Why do I get the message “One or more files could not be added to a compilation …”

When editing disc compilations, Nero Burning ROM checks if files added to the disc compilation are available and comply with the given disc compilation type. If the files are not compliant with the selected disc compilation, they cannot be added. For example, if you add a .txt file into the DVD Video Disc folder “VIDEO_TS”, the below message dialog will pop up, and only the compliant files will be added to the disc.


The below typical types of compilations will check for compatible files:

  • Audio CD
  • DVD-Video
  • AVCHD(TM)-VIDEO for DVD Disc
  • BDMV-Video
  • AVCHD(TM)-VIDEO for Blu-Ray Disc

What can I do if such message dialog pops up?

  • Check the information in the message box. It will show details about the compliant files or folders for the disc
  • In the bottom of the message dialog you will see the file path list for non-compliant files and folders
  • Save and exit the compilation editing. This can help you continuing the compilation editing next time
  • Create disc compliant files, first by using other Nero applications like Nero Video, Nero Recode, etc.

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Why do I get the error ‘Burn process failed …’ while Burning a Disc and how to fix the Issues?

While using Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express for burning content to a disc, you may come across the error message ‘Burn process failed …’.

So, what does these errors mean and how to fix the related issues?

In the whole burning process of Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express, the given application will do different checks to make sure that the burning related operations do not fail. These will be:

  • checking device(s)
  • checking the medium
  • checking disc erase or similar operations

If any critical error happens (like the disc/medium is broken, the disc recorder cannot be accessed, etc.) and the application cannot fix or recover the given issue, such an error dialog will pop up in the application.NBR

As the dialog will indicate and show in detail within the message box, most of the typical cases are related to the fact that the disc/medium is broken or the disc speed for burning is not working correctly.  So, in many cases putting a new disc into your disc recorder and clicking the button “Burn Again” will solve your issues. The disc speed issue can probably be solved by updating your firmware.


Still there are some situations when the above mentioned solutions cannot resolve your issue. For such cases it is meaningful to do a deeper check via the application log file.

For creating a log file, in Nero Burning ROM please click the button ‘Save Log…’ or ‘Save’ in Nero Express, within the respective message box .

In the exported log files, you can find some keywords.

Below table lists some of the most important keywords that you can check based on the provided solutions, here. This may help fixing your issue.Error Table

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Why do I get the message ‘Please insert an empty disc…’ or similar when trying to burn?

If your Nero application shows this message in one or the other form, the following overview shows potential problem scenarios and possible solutions.

Problem 1

  • Your disc is not empty




  • It might have happened that you inserted a disc into your drive, which is not empty, i.e. burned data already exist on this disc
  • Please put an empty disc into your disc recorder drive
  • The compilation size gives you a reference

Problem 2

  • a) You have selected to burn more than one copy at a time
  • b) You are burning a disc with Nero DiscSpan

empty disc_2Solutions

  • a) If you have selected burning several disc copies with one recorder, Nero will ask you to insert a disc into your drive, each time one disc burning is done
  • b) This message will also show when using Nero DiscSpan in Nero Burning ROM, which allows you to burn large projects over several discs – even different types of discs – in sequence
  • Within the burn process, Nero Burning ROM will pop up this message ever so often in order to burn to the next disc

Problem 3

  • a) Your disc does not comply to the type of compilation (disc project) that you have chosen initially
  • b) You have more than one disc recorder in your PC or attached to your PC externally



  • a) Make sure that the type of disc project you have selected complies with the type of disc in your disc drive. For example: If you have selected an Audio-CD project, put an empty CD-R or CD+R into your disc recorder
  • If you want to burn a DVD-Video disc, insert and empty DVD-R or DVD+R disc into your disc drive
  • b) In a normal case, you want to burn your disc just once, with one disc recorder. In this case make sure to put the disc into the recorder drive that you have selected for burning
  • If you have selected burning to multiple disc recorders please make sure to have a disc inserted into each recorder, so that the message will not pop up

TIP! for more details on disc types check Nero KnowHow Glossary

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How can I burn an MP3 Disc or Jukebox Disc in Nero Express?

Nero Express provides many options for you to burn your MP3 files and other music files to disc.

You can burn MP3-CDs, MP3-DVDs, and even MP3-Blu-ray Discs.

Given your devices support this, you can have hours of music stored on your disc to play back comfortably with devices like your car stereo, standalone DVD player, or Blu-ray Disc player.

What’s even better: you can have mixed format CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray Discs combining different typical audio formats like MP3, AAC, and WMA. Nero calls this Jukebox Audio Disc and below table shows an overview.

Jukebox Table EN

In Nero Express you can create such discs comfortably by clicking on of the Jukebox Disc buttons for CD, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc. Let us take the example of a Jukebox Audio CD. Klick on ‘Music’ in the left pane and then ‘Jukebox Audio CD’.

Start Jukebox Disc

Add your music files by clicking the ‘Add’ button. You can do this by using Windows Explorer via clicking on ‘Files…’.

However, the much more comfortable way of doing this here, is clicking on ‘Nero MediaBrowser’, which shows your albums and album files with cover art. Nero applications include state of the art Gracenote® Music Technology, providing album title, genre, album covers, and more within your files.



When you have added all files to your track list click ‘Next’, select your recorder, type in a name for your disc, and  press ‘Burn’.

It will take a few minutes for your disc to burn depending on the speed of your drive. You will be notified when the burn process is completed.

If your original files were ripped or edited with Nero applications, your Jukebox Disc will have album information and album art included in the music files. This way it is extremely comfortable to navigate and search for titles.

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How can I burn a SecurDisc 4.0 with Nero Express?

Burn safe and reliable discs with Nero ‘SecurDisc’. Version 4.0 available in Nero Express supports highest security standards with ‘256 bit encryption’.

Nero SecurDisc is available in Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express. This FAQ shows you how to access and use SecurDisc in Nero Express.

If you are looking for using the feature in Nero Burning ROM, please check

Nero KnowHow 00053

In Nero Express, select which type of disc you would like to burn.

Let’s assume you want to burn a SecurDisc DataCD, on which you may want to store some important legal documents, securely. So, just click on this type in the selection window.

NEX SecurDisc

In the upcoming screen, select your wanted encryption level: ‘Top Secret’, ‘Secret’, or ‘no encryption’.

Encryption level

Keep the data on your discs safe from prying eyes by password protecting them.

Nero will let you know how save the selected password will be.

Note: when using ‘Top secret Encryption’ you need to enter a password with at least 32 unique characters.


Click ok, and in the upcoming window click ‘Add’ to browse and add the files you want to burn securely.

In the left pane of the same window, you have further options. Get there by clicking on the arrow at the bottom left.

Added files

We recommend selecting ‘Data Redundancy’ and choosing between good and excellent. This will ensure your discs are usable even if they get scratched or damaged.

You can also select to use a digital signature.

Click next and select your recorder, then press ‘Burn’.

It will take a few minutes for your disc to burn depending on the speed of your Drive. You will be notified when the burn process is completed.

For accessing your disc you will use ‘Nero SecurDisc Player’ that was automatically added to the disc while burning.

In case you have created a digital signature, you need to be in hold of the public key in order to access the disc.

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