Installing Nero after buying it from the official website

After you buy Nero Platinum or other Nero software from, you will get an order Information email with:

  • software Download Link
  • your 8-bit initial password of your Nero Account.


How to login:

  1. Download the installer to your local PC.
  2. Open the folder where you download the installer to
  3. Double click the downloaded exe file to install.
    If any installation problem happens, you will find more information here.
  4. After installation, run Nero Start.
  5. Login with your Nero AccountIt has to be the same email address you entered when you placed your order.
  6. Initial your password.
    It is the 8 bit code you got in the product information email. 


After unlocking Nero Platinum:

After login successfully, your Nero product is automatically unlocked. See details here

You coud install Nero applications from Nero Start -> Updates -> Installs tab.

How to install App from Nero StartContent packs can be installed in any order.  See below screenshot about how to install it. If there is any problem for downloading the installer, you could find the offline installers’ download links is this article.

How to install Content Packs from Nero Start

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