I have digitized an LP to one big file. How can I split this and burn to Audio CD?

Digitizing an LP means analog to digital conversion. You can do this in Nero WaveEditor and import your digitized tracks to Nero Burning ROM if you want to create an Audio CD.

If your digitized LP track includes all the titles of your vinyl record, Nero Burning ROM provides an option to split these before burning to Audio CD. Open Nero Burning ROM and select the project template Audio CD. Import your digitized track into the project.

NBR Audio CD_1

Under the menu ‘Filters’ you will see ‘No Filter’. Click on the empty filter button to get to the ‘Audio Track Properties’ window. Click on the second tab ‘Indexes, Limits, Split’. Zoom into the waveform display and select a position with the mouse cursor, then click ‘Split’. Do this for each track.

NBR Audio CD_2

In the example, you can see seven tracks created form the digitized single track.

NBR Audio CD_3

Click ‘Burn’ to proceed burning your Audio CD.

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Why do I get the message “One or more files could not be added to a compilation …”

When editing disc compilations, Nero Burning ROM checks if files added to the disc compilation are available and comply with the given disc compilation type. If the files are not compliant with the selected disc compilation, they cannot be added. For example, if you add a .txt file into the DVD Video Disc folder “VIDEO_TS”, the below message dialog will pop up, and only the compliant files will be added to the disc.


The below typical types of compilations will check for compatible files:

  • Audio CD
  • DVD-Video
  • AVCHD(TM)-VIDEO for DVD Disc
  • BDMV-Video
  • AVCHD(TM)-VIDEO for Blu-Ray Disc

What can I do if such message dialog pops up?

  • Check the information in the message box. It will show details about the compliant files or folders for the disc
  • In the bottom of the message dialog you will see the file path list for non-compliant files and folders
  • Save and exit the compilation editing. This can help you continuing the compilation editing next time
  • Create disc compliant files, first by using other Nero applications like Nero Video, Nero Recode, etc.

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Why do I get the error ‘Burn process failed …’ while Burning a Disc and how to fix the Issues?

While using Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express for burning content to a disc, you may come across the error message ‘Burn process failed …’.

So, what does these errors mean and how to fix the related issues?

In the whole burning process of Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express, the given application will do different checks to make sure that the burning related operations do not fail. These will be:

  • checking device(s)
  • checking the medium
  • checking disc erase or similar operations

If any critical error happens (like the disc/medium is broken, the disc recorder cannot be accessed, etc.) and the application cannot fix or recover the given issue, such an error dialog will pop up in the application.NBR

As the dialog will indicate and show in detail within the message box, most of the typical cases are related to the fact that the disc/medium is broken or the disc speed for burning is not working correctly.  So, in many cases putting a new disc into your disc recorder and clicking the button “Burn Again” will solve your issues. The disc speed issue can probably be solved by updating your firmware.


Still there are some situations when the above mentioned solutions cannot resolve your issue. For such cases it is meaningful to do a deeper check via the application log file.

For creating a log file, in Nero Burning ROM please click the button ‘Save Log…’ or ‘Save’ in Nero Express, within the respective message box .

In the exported log files, you can find some keywords.

Below table lists some of the most important keywords that you can check based on the provided solutions, here. This may help fixing your issue.Error Table

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Why do I get the message ‘Please insert an empty disc…’ or similar when trying to burn?

If your Nero application shows this message in one or the other form, the following overview shows potential problem scenarios and possible solutions.

Problem 1

  • Your disc is not empty




  • It might have happened that you inserted a disc into your drive, which is not empty, i.e. burned data already exist on this disc
  • Please put an empty disc into your disc recorder drive
  • The compilation size gives you a reference

Problem 2

  • a) You have selected to burn more than one copy at a time
  • b) You are burning a disc with Nero DiscSpan

empty disc_2Solutions

  • a) If you have selected burning several disc copies with one recorder, Nero will ask you to insert a disc into your drive, each time one disc burning is done
  • b) This message will also show when using Nero DiscSpan in Nero Burning ROM, which allows you to burn large projects over several discs – even different types of discs – in sequence
  • Within the burn process, Nero Burning ROM will pop up this message ever so often in order to burn to the next disc

Problem 3

  • a) Your disc does not comply to the type of compilation (disc project) that you have chosen initially
  • b) You have more than one disc recorder in your PC or attached to your PC externally



  • a) Make sure that the type of disc project you have selected complies with the type of disc in your disc drive. For example: If you have selected an Audio-CD project, put an empty CD-R or CD+R into your disc recorder
  • If you want to burn a DVD-Video disc, insert and empty DVD-R or DVD+R disc into your disc drive
  • b) In a normal case, you want to burn your disc just once, with one disc recorder. In this case make sure to put the disc into the recorder drive that you have selected for burning
  • If you have selected burning to multiple disc recorders please make sure to have a disc inserted into each recorder, so that the message will not pop up

TIP! for more details on disc types check Nero KnowHow Glossary

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How can I rip Audio CDs with a customized filename format?

When I rip Audio CDs, I sometimes want to have the option to select the naming type of the ripped file, e.g. I want to have the track number first, then the title, and finally the artist.

Several Nero applications support ripping Audio CDs:

  • Nero Burning ROM
  • Nero Express
  • Nero Disc to Device
  • Nero MediaHome

Nero Burning ROM and Nero Express provide specialized settings for the wanted file naming customization option.

So, let us show how this works.

Initially you need to insert the wanted Audio CD for ripping into the optical drive of your PC.

Step 1:

Launch Nero Burning ROM or Nero Express and from the menu select the “Save Audio Tracks to Hard Drive” option.

This is how you access it in Nero Burning ROM.

Save Audio Tracks NBR

And here you can see the access point in Nero Express.

Save Audio Tracks NEX

The “Save Audio Tracks to Hard Drive” window will pop up. Here you find two tabs: “Source” and “Output”. In the source tab on the right hand side you can modify the naming of “Album” and “Album Artist”, etc. if wanted.

Source Setting NBR

Step 2:

Switch to the “Output” tab  and select one filename format within the drop-down list of “File name creation mode”. Here you can customize the filename format in nine different modes.  Select the entry of your choice:  ” Track number – Title – Artist “.

Ausgabe Setting_NBR

Step 3:

After you selected one filename format option  click “Copy” to rip your Audio CD with customized file naming.


You can find your ripped Audio files in your specified output directory, with your customized folder name and filenames. Below sample shows your ripped files based on the chosen filename format.


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