66 new Nero LifeThemes PRO Templates for free in Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019

With the latest online update users of Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019 get a full set of 66 new high quality Nero LifeThemes PRO including 44 Movie Themes, 17 Disc Menus, and 5 new royalty free pieces of music – everything for free!

New themes include motives for Day and Night, dedicated Do It Yourself  Themes,  multicolored variations of Polygons, and much more. Any of the new movie themes can be set to be used a default theme for 1-Click Video Story.

Get the free update and check it out.

66 new templatest

Example of Day & Night


Example of Do IT Yourself


Example of Polygon


Example of Rainbow Land


Example of Crazy Cooking


Example of The Maker



Nero KnowHow 00161

How do I rotate a photo or a video in Nero Video?

You can rotate photos and videos in Nero Video in Express Editing via the FX control window or in Advanced Editing via the Effect Palette and the Properties window.

Express Editing 
Place your clip in the timeline. Hover over the thumbnail and you will see two icons. Click on the FX icon to open the Express Effect Window. Click on Rotation and select your option.

FX Window_1

FX Window_2

Advanced Editing 
Place your clip in the timeline. Click on Effect Palette to open the associated Effect Properties window. Click on Rotation and select your option.

FX Adv_1 FX Adv_2

Tip: If you have shot photos and videos with your smartphone in portrait orientation you can also natively edit these in Nero Video Vertical Editing mode and export as vertical video. To do so, go to home screen and select ‘Edit Vertical Video’. Also see Nero KnowHow 00083


Nero KnowHow 00167

Can I backUp and consolidate several smartphones in one go with DriveSpan App and Wifi+Transfer?

Yes indeed, with the latest version of WiFi+Transfer you can simply connect your mobile device running WiFi+Transfer App with your other mobile device running DriveSpan App.

Then add one or more smartphones and tablets into your wireless consolidation with DriveSpan App and finally access all your content on one central storage location free of duplicates.

Simply free your smartphones from unnecessary ballast.

Check out this video to see how it works.

Nero KnowHow 00166

How can I adjust the music level to speech on a different track?

The case you are reporting is a very typical scenario for interviews, when you want to edit and mix two tracks of audio: one with speech, the other one with music. Check the steps below for how do this in Nero Video.

Go to advanced editing mode. In the example below you have two tracks in parallel: one audio track with speech linked to the video in track 1, one with music in the music track.

  1. Switch to extended timeline view to see the wave forms of your clips
  2. Select the track you want to edit
  3. Go to effect palette and check the properties window for your clip
  4. Click on the triangle left of ‘Audio Level’ to see the dB level
  5. Use the dB slider for lowering or increasing the volume per track (you can also type in e.g. -6 dB,  if you want to decrease the volume by half.

adapt loudness
Tip: You can also set keyframes (when selecting ‘Use keyframes’) allowing you to do sequences of different loudness settings over time. This is very convenient when you want to match music to interviews, etc.

Nero KnowHow 00164