How to enable “HDR compatible mode” to watch videos in Nero MediaHome?

Everyone is talking about 4K or 8K, but HDR is actually a greater improvement in visual quality. HDR means more detailed images, better color, and highlights that really pop.

Nero Platinum supports now the playback of HDR videos in Nero MediaHome. Nero’s HDR technology allows you to enjoy near-HDR image quality even on non-HDR displays!

Learn here how to ensure that your HDR videos and movie can be played.

What You’ll Need

Every link in the chain – from your Windows system to the graphic card, to the source video file – has to be HDR-capable. That means you need:

  • Windows 10 64bit system, with Nero Platinum or Nero Platinum 2021 installed

Nero Platinum supports HDR playback for 23.x and higher versions. You can get the latest version from:

🛒 Click and Get Nero Platinum Suite

  • A HDR-capable Graphic card or chip

That means Nvidia GTX 1060 or better, AMD RX470 or better, or Intel HD 620 or later.  Note that these are the bare minimums, and higher-end cards will be able to have better performance.

  • HDR-capable source video file

Not all videos can be played with HDR effect – you can hardly ask a SD quality video to achieve high-definition HDR playback. Basically, HDR playback is only possible for H.265 10bit AVC video or movie files.

If your video file and your system support HDR playback, you will see the ‘HDR’ icon on the Nero MediaHome tool bar:

QuickViewer HDR_ON


Clicking ‘HDR’ icon will turn on/off the HDR playback.


Enjoy a better performance with HDR hardware playback

With a Nvidia GTX 1060 or better, AMD RX470 or better, or Intel HD 620 or later.  Please activate the ‘Enable hardware acceleration’ option in ‘Nero MediaHome > Options > Video’. The hardware acceleration will be applied after you re-start the playback.


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How to install Nero Receiver on Apple TV?

1. Please start App Store on your Apple TV.
2. Please search ‘Receiver’.
search - small
3. Install the app and start it. Now DLNA steaming is enabled for your Apple TV.
4. You will see ‘Nero Receiver’ is listed at your Nero Streaming Player ‘Play to’ device list.
Nero Streaming Player_Receiver Apple TV

You can stream from Nero Streaming Player, Nero MediaHome, and any NAS or PC media server applications to your Apple TV now.

Nero MediaHome:
NMH-Receiver Apple TV
Windows Media Player:
WMP-Receiver Apple TV

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My Smart TV is not detected by Nero MediaHome, what should I do?

1. Please make sure your TV or media player, and your PC are connected in the same WiFi network.

2. Please make sure your Smart TV is compatible with DLNA/uPnP.
You can use DLNA product search to confirm if your TV is a DLNA certified product: You can search by manufacturer, product type or device classes and capabilities.

3. If your Smart TV is integrated Google Play Store, you also can download and install Nero Receiver on your TV. Nero MediaHome works perfectly with Nero Receiver TV.

How to install Nero Receiver on Smart TV?

4. Restart Nero MediaHome to try again.

5. Hotspot: Find a mobile phone, open personal hotspot, connect your PC and TV to this hotspot, and now try to check if Nero MediaHome can list your TV correctly. If Nero MediaHome is able to play content to TV without any problem with this hotspot, it can basically confirm that there is a problem with your router settings. Please check it.

6. Try Nero stick: Nero Easy Stream FullHD – HDMI Stick:
HDMI port need to be available for your TV.

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How to install Nero Receiver on Smart TV?

1. Please start Google Play Store on your Smart TV.
2. Please search ‘Nero Receiver’.
Install-Receiver-on-Android-TV-Google-Play - Copy
3. Install the app and start it.
4. You will see ‘Nero Receiver’ is listed at your Nero Streaming Player ‘Play to’ device list (iOS & Android).
iPhone 6_05_EngMobile_05

Now DLNA steaming is enabled for your TV. You can stream from Nero Streaming Player, Nero MediaHome, and any NAS or PC media server applications.

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Can I manage and playback media on ‘OneDrive’ with Nero MediaHome – even access ‘Files On-Demand’?

OneDrive is a very useful cloud service that many people use as a free version or within their Office 365 subscription. OneDrive embeds into the PC system and shows up like a regular drive in Windows Explorer. When you use Windows 10, OneDrive is auto installed, but you need to create an account and sign in to make use of it.

OneDrive Files On-Demand

With ‘Windows 10 Fall Creators Update’ in late 2017, Microsoft has embedded a very powerful feature into OneDrive that is called ‘OneDrive Files On-Demand’.

Now, you have the option to have your files only available in the cloud, as ‘online only’ – in such a case, the content will not be synced with your PC, but you can still see the folders and the content in your PC folder. With this great feature, you can save space on your PC, as you no longer need to store the content locally. Via ‘Files On-Demand’ you just make locally available, what you really need for the projects on your PC.

From Nero 2019 onwards you have this comfortable option embedded into Nero MediaHome, allowing you to access online only files in the browsing view, and download for playback or creative use cases on demand.

As Nero MediaHome library is also the basis for all of your related Nero applications via Nero MediaBrowser, you will have this feature readily available for accessing any online only content from OneDrive – be it video, photos, or music – in Nero applications. Due to the fact that Nero MediaBrowser also works with many non-Nero application you can even hand over ‘Files on Demand’ via drag & drop  into these applications, in case they can deal with photos, video, or music.

How do  ‘Files On-Demand’ work?

Initially you need to check if your OneDrive client is installed with your Windows OS. As mentioned, under Windows 10 this will be done automatically, when the new OS is installed. Make sure to have the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or later installed on your PC to make use of ‘Files On-Demand’.

Once ready with your OneDrive client, you will see OneDrive as a drive with folders in your Windows Explorer.

OneDrive Windows Explorer

Just three easy steps

  1. Please start Nero MediaHome and add OneDrive as your watched folder. You can select either the whole drive or individual folders inside of OneDriveadd OneDrive as watch folder
  2. If you want to access your online-only media files in Nero MediaHome library directly, you need to sign in to your OneDrive account. The interface is provided via Nero MediaHome, so you do not need to leave Nero MediHome. In order to access ‘OneDrive Files on Demand’ in Nero MediaHome , please sign in with the same account that you have signed in to with your OneDrive client applicationsign in
  3. Nero MediaHome will list the media files of your OneDrive account in the library. The clips with the blue-cloud icon are the ones that are online onlyNMH with OneDrive_01

Now, you can manage and playback your OneDrive media files directly in Nero MediaHome, including your online-only files. You also can easily make them locally available via right-click mouse.

context menu

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