How to enable “HDR compatible mode” to watch videos in Nero MediaHome?

Everyone is talking about 4K or 8K, but HDR is actually a greater improvement in visual quality. HDR means more detailed images, better color, and highlights that really pop.

Nero Platinum supports now the playback of HDR videos in Nero MediaHome. Nero’s HDR technology allows you to enjoy near-HDR image quality even on non-HDR displays!

Learn here how to ensure that your HDR videos and movie can be played.

What You’ll Need

Every link in the chain – from your Windows system to the graphic card, to the source video file – has to be HDR-capable. That means you need:

  • Windows 10 64bit system, with Nero Platinum or Nero Platinum 2021 installed

Nero Platinum supports HDR playback for 23.x and higher versions. You can get the latest version from:

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  • A HDR-capable Graphic card or chip

That means Nvidia GTX 1060 or better, AMD RX470 or better, or Intel HD 620 or later.  Note that these are the bare minimums, and higher-end cards will be able to have better performance.

  • HDR-capable source video file

Not all videos can be played with HDR effect – you can hardly ask a SD quality video to achieve high-definition HDR playback. Basically, HDR playback is only possible for H.265 10bit AVC video or movie files.

If your video file and your system support HDR playback, you will see the ‘HDR’ icon on the Nero MediaHome tool bar:

QuickViewer HDR_ON


Clicking ‘HDR’ icon will turn on/off the HDR playback.


Enjoy a better performance with HDR hardware playback

With a Nvidia GTX 1060 or better, AMD RX470 or better, or Intel HD 620 or later.  Please activate the ‘Enable hardware acceleration’ option in ‘Nero MediaHome > Options > Video’. The hardware acceleration will be applied after you re-start the playback.


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