Can I test Nero trial versions without losing my existing copy of Nero?

No problem.

Your previous Nero version can coexist with a current Nero trial version on the same system. Also when you are going to uninstall the Nero trial version  your existing Nero product version will remain untouched.

The current trial version of Nero can be downloaded here:

You can easily convert a Nero trial version into a full Nero product version by entering the serial key delivered with your purchase.

Add serial EN 00001_2

Also check out the video tutorial.

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What can I do if Nero does not accept my Nero serial number?

If Nero does not accept your serial number, please check the following:

Go to ‘Nero ControlCenter’ and check for the installed products under ‘Serial numbers’.Add serial EN 00001_1Make sure that the correct Nero version is installed on your PC.

Go to ‘Nero ControlCenter ‘and click on ‘Update’ to make¬†sure that the latest update of your Nero version is installed.

In ‘Nero ControlCenter’ you can check your serial number, and re-enter it, if necessary.

Make sure that you’re not having any typing errors.

Note that you cannot install Nero 2017 products using a former Nero product version serial number.

If you are using a trial version of Nero 2017 you can easily enter your bought serial number into Nero Control Center to switch to a full product.Add serial DE 00001_2Also check out the video tutorial.

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1-pass or 2-pass Encoding – Which one is better?

‘Nero Video’ provides two ways of video file encoding as shown in the screenshot: ‘Fast encoding (1-Pass)’ and ‘High Quality (2-Pass )’.

1pass_EN 00037

Two pass encoding makes sense if you have used many effects that need to re-render the individual frames from scratch, or if your input and output formats differ a lot. Two pass encoding does a double check to tweak out the last bit of quality. If your input and output formats are more or less identical it is not neccessary to do 2-pass.

Also note that 2-pass encoding takes the double amount of time to finish the encoding.

Moreover ‘Nero Video’ has ‘Nero SmartEncoding’ technology included that helps you save time and quality in case your¬†input and output format are identical. When¬†SmartEncoding jumps in it will not re-render your exported file and save original quality to file.

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AVCHD Discs vs Blu-ray Discs ‚Äď What makes most sense?

For private home videos that won‚Äôt last hours ‚Äď like a commercial movie would ‚Äď AVCHD discs are the better choice.

AVCHD gives you Full HD quality on a standard DVD disc (red laser burning) while using the disc recording structure of a BD (BDMV). Due to the latter, only a Blu-ray Player can play AVCHD discs.

AVCHD_EN 00039

The good thing about AVCHD discs is that you get the same quality as on a Blu-ray Disc but you will have much less storage space (e.g. 4.7 GB with single layer, or 8.5 GB when using a double layer DVD disc).

As the name indicates a Blu-ray Disc burns via blue laser and has a much higher storage capacity (25 GB or 50 GB) but is more expensive to use.

A cool thing about Nero Video is that you can also create AVCHD structures on hard discs or external flash devices like USB sticks. If your Blu-ray Player has a USB slot – which most have – you can easily play your Full HD AVCHD disc structures with all the menus from the USB stick or USB attached hard disc without even having to burn a disc.

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