How to create a perfect slide show in Nero Video easily and quickly?

If you would like to create a slide show in Nero Video after your vacation or for the annual holiday, you may have a very large collection of photos to choose from. The new AI and smart detection features in Nero Suite make Nero Video easier to find and create personalized slide shows to bring your memories to life.

As you know, Nero MediaHome is the universal media center in the Nero suite for archiving, organizing, creating and playing files. Previously, however, you couldn’t make use of these already-archived media information outside of Nero MediaHome and Nero MediaBrowser. Now it is different – from 24.x and higher versions you can make use this information directly in Nero Video.

Easily find your photos with new AI and smart detect information
Let’s start Nero Video and Make Slide Show.

new a slideshow

Do you already have your media well organized in Nero MediaHome? Nero MediaHome has an easy way to group photos by people, places or AI tags. Now, in Nero Video, in v.24.x or higher version, just click on the “Group by” drop-down menu and new “Person”, “Places” and “AI Tags” will appear. There are also shortcuts for them on the My Media toolbar.
smart library_group by

If you know exactly who you want to create a slideshow for, select “Person” and your photos in My Media library will be grouped by person so you can find photos that belong to the person you’re looking for.

smart library_group by Persons

If you’re coming back from a vacation somewhere, you can also group your photos by “Places”.

smart library_group by Places

If you only remember the general content of a photo, rather than the exact time, person or place, such as a photo on a playground, a certain old bike, or a photo for the birthday party at last year, just press ‘AI Tags’, and the photos will be grouped by content and what they were tagged with.
smart library_group by AI Tags
All of these are done for you automatically, without any work on your part.

Quickly create the perfect slide show with the help of Movie Themes

Now, just add what you need from the grouped photos to the storyboard and you’ve done a big part of the work of creating a video. Then use the Movie Themes that Nero Video has prepared for you. With no video editing skills, Nero Video will automatically collect your memories into a video that tells a good story – complete with a background music, titles, effects and transitions, intro and outro. If you don’t feel satisfied with this theme, you can easily change to a new theme with the click of a button to get a new look and feel for your video.

smart library_add theme

smart library_added theme

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Nero KnowHow 00241

What is Nero AI Image Upscaling?

Whether you’re a blogger or designer, an online store owner or a student, poor photo quality can be a major obstacle when it comes to printing and sharing photos.

These problems are now a thing of the past – with Nero’s cutting-edge deep learning technology, you can now enlarge your photos by enhancing their details and increasing their resolution.

What is Nero AI Image Upscaler?

Nero AI Image Upscaler is an AI-powered tool that can enlarge image size and increase resolution with enhanced quality.

By reducing noise and sharpening the details, AI Image Upscaler lets works best on small images and photos.

How does Nero AI Image Upscaler work?

Nero AI Image Upscaler uses state-of-the-art image super resolution technology based on deep convolutional neural networks.

Our neural network is trained on an immense dataset of training photos. In detail, we used millions of low-resolution and high-resolution image pairs to train the software on upscaling images and to learn typical features of physical objects such as the bricks of walls, hair and skin.

After the network recognizes those features on the images, it will enhance those details based on its general knowledge of the world.

What is traditional image upscaling?

Before AI based image upscaling technology, it was virtually impossible to increase photo or image size without losing quality.

The best option, called Bicubic Interpolation – made your image unsharp and blurry.

Left: traditional result | Right: AI result

AI Upscaling

What pictures work best with Nero AI Image Upscaler?

The system works best with unprocessed images that were not previously upscaled or pixelated by any other software tool.

Our main focus currently is upscaling physical contents with sharp corners like digital illustrations, images with sharp borders and contrasting textures (such as watches).

For images with small human faces or text, the result will be less obvious after processing.

Do you remove JPEG compression artifacts?

Yes, we automatically remove JPEG noise (also known as compression artifacts), if we detect an image with .jpg or .jpeg extension.

If for any reason you want to upscale your image without removing noise, you can input your image as a png-file.

Is there a size limit for the images I want to upscale?

Users of online version can use images with 1500×1500 pixels in size.

For desktop version there is no limit on the image size. However, the processing speed depends on your CPU and GPU limitations.

Processing a high-resolution image will take up more time. In addition, the result may be less obvious when upscaling a high-resolution image.

Where can I find Nero AI Image Upscaler?

Nero AI Image Upscaler will be part of the new Nero Platinum Suite package.

You can also access to upscale small images online or download the desktop app for free.

What is Nero AI video upscaling and how to turn on/off it?

Even people who are not so interested in watching movies may agree that watching videos in high resolution (such as Full HD, 4K) is a wonderful experience. With 4K monitors and TVs becoming more and more popular, are you still satisfied with watching blurry SD videos on 4K monitors or TVs?

What is traditional video upscaling?
Traditional upscaling or resize is the easiest way to stretch a lower resolution video onto a larger displayer. The pixels in the lower resolution image are simply repeated and averaged to fill all the pixels of the higher resolution display. The result is that the video fits a 4K monitor, but it usually looks blurry.

What is Nero AI video upscaling?
Nero AI video upscaling predicts high-resolution videos through an AI model and produces incredible clarity and enhanced details that cannot be reproduced by traditional upscaling, such as sharper edges, more realistic hair, and the landscapes with striking clarity.

Before and after: Nero MediaHome playback with Nero AI video upscaling


The result video that converted by traditional video upscaling and Nero AI video upscaling

What You’ll Need

  • Nero Platinum or Nero Platinum 2022 installed. 

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  • Nero Platinum supports Nero AI video upscaling up from V24.x and higher.
  • Please attach your monitor to the higher performance graphic card, if your PC has dual graphic cards.
  • Windows 10 or higher 64-bit operating system is recommended.

Enjoy a better performance with enabled hardware-accelerated AI enhancement

We recommend using at least a Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390 graphics cards for hardware accelerated video AI upscaling of SD source files. If you would like to do video AI upscaling of HD source files, we recommended using at least a Nvidia GTX 1070 or AMD Radeon RX 5600 graphics cards.


How to turn on/off Nero AI video upscaling?
In Nero Platinum V24.x and higher versions, you can enjoy the improvement of video quality from Nero AI video upscaling during video playback, converting and exporting.

Video Playback – Nero MediaHome
When you are playing video clips, no matter playing from Nero MediaHome Library or in Nero MediaHome Viewer, you will find a “Video Enhancer” icon in the lower right corner. From there you can turn Nero AI video upscaling on or off.

VSR playback in NMH Library VSR playback in NMH Viewer

The real-time video playback of “Nero AI video upscaling” depends on the performance of your graphic card.
We recommend enabling hardware acceleration under Video Playback in Nero MediaHome > Options > Video.

NMH Option HWA


Export – Nero Video
In Nero Video V24.x or later versions, you will find the option to enable or disable Nero AI upscaling in the export settings under “Configure”. Nero Video will apply Nero AI upscaling to your movie project when the target size is larger than your movie resolution settings.

Nero AI video upscaling_configure

Nero AI video upscaling_export
There are two levels for the output quality: standard quality and high quality. With the “high quality” level, you will get a better output file, but it needs more time.

Convert – Nero Recode
In Nero Recode V24.x or higher versions, you will find the “Nero AI upscaling” and its AI hardware acceleration options in Output settings.
Recode_Nero AI upscaling_configure
Recode_Nero AI video upscaling_export
There are no special hardware requirements for the conversion in Nero Recode and the export in Nero Video. The general performance depends on the system performance. But the hardware limitation will not affect the output quality. We recommend running Nero AI upscaling on Windows 10 or higher 64-bit operating systems.

Nero KnowHow 00238

What is Nero Score?


Nero Score is a free tool which measures your processor’s (CPU) multi-core power and is pushing your graphics card (GPU) to it’s maximum limit with real world multimedia use cases.

Score_High end

Nero Score is used by journalists to review hardware, hardware manufacturers to optimize their latest products, as well as computer owners to evaluate their individual system to make purchase decisions.


The initial version of Nero Score includes an CPU AI benchmark and measures how many pictures per second can be processed with artificial intelligence on the given CPU. So this in not about training an model, but actually applying a trained model on data (called inference). The outcome of this test will let you compare how different CPUs score in this domain. The result can be 1:1 matched with CPU-based AI inference solution, like e.g. Nero AI Photo Tagger. The data set for this test includes 50 pictures that will be inferred 3 times each. The format and size of the pictures doesn’t matter for this test as the AI inference only needs an input of 299×299 pixels in size anyway.


The roadmap for Nero Score foresees an extension into further multi-media related use cases utilizing CPU and multiple GPUs e.g. video encoding, 3D rendering.


Nero is fully transparency on the calculation of the actual score. Each of the tests executed within Nero Score will generate a score of it’s own. For example: The CPU AI benchmark measures how many pictures are processed per second. This number is multiplied by a factor of 25 to generate the score for this specific test. So there is a 1:1 relation between the score and the performance of the CPU for the given task. A PC with twice the score will be twice as fast.

As soon as there are more tests a total score will be calculated from the single results and the simple formula for this calculation will be made transparent, too. Over time there might be changes on how the score is calculated, those will be called out and documented with revisions to ensure that results are always reproducible and comparable.

HOW CAN I CHECK MORE REAL-WORLD PERFORMANCE DATA? will list all performance data which submitted by customers. Try Nero Score on your PC now, to see how your PC performs.


Download Nero Score from Nero Lab


  • Laptops should be connected to a power supply.
  • The high performance power plan should be selected on any device.
  • All open applications should be closed.
  • No user activity should be done in the foreground.
  • Background activity should be avoided e.g. no virus scans, software update downloads, cloud uploads.


At the moment Nero Score is supporting Windows 10 64-Bit exclusively.


Yes, for example “C:\Program Files (x86)\Nero\Nero Apps\Nero Score\NeroScore.exe” runtimes:50 stoptime:3 logfile:1 will executed the current test 50 times with a pause of 3 seconds in between and create a log file in %temp%\NeroScore (so inside he current users system temp folder).

  • runtimes: number of times the test should be run
  • stoptime: time between the runs in seconds
  • logfile: defines if a log file should be generated 1 = yes / 0 = no
  • logfilepath: alternative path for the log file e.g. “E:” or “D:\Score”
  • autoexit: defines if the application should exit after all tests are done 1 =yes / 0 = no
  • language: use any of the above 4 letter codes to define the application language manually (e.g. es-ES)
  • exepath: runs a specific application on exit (e.g. “C:\WINDOWS\system32\notepad.exe”)

Nero KnowHow 00235

How to use AI tags to organize my photos?

Now, after getting the AI tags at the end of detection, Nero AI Photo Tagger can also help you automatically organize your photos into folders, based on these AI categories.
Copy Files
At the bottom of AI Tags panel, you will see a ‘Copy Files’ button. Clicking it will pop up a system dialog to select a location as the target.
FAQ_Copy Files_Target folder

After you confirmed the location, Nero AI Photo Tagger will create sub-folders based on AI Tags and copy all these photos into the according folders.
FAQ_CopyFile_copy process
FAQ_CopyFile_target location
Now, all your photos are organized by the detected AI tags.

You can also select only some of the AI categories to copy. Clicking ‘Select’ will enable multi-select mode.
FAQ_Copy Files_select mode FAQ_Copy Files_select some
Now you can select one or more tags to copy. Nero AI Photo Tagger will only copy the photos of selected categories to new location.

Click here to better organize your media, with world leading local AI technology, in Nero Platinum Suite now.

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