Best Practice: Multi-Cam Editing with Nero Video

Series of five video tutorials showing you how to edit footage from a stage performance shot with four cameras which were recording continuously.

Access the playlist with the five tutorials as summarized below here:

Part 1: Stage Recording, Importing & Arranging Camera Sources
Introduces the background scenario of the recorded footage, shows you how to import and pre-trim the sources, and how to arrange the four camera sources in a multi tracks timeline based on shot priorities

Part 2: Match AV-Sync between Camera Sources
Shows you how to match AV-sync and have lip sync between the camera sources in four tracks.

Part 3: Match Color & Lighting between different Camera Sources
Shows you how to match color and lighting between the four camera source tracks.

Part 4: Use Master Audio, Intercut Scenes, Add Global Effects
Shows you how to use a master audio track, intercut scenes between the four camera source tracks, and how to add titles and global effects.

Part 5: Optimize Audio, Export Video, Watch Sample
The final part shows you how to optimize your master audio, how to export video for sharing to YouTube in good quality, and gives some tips for multi-cam live recording. Finally you will see the video of a stage performance of PopJazzChor Wiesbaden.

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How can I drag a sequence of clips in one track as a whole and this way synchronize edit points in Nero Video within two tracks ?

In Nero Video ‘Advanced Editing’ there are different tools available that will help you multi-selecting clips in one or more tracks, so that you can drag them to the desired position in the timeline.

Such tools can be accessed via the list of selecting/trimming tools at the right hand side of the timeline. Inside of the tool box just click on the little arrow bottom left of the box.

2. select track tool

Marquee Tool

The ‘Marquee Tool’ allows you to draw a selection mark around clip sequences in one or more tracks of the timeline so that you can drag sequences of clips without losing your already made edits inside of the selection. This tool is pre-selected in the tool box.

1. click on the ‘Marquee Tool’
2. mark the clips that you want to move
3. select the ‘Standard Tool’ again
4. drag the sequence of clips to the wanted position

1. marquee tool

2. select & move

Select Track Tools

There are also more selective track selection tools associated to one track only, so that you can drag sequences of clips without losing your already made edits inside of the track. To access the options click on the small triangle located in the tool box bottom left.

  • mark all clips in the given track
  • mark only those clips located right of the selected clip
  • mark only those clips located left of the selected clip

Click on one of the tools and follow steps 2-4 as already described under ‘Marquee Tool’.

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How can I check and modify the Order of Titles for Playback on my DVD Disc Menu?

Nero Video authoring module has three access points that help you checking the playback order of your titles.

1. The content screen allows you to import and sort the order of video titles on your disc. Via drag & drop or context menu, you can modify the playback order.


2. Within the menu selection screen via “Customize” and “Advanced Editing”, please check the order and linkage in “Poperties: Button” and the dropdown menu under “Link to”.


3. Finally, the preview window allows you to verify navigation and playback of titles in your disc menu, just like they will be played back on the DVD Player in your living room. If you find any mismatches here, please go back for modifications under #1 or #2.


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Release Notes Nero 2019 > Nero Video Version 20.0.3001

Nero Video Version 20.0.3001 has the following updates:

  • Choose from 44 new movie themes, 17 new disc menus and 5 new music tracks (Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019 only)
  • New settings option to enable or disable automatic removal of black bars
  • Support for Nvidia Video Codec SDK 8.2 fixes hardware acceleration in encoding with Nvidia graphics cards. Please install Nvidia driver version 397.93 or higher

For executing an online update please open “Nero Control Center”, click “Update” and “Update Now”.

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66 new Nero LifeThemes PRO Templates for free in Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019

With the latest online update users of Nero Platinum 2019 and Nero Video 2019 get a full set of 66 new high quality Nero LifeThemes PRO including 44 Movie Themes, 17 Disc Menus, and 5 new royalty free pieces of music – everything for free!

New themes include motives for Day and Night, dedicated Do It Yourself  Themes,  multicolored variations of Polygons, and much more. Any of the new movie themes can be set to be used a default theme for 1-Click Video Story.

Get the free update and check it out.

66 new templatest

Example of Day & Night


Example of Do IT Yourself


Example of Polygon


Example of Rainbow Land


Example of Crazy Cooking


Example of The Maker



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