Why do I get an error message saying I cannot import files in Nero Video?

By design, Nero Video can only import media files if they exist in a supported video, image, or audio format.

Nero Video has a high compatibility with media formats. Still there may be cases when the format that you want to import is not supported, and an error message may pop up.

The below overview shows you what works and what is not expected to work.

Import video file formats

  • Nero Video has a high compatibility with video formats. Please check the detailed system requirements for reference

Import photo file formats

  • Nero Video has a good compatibility with photo formats. Please check the detailed system requirements for reference
  • Please note that you can import photo files only within the video editing module of Nero Video
  • The disc creation module in Nero Video does not allow this

Import audio file formats

  • Nero Video has a high compatibility with audio file formats. Please check the detailed system requirements for reference

No import of project file formats

  • Project files are no media files. These are data bases of the metadata of a given project
  • Nero Video cannot import video projects as media files
  • If you want to start an existing project go to home screen ‘Open Nero Video Project’
  •  For more details on project formats, please check Nero KnowHow 00029

No import project metadata files

Import failed_2

  • Many video, photo, or audio editing programs create special meta data files of individual files used within their projects and save them in the same folder as the source media files
  • These files are no media files and are neither needed nor supported in Nero Video
  • TIP: Before importing from such a folder, select ‘sort by file format’ in Windows Explorer and only import media files. If – by accident – you have some of these meta-data files in your list of files to import click ‘ok’. Nero Video will import compatible media files, anyway

No import of document files

Import failed

  • In this case a user wanted to import document types of formats (word, text, etc.) via drag & drop into Nero Video
  • Such non-media formats are not supported in Nero Video
  • TIP: If you use the import function within the editing and disc authoring module of Nero Video, non-compatible formats will not be shown. This may help if you are unsure

Nero Know How 00122

How to burn .mp4 or .avi movies to DVD so that they play on a DVD Player?

When you want to create a DVD that plays on your DVD player you initially need to understand which kind of format needs to be present on your DVD disc.

There is a fundamental difference between a DVD data disc and a DVD-Video disc.

A DVD data disc can be filled with any kind of date content whereas a DVD-Video disc consists of a defined disc format structure that lets you navigate through DVD disc menus and lets you play your files via these disc menus. Also the video file formats that you use (in your case mp4 and .avi) need to be made compatible as a DVD-Video disc only accepts MPEG-2 video codecs*.

*For more details check the Glossary in Nero KnowHow

 Step 1 – Select the DVD-Video creation option

Nero Video is the application of choice within Nero Suite that provides easy yet powerful high-quality DVD-Video creation.


  • Launch Nero Video
  • On the start screen (“Home”) select “Create Disc > DVD > DVD-Video”

 Step 2 – Import and sort your content

Content screen

  • You will see the content screen for your disc project, now
  • Click on “Import > Import files” to add your video files to your disc project
  • Within the explorer view browse and select the videos you want to add, and press “Open”
  • The videos will be imported and listed
  • Note that the videos will be listed in the given order from top to bottom, and this will also translate into the order of clips being shown in your DVD menu
  • If you want a different order, just drag and drop the clips to the corresponding position within in the window (in the screenshot you can see that clip 00022 and 00019 have been dragged to the top of the list)
  • when all is good click next

TIP: You cannot insert images or image sequences directly into a DVD-Video project. If you plan to do so, make sure that  you have none of your video clips in the actual list selected. Then click ,Edit’. Within the editing mode simply drag the wanted images to the timeline and click ‘Next’. Your image sequence will now be present as an individual video within the clip list of your DVD project and be available as a regular video for playback via your DVD-Video disc navigation menu.

Step 3 – Select a suiting disc menu

menu screen

In this screen you can select between a number of categories and numerous templates inside of the individual categories. As you can see in the screenshot, we have selected a disc menu template from the ‘Smart 3D’ category.

  • Click “Next” to get to the preview function.

TIP: You can also customize DVD-menus and create your very own templates to use over and over gain. For more details on how to customize disc menus in Nero Video check Nero KnowHow 00033

Step 4 – Preview your disc

preview ausschnitt

In this screen, you can realistically preview your disc with all menus and all pages in exactly the same way your DVD player will show it. Give yourself some time for checking before you click on ”Next”.

Step 5 – Burn your DVD-Video disc


  • Within this screen select your recorder under “Burn to…”
  • Insert a blank DVD disc into the recorder (DVD±R or DVD±RW or DVD±R DL)
  • Click “Burn”

Now, a windows opens showing you the status of the final processing – initially rendering of the disc menus and the video titles, before switching over to the  status of the final burning process. No further action is required here.

  • You will be notified when the burning is finished.

TIP: There is a dependency between the content that fits onto your disc and the quality setting within ‘Recording Format Options’. Find more on that topic under NeroKnowHow 00022         

Nero KnowHow 00112

What is the ‘Effect Drop Zone’ in Nero movie themes?

Nero Video includes a whole range of new MovieThemes, where intro/outro as well as the main part of the movie have seen quite some upgrades in design.

A unique feature within the intro and outro sequence of the new MovieTheme templates is a so called ‘effect drop zone’.

Drop Zone 1

In Intro and Outro, you now can better personalize your movie by simply dragging photos or videos into the preview window or timeline.

The dropped asset will automatically be integrated into the animation pattern of the template giving your video a real wow effect.

Effect Drop Zone_2

Also, note that the main movie part now has integrated dedicated video effects per template like focus/out of focus (Tilt Shift), nostalgic effects, slow-motion, etc.

Nero KnowHow 00088

How can I send my exported vertical video back to my smartphone easily?

This works fast and easily via ‘Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync App’.

Within your vertical project in Nero Video select the export function. Select the option ‘Add to Nero MediaHome Library’ in the export screen for your vertical video. When the export is finished open Nero MediaHome and you will see your vertical video listed (more on that further down).NMH library EN

Install the free App ‘Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync’ via Google Play (Android) or App Store (iOS) on your smartphone or tablet.

Make sure Nero MediaHome and Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync are logged in to the same network.

Make suere Nero MediaHome on your PC is running. While connected to the same network open Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync on your mobile device and switch it on. Nero MediaHome WiFi Sync will show your instance of Nero MediaHome. Click on it to activate the connection.NMH WiFi Sync_small

Nero MediaHome on your PC will now show your mobile device in the device view top left.

add to Hudl 2_2

Select your prior exported vertical video in Nero MediaHome and drag it to your mobile device top left, as shown here. The transmission will start right away. The status can be checked bottom left.


Now, on your mobile device open your preferred video player and play your vertical video.

vertical video theme

If you are utilizing the free App ‘Nero Streaming Player’ (Android/iOS) you will be able to watch your vertical video on your device or directly play it on Smart TV in the living room.

The description and procedures as laid out here adequately work for sending wide screen video to your smartphone and for streaming it to your TV.

Nero KnowHow 00085

Does Nero provide vertical video themes?

Yes, indeed.

In Nero Video Vertical Editing Mode available in Nero Platinum 2018 (and later) as well as Nero Video 2018 (and later) you will find a variety of Nero MovieThemes that you can easily utilize for quick and shiny vertical movies to share or watch on your smartphone. The themes cover typical topics like family, travel, events, pets, and outdoor action.
vertical theme

The ‘effect drop zone’ in intro and outro allows you to personalize your movie by simply dragging photos or videos into the preview window or timeline. The dropped asset will automatically be integrated into the animation pattern of the template.

The main movie part has integrated dedicated video effects per template like focus/out of focus (tilt shift), nostalgic effects, slow-motion, etc., and each template comes with an individually composed music track that automatically adapts to the duration of your project.

vertical theme 2

There is no need to know a lot about video editing, except that you need to decide which source videos or photos you want to use for your movie and where you might want to trim them. The rest is all done automatically via the pre-designed movie themes.

This way you can create vertical masterpieces in no time for sharing and watching on your mobile device.

vertical video theme

Nero KnowHow 00084