How can I burn a SecurDisc 4.0 with Nero Burning ROM?

Burn safe and reliable discs with Nero ‘SecurDisc’. Version 4.0 now supports higest security standards with ‘256 bit encryption’.

Select what kind of disc you would like to burn. Scroll to the bottom of the options menu and select ‘SecurDisc’. Now select your wanted encryption level: ‘Top Secret’, ‘Secret’, or ‘no encryption’.

SecurDisc4.0 EN_1

Keep the data on your discs safe from prying eyes by password protecting them. Nero will let you know how save the selected password will be. Note: when using ‘Top Secret Encryption’ you need to enter a password with at least 32 unique characters. SecurDisc4.0 EN_2

You can even add a digital signature to verify the authenticity and integrity of the files on your discs.

Then select the level of Data redundancy you would like to apply. This will ensure your discs are usable even if they get scratched or damaged.

SecurDisc4.0 EN_3

Select the files you want to burn. Drag and Drop them to the “Disc Content” area. Click ‘Burn Now’.

It will take a few minutes for your disc to burn depending on the speed of your Drive. You’ll be notified when the burn is completed successfully.

For playing your disc you will use ‘Nero SecurDisc Player’ that was automatically added to the disc while burning.

Also check out the video tutorial.

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How can I create and burn ISO images with Nero Burning ROM?

Open ‘Nero Burning ROM click ‘new’ and select a disc type e.g. ‘CD’. Then select a project type e.g. ‘Audio-CD’. Use the default settings and click ‘new’.

Drag music files into your compilation. The available disc space will be shown underneath.  For Burning to a Disc Image select the ‘Image recorder’ in the upper menu bar. Click on the burn icon in the menu and use default settings, then press ‘burn’.ISO NBR EN 1 00067

Finally you need to select a storage location on your PC or an external drive (e.g. a flash drive) and type in a name for your disc image.

The disc image consists of the identical file structure of an optical disc and can be burned to a physical disc any time easily.

ISO NBR EN 2 00067

For sharing your Audio CD with several persons just go to the image location on your drive, right click on the image and select ‘Burn Image to Disc’.  Nero Burning ROM will open automatically.

In the burn options window select the number of disc you like to have burned. Make sure your disc recorder is selected in the upper menu. Then press burn.

ISO NBR EN 3 00067

The Audio CD disc image will now be burned to disc. Nero Burning ROM will ask you to insert another disc and will burn automatically until the number of disc to be burned is reached. That makes burning several discs from a Disc Image very comfortable.

With Nero Burning ROM you can burn to and from disc images for any disc type and format using the same easy processes described here.

Also watch the video tutorial.

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