Can I print out documents in Nero KnowHow App?

Starting from Nero KnowHow App version 1.0.11 you can print documents and pages. The printing function is available within the following modules: Nero FAQ, Nero Manuals, and Nero Glossary.

Make sure you are viewing content from one of the three modules mentioned above. To print out a special FAQ topic click on the FAQ headline to open the related page only.

To activate printing go to the top menu and select the three dot icon. Then select ‘print‘.

Print Function

Depending on your used device an internal printing dialog or a web browser based printing dialog will open. Follow the instructions and settings within the dialog to continue printing.

Please note that Nero KnowHow only opens the printing interface availabe on your device. Selection of printing options is owned by the given printing interface of your device. Please make sure to understand the printing functionality and options of your device and in case check the availability of a network printer before making use of the print button in Nero KnowHow App.

Via the print function you can also print documents to PDF. For printing documents to your preferred cloud service you need to set up a cloud service accees point accordingly.

Note: when printing via a cloud print service you may see a message like ‘Print Spooler not available’. This may be caused by a faulty cache handling of your device. With the following steps you can do a workaround:
1. Open Settings > Apps
2. Find the application ‘Print Spooler’
3. Click the button ‘Clear data’
4. Open ‘Nero KnowHow App’ and try to print again

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