Use WiFi+Transfer App and add one or more mobile devices for wireless consolidation with DriveSpan App!

Overflow of data and media on your mobile devices? Want to consolidate data from different smartphones and tablets free of duplicates?

With free WiFi+Transfer app you have no restrictions and can install it on numerous devices.

Simply connect your mobile device running WiFi+Transfer App with your other mobile device running DriveSpan App and integrate one or more smartphones and tablets into your wireless consolidation with DriveSpan App. Then access all your content on one central storage location free of duplicates.

Super easy transfer and media consolidation from one or more mobile devices!

  • Install WiFi+Transfer App on one or more of your mobile devices
  • Make sure all your devices are connected to the same WiFi network
  • Start DriveSpan App on a different mobile device to control and trigger your consolidation. This your master app for controlling all devices
  • Start WiFi+Transfer on your mobile device that you want to add to consolidation
  • Turn on synchronization
  • Your device will now appear in DriveSpan App and you can select it as source for consolidation


  • Please note that you must have DriveSpan running on your other mobile device which triggers the wireless consolidation
  • Please install DriveSpan App via Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS)

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