How can I archive content on my smartphone wirelessly on my PC and vice versa?

I bet you know this situation: you have lots of photo and video stuff on your smartphone that you want to archive on your PC.  At the same time you have some favorite videos and fine tuned photos on your PC that you want to have on your smartphone to take with you.

Thanks to ‘Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync’ in combination with ‘Nero MediaHome’ on your PC there is an easy, wireless, fast and reliable solution providing all you ever wanted.


‘Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync’ works both ways: it wirelessly archives¬†media files located on your mobile device to¬†your PC, ¬†and it sends selected media files from your PC to¬†the¬†mobile device. Comfortable auto-conversion included, if needed.

Make¬†sure your mobile device and your PC are logged in to the same network. Open¬†‘Nero MediaHome’ on your PC. Switch on¬†‘Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync’. ‘Nero MediaHome’ on your PC will be auto-detected within the app and you are ready to start. In case you have more than one PC with ‘NeroMediaHome’ running in your network¬†¬†select the suitable one.

Device EN

‘Nero MediaHome’ on your PC shows your mobile device in the device list top left. Click on your¬†device, select photos and videos, and press ‘import’.

For transferring¬†photos and videos from ‘Nero MediaHome’ to your mobile device, select files¬†in ‘timeline’ view, ‘faces’ or ‘places’ view. Then drag and drop your photos and videos to¬†your mobile device in the device list. Transferring will start immediately.

Install the iOS and Android app for free via the respective app store. Works in combination with Nero MediaHome 2017, Nero 2017 Platinum, Nero 2017 Classic, Nero Video 2017.

Also check the video tutorial

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How can I play content from my PC wirelessly to my TV using my Smartphone as a remote control?

You have photos, videos, and music on your PC available in ‘Nero MediaHome’? Great. If your TV set is network enabled and connected to the same network as your PC via WLAN or LAN you can play all of your content via ‘Nero MediaHome’ e.g. on the big TV screen in your living room.

3 WiFi screens NSP NMH 1 00055

If you own a smartphone or tablet just comfortably make use of it as a remote control ¬†for streaming from ‘Nero MediaHome’. Simply download and install free ‘Nero Streaming Player’ app for iOS and Android via the respective app store, and log into the same network as your PC and TV. Now you can browse and watch media on your PC directly on your mobile device and additionally stream these to your TV set via Nero Streaming Player.

Switch on your TV set and switch on your PC. Then start Nero MediaHome and finally launch Nero Streaming Player.

Nero Streaming Player¬†home screen will indicate that Nero MediaHome is available as a server, and show available playback devices in your network.¬†Make sure your Smart TV shows up.¬†Then select the lower button ‚ÄėPlay from PC & NAS‚Äô and your Nero MediaHome.

Lite Home

The next screen shows Nero MediaHome library with photos, videos, music, and themed slideshows. Just click on the appropriate icon at the bottom to browse content for playback.
FAQ_NMH change category

In photo view and all other views you have the same choice of categories at top that you already know from Nero MediaHome. For example: in photo view you can select timeline view, Faces view, AI Tags view or Places view, and more.

In photo view click on a photo and the playback view opens. Touch and swipe left to get to the next image, touch and swipe right for going back to the previous image.¬†Now click on the ‚Äėplay to‚Äô icon and select your network enabled TV set.¬† Swipe again to watch your photos on TV or press play to automatically play images in sequence.
iOS PlayTo

Playing back all other media categories (videos, music, and themed slide shows) works the same way. Just proceed as described above.

Don’t have Nero MediaHome yet? Click here to better organize your media, with world leading local AI technology, in Nero Platinum Suite.


Tip:  Nero Streaming Player can also play photos, videos, and music located on your smartphone or tablet directly on your TV set. Check it out here:

‘How can I play¬†photos, videos, and music located on my Smartphone wirelessly on my TV ?’

Also watch the video tutorial.

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