Why does Nero ask me for Patent Activation?

Your Nero software includes certain features that require the activation of a third party patent. The activation of these patents is easy and free of charge.

If you choose to activate the patent at a later time, you can still use the respective features, but you will receive periodic reminders that activation needs to occur within 30 days of your initial use of the product.

After this 30-day period you must activate the patent technology before you can continue to use the corresponding features.

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What is the difference between a Nero Product Update and a Product Upgrade?

Updates within one Nero version are free of charge.
For example if you already own a copy of Nero 2018, you can update for free to all upcoming Nero 2018 updates.

If you use a Nero Essentials version or any older version of Nero (e.g. Nero 2017 Classic, Nero 2017 Platinum or before) you can upgrade to the latest product version at a very reasonable price. If you use Nero Standard 2018 version, you can upgrade to Nero Platinum 2018 version for a special price.

Please visit our Upgrade – Info Page for information and pricing.

Upgrades are available as serial number only. If you want to receive an installation disc, please add the Backup DVD to your cart. Nero does not offer retail DVD packages as an upgrade product.

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What is the difference between Express Editing and Advanced Editing, and when would I use it?

You have the choice of selecting ‘Make Express Movie’ or ‘Make Advanced Movie‘ within ‘Nero Video‘ ‘Home Screen‘ as well as in the project itself.


‘Express Editing‘ is optimized for quick results. ‘Nero Video‘ express mode is very easy to use, still you will realize that probably 90% of your jobs can already be done here. Compared to ‘Advanced Editing’ you have some limitations: no multi-track editing, no aditional trimming options, no keyframing, no advanced video and audio filters.

Also for users with higher ambitions Nero Video ‘Express Editing‘ is the perfect choice for rough cuts and quick trimming. You also have dedicated preset ‘Nero Express Video Effects‘ templates that you just drag and drop to your clip.

Express Project_en

Starting with Nero 2017 you also have a great function called ‘Multi Export‘ in ‘Express Editing‘. This allows you to export individual clips within one project in only one export process. This way you save a lot of time.

Nero Video ‘Advanced Editing‘ comes into place when you want to create video projects with all the bells and whistles of a pro movie. ‘Advanced Editing’ gives you timeline based multi-track editing with numerous layers, a higher varitety of trimming tools, more video and audio filters. A key differentiator is the availability of keyframe editing that you can utilize for moving path animations, picture in picture overlays, and also for almost all of the advanced video effects. In here you also have the option of customizing video effects and save them as your personal drag & drop effect template for frequent re-use. Such newly created personal drag & drop effect templates will also work in your ‘Express Editing‘ projects.

Advanced Project_en

Once started a project you also have the option of hot switching from ‘Express Editing’ to ‘Advanced Editing’ so that you can further fine tune your project started in ‘Express Editing‘.

Check out below table for a detailed comparison.NV Compare_EN

Tip: Get to know more about Nero Video Express Editing and Advanced Editing in ‘Nero KnowHow 00073’

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How can I burn a SecurDisc 4.0 with Nero Burning ROM?

Burn safe and reliable discs with Nero ‘SecurDisc’. Version 4.0 now supports higest security standards with ‘256 bit encryption’.

Select which kind of disc you would like to burn. Scroll to the bottom of the options menu and select ‘SecurDisc’. Now select your wanted encryption level: ‘Top Secret’, ‘Secret’, or ‘no encryption’.

SecurDisc4.0 EN_1

Keep the data on your discs safe from prying eyes by password protecting them. Nero will let you know how save the selected password will be. Note: when using ‘Top Secret Encryption’ you need to enter a password with at least 32 unique characters. SecurDisc4.0 EN_2

Then select the level of Data redundancy you would like to apply. This will ensure your discs are usable even if they get scratched or damaged.

If wanted, you can even add a ‘Digital signature’.

SecurDisc4.0 EN_3

Select the files you want to burn. Drag and Drop them to the “Disc Content” area. Click ‘Burn Now’.

It will take a few minutes for your disc to burn depending on the speed of your Drive. You’ll be notified when the burn is completed successfully.

For playing your disc you will use ‘Nero SecurDisc Player’ that was automatically added to the disc while burning.

Also check out the video tutorial.

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How can I create and burn ISO images with Nero Burning ROM?

Nero Burning ROM allows you to create two different types of disc images.

‘Nero Image Files’ (*.nrg) consist of a proprietary Nero Disc Image format that can be used for all types of compilations including Audio CD, Bootable CDs, Mixed Mode CD etc. The ISO Image Format only works for the basic disc formats (CD, DVD, Blu ray-Disc) and does not support the above mentioned formats.

Nevertheless creating an ISO Image can be a comfortable way of integrating a virtual disc drive into a PC that has no disc player/burner included. Using a ‘Nero Disc Image’ or an ‘ISO Image’ is also a good and easy way for creating multiple copies of one disc image to several identical physical discs.

Let’s imagine you want to create several MP3 disc copies from an initially created ISO Image.

Open Nero Burning ROM click ‘new’, select a disc type e.g. CD, and a project type e.g. CD-ROM (ISO) or CD-ROM (UDF/ISO), use the default settings and click ‘new’. Drag music files into your compilation. The available disc space will be shown underneath.

MP3 compilation

For burning to a Disc Image select the ‘Image Recorder’ in the upper menu bar. Via the burn icon in the menu bar open the ‘Burn Compilation’ window and click on ‘Burn’.

click burn_2

At the bottom of the upcoming window select ‘ISO Image File (*.iso)’ in the saving dropdown options. Then select the storage location on your PC or an external disk drive and type in a name for your Disc Image.

Save as ISO

A Disc Image consists of the identical file structure of an optical disc. If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1  you can even access the ISO image of CDs, DVDs, or Blu-ray Discs as a virtual disc drive in Windows Explorer.

For creating several identical MP3 discs just open the ISO Image location on your drive via Windows Explorer, right click on the image and select ‘Burn Image to Disc’.  Nero Burning ROM will open automatically.

Burn from Image_2

In the ‘Burn Compilation‘ window select the number of disc copies you would like to have burned.

click burn

Make sure your disc recorder is selected as active burning device. Then press burn. Your MP3 CD disc image will now be burned to disc.

Nero Burning ROM will ask you to insert another disc and will burn automatically until the number of discs to be burned is reached. That makes burning several discs from a disc image very comfortable.

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