Update History for Nero Start



new solution page

  • New added “Top 5” use cases as well as the tutorial pages.
  • 59 new use cases arrived with tiny green dot.


new search result

  • Now you can find use case with platform and application filter.


watch video for use case

  • Watch the tutorial video by use case.
  • More animation of use case result.


  • Better searching result for mobile use cases.





  • Bug fixes and usability improvements.




  • New UI layout for app use case card and more tutorial links.

New UI layout for app use case card and more tutorial links

  • New Resources: AI Online

New Resources AI Online

  • New 3-2-1 Eternity Backup


  • Improves the online message.
  • Better the use case search result displaying.


  • White screen during 1st time installing in some cases.





  • Adds Market shortcut into desktop


  • Improves the compatibility of the installer.



  • Adds Nero Market shortcut into desktop



  • Improves the compatibility of the installer.





  • [New] Highlight out the matched keywords


  • [New] More upgrade rocket animations




  • Added more use cases and it is 235 in total.

235 use case

  • Improved UI for external links.

url icon

  • We highlighted the tutorial page if it is available.

highilght landing page

  • This update also includes some bug fixes and usability improvements.




  • This update includes some bug fixes and usability improvements.




  • This update includes some bug fixes and usability improvements.




  • [New] Now you can start Nero apps with right click menu easily.

RMB screen

  • [New] You can configure the settings for the mouse right-menu-button in Nero Start Options > General page.

RMB option

  • [New] Added ‘Serial number‘ result in solution page.

serial number

  • [New] Introduced Audials Music Recorder 2022. Now you can experience new version of Audials Music Recorder.


  • [New] Introduced Audials One 2022 in VIP Store. You can either upgrade to Audials One 2022 from Audials Music Recorder 2022 or from VIP Store in-app purchase directly.


  • [New] Added CUDA AI hardware acceleration downloading and compiling for AI upscaling in Updates page.

HWA download in Nero Start




  • [New] Now you can search for more use cases of free apps.

new use case

  • [New] Added FAQ for ‘Activation Code‘ and now you can search for it.

activation code

solution details

  • Optimize result displaying order during search.

optimize result displaying order

  • Update some icon and banner designs.

new banner

  • Changed Nero AI Photo Tagger app category to ‘Experience AI’.

apt new category

  • Some improvements for speed, stability and reliablitiy.




  • [New] Update now to regularly receive notifications for upcoming campaigns.

online message

  • Improved compatibility with Win11 OS.




  • 2021 Q3 Release
  • [New] The new user interface provides you with dynamic and customized tabs such as “Recently used” and “Favorites” pages.

nero start-all

nero start-recently used

nero start-favorite null

  • [New] See the latest released apps and most popular apps from users all over the world.

nero start-new

  • [New] Dedicated “Updates” tabs keep you focus on the apps you have installed.

nero start-updates-updated

  • [New] Provides more than 200 solutions for mobile and PC with easier and faster accessibility and a ‘Search’ bar on the ‘Start’ page.

nero start-search-ai

nero start-solutions

  • [New] A brand new category “Experience AI” provides easy access to apps that are powered by AI.

nero start-e&a




  • This update includes some bug fixes and usability improvements.




  • [Improvements] Improved download and install logic.




  • [New] As a Nero user, you can log in to Nero Account to purchase 3rd party apps in the VIP Store.

VIP Store

  • [Improvements] Added solution counter for Nero Use Case Database in Search Page.


  • [Improvements]You can upgrade to Nero Platinum Suite full version with flexible options, easier and fatser.



  • [New] Nero MKV Converter is now added into Extras page for Microsoft Store apps.


  • [New] Nero Score is now added into Extras page for Microsoft Store apps.

Nero Score

  • [New] 1001 TVs is now available from Mobile Apps page.

1001 TVs




  • [New] You can report download/update/install issue manually when it is failed in Updates page.

Report Issue

  • Fixed some isssues in download and install.



  • Improved download and install performance.



  • [New] The update center now is displaying the package size of each application version.

Update center with size info

  • Improved to support upcoming version of Nero DuliplicateManager Photo x64 update.



This update contains some improvements and bug fixes to continuously improve the quality:

  • Better compatibility – Nero Start has improved the download behavior when the network is poor.
  • Nero Start now is better compatible with Nero standalone products.
  • We have fixed some application update issues related to special characters in the installation path.
  • Better support Nero TuneItUp.
  • Now, in the ‘Search’ view, you can easily find what Nero AI can help you and easily jump to according application.



  • [NEW] Available to uninstall the application from the right-click menu.
  • Fix several issues in updating applications.
  • Fix issue for VIP Store.

Right-Context Menu





  • 2020 Q3 release.
  • [NEW] VIP Store is available for Nero Platinum Suite – 1-year license. In VIP store exclusive discounts is available.
  • [NEW] Nero TuneItUp PRO is available for Nero Platinum Suite – 1-year license. Download, install and unlock it!
  • Fix issues to improve the software stability.




  • [NEW] New Updates Center to install and Update Nero products.
  • [NEW] New designed Options screen in Nero Start.
  • [NEW] It is available to select one Nero product from all products in my Nero Account and show in on the Start screen.
  • Improved notifications in Nero Start.
  • Fix issues to improve the software stability.




  • [NEW] You can get Nero products from Windows Store now. Open “Extra” screen, find Nero in Windows Store.


  • Fix issue to improve the application’s stability.

new solution page

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Changelog – Nero Score ( Microsoft Store version) – Support disk speed test to test the performance of SSD/HDD

The disk test has two modes: quick test and detailed test.

Quick test only tests the disk sequential read and write speed to let you know the difference of actual disk speed compared to the nominal speed in the specification and the performance when copying large files from one place to another.

Detailed test tests 4K random read and write speed additionally to let you know the disk performance when running applications (e.g video games) or system startup.

Disk score = (Sequential read + Sequential write)/2 + (4K random read + 4K random write)/2 – Support sign in with Nero Account and submits score with your nickname. – Removed the initialization time for AVC encoding and decoding tests to provide more accurate scores – Added the Metaverse test to benchmark the 3D rendering frame rate of the GPU

Nero Score = (CPU score + GPU score)/2

CPU score = (CPU AI + CPU AVC)/2

GPU score = (GPU 3D + GPU AVC)/2 – Added AVC decoding/encoding test for GPU and CPU

Nero Score = (CPU score + GPU score)/2

CPU score = (CPU AI + CPU AVC) / 2

GPU score = GPU AVC – Initial version with CPU-based AI inference test for photo tagging

Nero Score = CPU AI

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Changelog – Nero AI Image Upscaler



  • Some example images to start with.new start with example
  • You can input images from Google Drive

open from google drive

  • AI model selection is now available. Try different models for different photo till you get happy result.

ai models

  • You define how big the result goes. 2x, 4x or by targeted width and height values.

more scale ratio

  • More comparison views:

1on1 view

  • Compare traditional and AI results with slide bar.


  • Batch processing is possible and up to 20 images in a row.

batch process


  • Giant improvements on processing speed with NVIDIA GPU acceleration.
  • Save files with customized file name.



  • New icon design
  • Some improvements for photographs with faces.



  • Improved ads and Nero Market button.



Initial release of Nero AI Image Upscaler – use artificial intelligence to increase image resolution with enhanced sharpness and detail.

  • Upscale rate: 4x.
  • Remove noise and jpeg compression artifacts.
  • Support JPEG, PNG.


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Nero Score adds new AVC Decoding and Encoding Test

Following the AI Tagging test, Nero Score is once again focusing its benchmarking tool on real-world AVC decoding and encoding tests. This is a test unit for measuring the performance of system codecs running AVC software and hardware decoding & encoding separately.

Compared with previous video compression standards, AVC achieves effective compression while minimizing distortion caused by the compression process. Today, AVC has become a relatively main codec for users in video playback, transcoding, and compression.

Most benchmarking of codecs on the market is often done using a tool that comes with the codec, which does not truly reflect the performance, for example, your movie playback using the system’s Movies & TV application, and it is hard to relate these benchmark results under specific conditions with real-world performance.

Nero Score’s ‘AVC Decoding and Encoding Test’ is a unit that measures codec performance using only the system’s own codecs, which is a more realistic reflection of your system’s performance without running third-party applications.

Nero Score AVC decoding and encoding test decodes and encodes a dedicated Ultra HD 4K video clip with the system’s own codecs to measure the processing power of your system’s CPU and GPU for AVC.


CPU/GPU AVC benchmarks and measures how many video frames per second can be processed with your system’s codec on the given CPU/GPU. The outcome of this test will let you compare how different CPUs/GPUs score in this domain. And you also can compare the CPU behaviors in AVC solution and AI inference solution.


The test produces a benchmark score for AVC decoding and transcoding as a measure of performance. As with the AI Tagging test, higher scores mean better performance. Here are some scores for reference:

AVC CPUs (software decoding & encoding)

  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 3995WX 64-Cores: 2343
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3970X 32-Core Processor: 2033
  • 12th Gen Intel Core i9-12900K: 1977

AVC GPUs (hardware decoding & encoding)

  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti: 4045
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070: 3937
  • Radeon Pro Vega 56: 3155
  • Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics: 2322

Start testing AVC decoding and encoding performance today! Get Nero Score latest version from Nero Start or score.nero.com.

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What is Nero AI Image Upscaling?

Whether you’re a blogger or designer, an online store owner or a student, poor photo quality can be a major obstacle when it comes to photo printing and sharing.

These problems are now things of the past – with Nero’s cutting-edge deep learning technology, you can now enlarge your photos by enhancing their details and increasing their resolution.

What is Nero AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr)?

Nero AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr) is an AI-powered tool that can enlarge image size and increase resolution with enhanced quality.

By reducing noise and sharpening the details, AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr) lets works best on small images and photos.


How does Nero AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr) work?

Nero AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr) uses state-of-the-art image super resolution technology based on deep convolutional neural networks.

Our neural network is trained on an immense dataset of training photos. In detail, we used millions of low-resolution and high-resolution image pairs to train the software on upscaling images and to learn typical features of physical objects such as the bricks of walls, hair and skin.

After the network recognizes those features on the images, it will enhance those details based on its general knowledge of the world.

What is traditional image upscaling?

Before AI based image upscaling technology, it was virtually impossible to increase photo or image size without losing quality.

The best option, called Bicubic Interpolation – made your image unsharp and blurry.

Left: Traditional result | Right: AI result

Nero AI Upscaling

What pictures work best with Nero AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr)?

The system works best with unprocessed images that were not previously upscaled or pixelated by any other software tool.

Our main focus currently is upscaling physical contents with sharp corners like digital illustrations, images with sharp borders and contrasting textures (such as watches).

For images with small human faces or text, the result will be less obvious after processing.

Do you remove JPEG compression artifacts?

Yes, we automatically remove JPEG noise (also known as compression artifacts), if we detect an image with .jpg or .jpeg extension.

If for any reason you want to upscale your image without removing noise, you can input your image as a png-file.

Is there a size limit for the images I want to upscale?

Users of online version can use images with 1500×1500 pixels in size.

Users of mobile version which are called as “Zoomr” can use images with 1024×1024 pixels in size.

For desktop version there is no limit on the image size.

However, the processing speed depends on your desktop’s or moible’s CPU and GPU limitations.

Processing a high-resolution image will take up more time. In addition, the result may be less obvious when upscaling a high-resolution image.

Where can I find Nero AI Image Upscaler (Zoomr)?

Nero AI Image Upscaler windows desktop version is available in Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9N346N9MMKD9

You can also access https://ai.nero.com/imgsr to upscale small images online for free.

“Zoomr”, the mobile application is released in App Store and Play Store.

iOS version: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/zoomr-image-enhance-by-ai/id1594148389 

Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nero.image_upscaler


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