How to map my mobile as a network drive automatically?

After you turned on “WiFi+Transfer*” on your mobile device, you are able to map this mobile device as a network drive on your computer.

If you are reviewing this FAQ at your mobile side and would like to connect your mobile phone to your PC now, you can switch on WiFi+Transfer and go to your PC. Open file explorer, go to Network > Other Devices.
network_other devices
Double click the device, a web page will be opened:
open web page

Now you can map network drive automatically by following these steps:

1. Download the BAT file and save it to local. This BAT file is created by Nero AG. It will check your system limitation for file transferring and also help you to map your device as network drive automatically. It is safe to use. Based on your system security settings, you may get below system messages. Please select ‘Keep’ or ‘Save’/’Run’.
hame computer_keephame computer_keep_IE
2. Run this BAT file.
3. Based on your system security settings, you may get a dialog which told you ‘SmartScreen can’t be reached right now’. Please click ‘Run’.
blue screen_BAT
4. You will get two system windows. They will check your system maximum allowed file size and map your mobile device as network drive.
verify system campibility
5. After the window at top is closed, please press any key to continue
press any key to continue
6. PC will try to access your mobile and map it as network drive. At your mobile side, please allow the access.
allow access_mobile_auto
7. After you allowed the access, you will see your mobile at Windows Explorer.
web_step 3_map


WiFi+Transfer*: WiFi+Transfer iOS v.1.2.5 and higher, WiFi+Transfer Android v. 1.3.6 and higher

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