Online Update for Nero Suite 2018 Products is available, now!

An Online update for the following Nero Suite 2018 products is available:

  • Nero Platinum 2018
  • Nero Standard 2018
  • Nero Burning ROM 2018
  • Nero Video 2018
  • Nero Recode 2018
  • Nero MediaHome 2018

Please perform the update via ‘Nero ControlCenter’ > ‘Update’ > ‘Check for updates’ > ‘Update now’.

Which Benefits do I get with this Update?


  • Identify 360 degree photos and videos via Nero MediaHome
  • New device profiles in Nero Recode for Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 and iPhone X
  • Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express now support IEEE FLOAT PCM .wav files
  • QR Codes in Nero Launcher to install mobile Apps easily


  • In Nero DuplicateManger you can now individually select, mark, keep or remove images, groups of images, and folders
  • In Nero DuplicateManager the logic of keeping recommended images was improved in terms of keeping  as many images in one folder as possible


  • Fixed issues with Nero Disc to Device not using hardware acceleration for encoding. The fix now enables a 60% faster encoding rate
  • Fixed issues with hardware acceleration when playing back HEVC files
  • Fixed playback/decoding of  4K HEVC videos captured with Huawei Mate 9
  • Fixed issue that the map would not show in Nero MediaHome when images or videos with places were selected
  • Fixed some crash issues for Nero MediaHome under Windows 10

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Free online update for Nero 2017 products available

A free online update for below Nero 2017 products is available.

  • Nero 2017 Platinum
  • Nero 2017 Classic
  • Nero Video 2017
  • Nero Recode 2017

The following applications have been updated, for details on versions, improvements and fixes see below.

  • Nero Video 18.0.25001
  • Nero Recode 18.0.22000
  • Nero Disc to Device 18.0.1015

Updates in Nero Video, Nero Recode, Nero Disc to Device

  • All mentioned applications now use the latest Intel SDK for hardware accelerated AVC encoding with Intel graphics cards

Fixes in Nero Video

  • Fixed an issue with the image snapshot function where under certain conditions it would just capture the same frame though the timeline cursor was moved to a different frame
  • Fixed a number of issues where high frame-rate HEVC 4K videos in some cases would not play or export with correct AV sync
  • Fixed an issue where Nero Video would crash under conditions of frequently switching between timeline editing, home screen, and content screen
  • Fixed issues that some special video clips in the timeline would only play audio
  • Fixed an issue with zooming into the timeline where identical audio clips on different tracks would not show identical frame references
  • Fixed the issue in Nero Video export screen where the Nero logo looked distorted
  • Fixed the issue that Nero Content Screen would not show a warning when trying to import pictures to the authoring module (this is not allowed by design)
  • Fixed an issue where some JPG images with ‘DSC’ prefix could not be imported to a slideshow project

Please perform the update via Nero ControlCenter > Updates > Check for updates > Update now.


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