Release Notes – Nero USBxCOPY


  • [Improvement] Improve the checksum performance.
  • [Bug fixes] Fix cannot start when copying Raspberry Pi OS from network path issue. This update also includes some UI improvements.


  • [New Feature] Now, from v.24.x, you can write ISO images (e.g. operating system images) to multiple USB drives with one click
  • [Improvement] Improved user interface and better usability


  • [Bug fixes] This update includes some localization improvement.


  • [Improvement] A new small tool has been added to Nero USBxCOPY, which can help you uninstall unnecessary USB devices to speed up the device connection.


  • [Improvement] Better stability: We have improved the success rate of formatting a large number of USB sticks.
  • [Improvement] To have better security, now you have an option to full format the USB sticks completely before copying.


  • [New Feature] Regardless the format of the Raspberry Pi OS files, now just add them into Nero USBxCOPY to start creating the system SD cards or USB sticks, Nero USBxCOPY will help you handle all of this!
  • [Improvement] If turned on auto-save option, the zoom level and source path also will be remembered.
  • [Improvement] As usual, this update also include some bug fixes


  • [New Feature] Now via Nero USBxCOPY, you are able to create Raspberry Pi OS to multiple SD cards.
  • [Improvement] Now with the on or off option, you can automatically save or not save the last settings.
  • [Improvement] This update also includes some UI improvement.


  • [NEW] In order to better protect your data, now USBxCOPY supports ‘secure delete’. It will completely remove sensitive data from your USB sticks by overwriting it.
  • This update also includes some UI improvement


  • Nero USBxCOPY is the professional USB Copy-Tool which helps you to copy your data on multiple USB devices at once.
  • [NEW] Completely new UI design.
  • [NEW] Now you can zoom the UI to see more jobs in one screen.


  • Updated UI



  • Add Reload Devices menu
  • Add Cancel button for each USB stick to cancel the copy
  • General bug fixes


  • Update string translation


  • Fixed a license issue

• Add Nero License
• Get the default language from NCC

• Update string translation

• Modify main color
• Add ‘Language’ option in the menu bar

• Update product name
• Fix a language loading issue

• Fix some translation issues.

• We got a new name & icon
• Add the ability to edit feedback
• General bug fixes

• Reorganize layout of device list. Mo more text clipping

• Align system language behavior with NCC
• Update MUI translations

• Update MUI translations
• Fix an issue that cause some text get clipped

• Add MUI support

• Fix an issue that the section of USB-Stick Data shows out of date information after reset folder

• Fix an issue that free space is incorrectly calculated
• Add actual time consumption for copy and verify
• Performance improvements

• Add OS Info for feedback

• Fix an issue that USB sticks are removed altogether if automatic eject is checked
• Fix an issue that finished size of copy time estimation is not reset in each batch
• Add verify time estimation

• Add time statistic for invididual usb stick

• Add prompt when volume label limition is likely exceeded.

• Ignore devices with unknown file systems (empty card readers etc)

• Fix an issue that cause MultiCopy to crash when inserting a USB stick
• Error message is now more user friendly

• Fix an issue that cause MultiCopy to crash when perform a operation without copy files

• Remove capped window size, improveing user experience on smaller screen
• Add copy time estimate.

• Upload screenshot when sending feedbacks
• Fix a issue that the option of whether upload log is not respected

• Upload log file as optional attachment when sending feedbacks
• Add recommanded USB-Hub

• Update text strings

• UI tweaks
• Fix an issue that after delete log folder, view log command does nothing.
• Fix an issue that when posting feedback with empty content, a error dialog appears

• Add NERO logo
• Add new menu entries:
• System Requirements
• Delete log
• Release notes

• Show checksum of files on disk.

• Add File-System compatibility matrix

• Show average R/W speed
• Show checksum for individual files

• Add support for USB sticks without a file system.(but a volume is still required.)
• Add view log and market menu
• UI Tewak

• Fix an issue that, disk info is not updated if only format is checked.
• Show more detailed context when error occurs

• UI Tweak
• Fix an issue that, when ‘Automatically Eject’ is checked, disk info is not updated.
• Add a loading indicator when calculating checksums

• Add exFAT format
• Display read speed
• Display overall phrase (format,copy,verify and safe to remove)

• Show Copy speed
• Show USB Ports(sometimes wrong)

• Add the option to eject USB drive after operation finished

• Fix an issue that drive will be format regardless of options specified.
• Fix an issue that device list flicker when plug in/out device

• Fix an issue that sometimes large files are partial copied

• Add DiskInfo
• Integrate hockeyAPP API with feedback
• Add license

• Add skeleton for feedback and about
• Allow format without copy

• Copy files based on the ‘Root folder’ model Files and folders under root folder are copied to USB-Stick, preserving folder hierarchy.
• Add folder counts
• Replace CRC32 with SHA256

• Add version number on UI

• Add statistic
• View selected files in File explorer
• Verify file intregrity with CRC32

• Add the ability to multi-select file. (Hold CTRL or SHIFT)
• Allow specify File System when formatting

• Initial release

Nero KnowHow 00233

After creating Raspberry Pi OS, how do I make my Windows system recognize all these cards at the same time again?

Nero USBxCOPY supports to create Raspberry Pi OS for multiple SD cards or sticks. There is no problem using these SD cards or memory sticks on the Raspberry Pi. For Windows, if you insert a single SD card or memory stick, the Windows system can also correctly identify the device.
But, if you connect multiple SD cards or sticks that have been created as Raspberry Pi OS to Windows at the same time, the system can only correctly recognize the first device. As shown in the screenshots below – the system can only recognize one disk (actually it is a SD card), and the other is offline. This is caused by some system limitations.

1_insert sticks back

2_only one stick recognized

You have to reset the disk volume information for these cards or sticks, if you want to make use of them at Windows system again.

Please follow below steps to update the removable disk volume information:

  1. Please open system ‘Computer Management’ > Storage > Disk Management. You may see some removable disks are marked as offline.
  2. Select a removable disk to update the volumes info. I will start with Disk 2, as an example. Please make sure you are operating on a right disk!
  3. Right click the ‘boot’ of Disk 2. Delete Volume. Click OK in system confirm message. 3_Delete Volumes
  4. Please delete the volume to another primary partition of Disk.
  5. Now Disk 2 is unallocated.
  6. Please new simple volume from context menu.4_new simple volume
  7. Follow the system wizard to continue.5_follow system wizard
  8. Please delete and new volume information for all sticks. It is fine to keep one stick as old volume information.
  9. After all are finished, please plug out all sticks and attached them back one by one. Then system will recognize all your sticks.

6_plug in again

6_plug in again_USB

Nero KnowHow 00231