Online Update available for Nero Video in Nero 2017 products!

This online update fixes many of the issues our users have reported to us.

The online update supports the following Nero 2017 products:

  • Nero 2017 Platinum
  • Nero 2017 Classic
  • Nero Video 2017
  • Nero Video Premium 3 HD

A similar online update will also be available for Nero 2018 products, soon. So check Nero KnowHow once in a while for latest news.

Please use the update function in ‘Nero ControlCenter’ > ‘Update’ > ‘Search for Updates’ > ‘Update now’.

Fixed Issues

A/V Sync

  • Fixed issues with wrong calculation of source clip duration vs. duration display in timeline/trim window
  • Fixed issues with wrong calculation of video duration vs. audio duration in the timeline leading to A/V offset
  • Fixed issues with a wrong frame calculation leading to A/V sync issues when converting AVCHD source video from 59.94 fps to 29.97 fps within a burned BD disc
  • Fixed issues with a wrong video file duration calculation leading to A/V offset


  • Fixed issues where parts of intro and outro sequences within the preview of movie themes would show pixelated
  • Fixed issues with loading music in some movie themes
  • Fixed issue with decoding under multithreading that led to picture artifacts in an exported video created via a movie theme


  • Problems with latencies and performance fixed that happened when inserting several 3D titles into 4K projects including 4K HEVC source footage
  • Fixed problems with exporting to 4K (60 fps) WMV files from 4k projects including HEVC source clips


  • Fixed issue that Nero Video would not start when trying to open it for the first time via Nero Launcher or Windows Start Menu
  • Fixed issue that caused a burn error when having manually placed a menu button too close to the rim of the disc menu screen
  • Fixed issue that caused a faulty click-sound at the end of an audio fade sequence in fade out or cross fade effects

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Online update for Nero Burning ROM 2017 available

An Online update for Nero Burning ROM 2017 is available

Fixed  issues

  • Fixed an issue that when closing Nero Burning ROM application also all Java applications, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Creative Cloud applications were closed
  • Fixed an issue where wrong information was extracted from a CUE sheet so that when disc images were created in Nero Burning ROM the disc image would include the first audio track, only

This update relates to all Nero 2017 products including Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express.

Please perform the update via Nero ControlCenter > Updates > Check for updates > Update now.


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Free online update for Nero 2017 products available

A free online update for below Nero 2017 products is available.

  • Nero 2017 Platinum
  • Nero 2017 Classic
  • Nero Video 2017
  • Nero Recode 2017

The following applications have been updated, for details on versions, improvements and fixes see below.

  • Nero Video 18.0.25001
  • Nero Recode 18.0.22000
  • Nero Disc to Device 18.0.1015

Updates in Nero Video, Nero Recode, Nero Disc to Device

  • All mentioned applications now use the latest Intel SDK for hardware accelerated AVC encoding with Intel graphics cards

Fixes in Nero Video

  • Fixed an issue with the image snapshot function where under certain conditions it would just capture the same frame though the timeline cursor was moved to a different frame
  • Fixed a number of issues where high frame-rate HEVC 4K videos in some cases would not play or export with correct AV sync
  • Fixed an issue where Nero Video would crash under conditions of frequently switching between timeline editing, home screen, and content screen
  • Fixed issues that some special video clips in the timeline would only play audio
  • Fixed an issue with zooming into the timeline where identical audio clips on different tracks would not show identical frame references
  • Fixed the issue in Nero Video export screen where the Nero logo looked distorted
  • Fixed the issue that Nero Content Screen would not show a warning when trying to import pictures to the authoring module (this is not allowed by design)
  • Fixed an issue where some JPG images with ‘DSC’ prefix could not be imported to a slideshow project

Please perform the update via Nero ControlCenter > Updates > Check for updates > Update now.


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