yet, please download and install Nero MediaHome with AI Tagger from here.
You can start Nero AI Photo Tagger inside of Nero MediaHome. Nero AI Photo Tagger will analyze all photos in your MediaHome library. Nero MediaHome also will load the AI analysis result for all photos automatically. Now you are not only able to browse photos by different AI tags, you can also create slide shows, albums, etc. by AI tags.
nmh_cat_create new
In Find view, you will find out your photo extremely easy if you combine AI tags with existing Face and Place information. For example, I captured some photos for a little cat during my trip to California. Now, I would like to find them. I only need to:
1. Select the ‘Cat’ tag in Find view > Nero MediaHome will list all photos which are tagged as Cat:
2. Select the Place of ‘California’ – now I find the photos!

    • AI tags also bring convenience to other photo management software

If you saved the AI tags to your JPEG files by Nero AI Photo Tagger, it will also bring convenience while you are using other photo management software. For example, if you are using Picasa to manage your photos, you can input ‘cat’ in the search area, then all your ‘cat’ photos will be listed:

Release Notes for Nero 2019 – Nov, 2019

We always improve our product based on your feedback and suggestions continually.

In this update we have improved below parts:

  • Nero MediaHome has fixed an issue that download of OneDrive online files by mistake under a specific Windows 10 version.
  • Nero Recode has fixed an issue that application crashs in importing some DVDs
  • Nero Video has fixed some issues in burning process.
  • Nero SoundTrax and Nero WaveEditor have fixed the issue “File write access is denied” when try to save the edition result.

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How do I redeem an activation code in Nero Start?

If you did not purchase the Nero Platinum Suite directly from Nero (Amazon, eBay, Software Store, or similar), you will receive an activation code in your product packaging. Once you have created a Nero Account, you can redeem your activation code.

Redeem the activation code after registering your Nero account

After registering a Nero Account in Nero Start for the first time, you will be taken to a page where you can enter your activation code and unlock your software.



  • Redeem the activation code in your account settings

    Once you have logged in to Nero Start, you can add additional products with their activation codes under “Account Settings” -> “My Products”.



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Upgrade my trial version to a full version

If you use the 30-day trial version of the Platinum Suite, you can also upgrade to a full version before the 30-day trial period expires. Simply click on the “Download full version now” button. Nero Start will let you upgrade your subscription to the full version.
30-day trial version



Note: The upgrade may fail if the automatic renewal option for your subscription is disabled. In this case, please check your subscription settings first.



If you have not yet subscribed to a product, click the “Buy Full Version Now” button to obtain a full version of Nero Platinum.



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What’s new in Nero Start?

NEW: User Interface

With the brand new Nero Start application, Nero Platinum Suite users can work much easier with their new product and get the results they want faster than ever before.


In addition, in the Creative Content section, you can view all the visual effects of the Movie Themes.



NEW: Applications

Nero USBxCopy: Quickly and easily transfer data from your PC to multiple USB sticks simultaneously. Complete with optional formatting to your desired format and final verification of the copied data.

Nero Face Beautifier: Use artificial intelligence to make your profile picture on any social network stand out. Remove wrinkles and improve your skin complexion to shine in the best light.

Nero PhotoSnap & Effects: Our photo filters unique technologies let you celebrate every mood, every skin tone, and every day. Make your pictures shine in a new light on your PC and on your Mac.



NEW: Nero Account

In Nero Start, you can create your own Nero Account. This makes your software and files much more secure and allows you to check all your products, serial keys, and account settings in one place.



NEW: Search

In Nero Start you will find our brand new search function. Browse all supported use cases for your Nero products. The Use Case Overview also shows you which applications are best suited for your planned projects.



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