66 new Nero LifeThemes PRO Templates for free in Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019

With the latest online update users of Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019 get a full set of 66 new high quality Nero LifeThemes PRO including 44 Movie Themes, 17 Disc Menus, and 5 new royalty free pieces of music – everything for free!

New themes include motives for Day and Night, dedicated Do It Yourself  Themes,  multicolored variations of Polygons, and much more. Any of the new movie themes can be set to be used a default theme for 1-Click Video Story.

Get the free update and check it out.

66 new templatest

Example of Day & Night


Example of Do IT Yourself


Example of Polygon


Example of Rainbow Land


Example of Crazy Cooking


Example of The Maker



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What can I do with ‘Nero LifeThemes PRO’?

From Nero Version 2019 ‘Nero LifeThemes PRO’ provide a whole range of high-quality movie theme designs, disc menu templates and royalty free music to utilize for your video or slideshow projects.

Use ‘Nero LifeThemes PRO’ for automatic creation of atmospheric and very personal slideshows, movies, and video discs complete with music, effects, intro, outro, and captions. Just create and share perfect movies super-fast.

‘Nero LifeThemes PRO’ include predesigned movie themes for high quality slideshows and movies in SD/HD/4K, as well as templates for disc menus (DVD-Video™, AVCHD, and Blu-ray Disc™). On top of that you also get high quality royalty free music, which you can use independently of a movie theme or disc template.

Tip: You can also utilize the new feature ‘1-Click Video Story’ introduced in Nero 2019 versions in combination with setting your personal favorite template. For more details see Nero KnowHow 00139.

Check the table below for the extra content included in ‘Nero Platinum 2019’ and ‘Nero Video 2019’.


Theme Selection in ‘Nero LifeThemes PRO’
A_Theme selection 1

A_Theme selection 2

Example ‘Cities’


Example ‘Landscapes’


Example ‘Nostalgic’

Nostalgic 16_9

Example ‘Pets’


Example ‘Wild Animals’


Examples for ‘Vertical Themes’

Vertical_BeijingVertical_BerlinVertical_RioVertical_ParisVertical_San FranciscoVertical_PetsVertical_CatsVertical_WoodVertical_Penguin

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How can I set my favorite Theme in 1-Click Video Story?

This is really easy as shown here.

If you have already used 1-Click Video Story and your project is loaded, you will have access to the theme selection window. Otherwise, please open a project in Express or Advanced Editing and drag one or more photo or video assets into the storyboard or timeline. Now open the theme selection box in Nero Video by clicking on the ‘Themes’ button top of the timeline/storyboard. The default template is shown top right.


Go to the theme selection list left hand side and select a new theme (e.g. Nostalgic-2). Your choice will be shown top right as a new theme for default selection.

1-Click_select new

Set the mark for using the selected theme as a new default theme in 1-Click Video Story. The new default theme (Nostalgic-2) will be set and will now be used as the default template any time you utilize 1-Click Video Story.

1-Click_new selection

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What is ‘1-Click Video Story’ and how can I use it?

‘1-Click Video Story’ is a comfortable way to create professional slideshows and movies just via drag & drop, and one click, only. From Nero 2019 the feature is accessible via the drop zone in Nero Start and via the drop zone in Nero Video.

This unique feature helps creating polished movies and slideshows in a snap. Simply drag & drop photos and videos to the drop zone in Nero Video and select ‘1-Click Video Story’. All files will automatically be loaded into a pre-designed video project complete with intro and outro sequence, effects, captions and matching music. Simply preview the video project, export, and share it.

‘1-Click Video Story’ works with landscape footage (TV) as well as vertical photos and videos (smartphones). So, if you drag only vertical footage into the drop zone, Nero Video will automatically load your project into a vertical video project. If you drag & drop just landscape or mixed footage (landscape and vertical), Nero Video will open a TV landscape project and automatically remove the black bars in your vertical footage.

Tip: By default ‘1-Click Video Story’ uses a preloaded template. However, you have an easy option to use any of the theme templates in your product as your favorite personalized template for ‘1-Click Video Story’. For more details, see Nero KnowHow 00140.

Take a look at the easy steps below.

Drag & Drop Clips


Select 1-click Video Story


Finished for Export and Sharing


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What is the ‘Effect Drop Zone’ in Nero movie themes?

Nero Video includes a whole range of new MovieThemes, where intro/outro as well as the main part of the movie have seen quite some upgrades in design.

A unique feature within the intro and outro sequence of the new MovieTheme templates is a so called ‘effect drop zone’.

Drop Zone 1

In Intro and Outro, you now can better personalize your movie by simply dragging photos or videos into the preview window or timeline.

The dropped asset will automatically be integrated into the animation pattern of the template giving your video a real wow effect.

Effect Drop Zone_2

Also, note that the main movie part now has integrated dedicated video effects per template like focus/out of focus (Tilt Shift), nostalgic effects, slow-motion, etc.

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