How do I rotate a photo or a video in Nero Video?

You can rotate photos and videos in Nero Video in Express Editing via the FX control window or in Advanced Editing via the Effect Palette and the Properties window.

Express Editing 
Place your clip in the timeline. Hover over the thumbnail and you will see two icons. Click on the FX icon to open the Express Effect Window. Click on Rotation and select your option.

FX Window_1

FX Window_2

Advanced Editing 
Place your clip in the timeline. Click on Effect Palette to open the associated Effect Properties window. Click on Rotation and select your option.

FX Adv_1 FX Adv_2

Tip: If you have shot photos and videos with your smartphone in portrait orientation you can also natively edit these in Nero Video Vertical Editing mode and export as vertical video. To do so, go to home screen and select ‘Edit Vertical Video’. Also see Nero KnowHow 00083


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How can I adjust the music level to speech on a different track?

The case you are reporting is a very typical scenario for interviews, when you want to edit and mix two tracks of audio: one with speech, the other one with music. Check the steps below for how do this in Nero Video.

Go to advanced editing mode. In the example below you have two tracks in parallel: one audio track with speech linked to the video in track 1, one with music in the music track.

  1. Switch to extended timeline view to see the wave forms of your clips
  2. Select the track you want to edit
  3. Go to effect palette and check the properties window for your clip
  4. Click on the triangle left of ‘Audio Level’ to see the dB level
  5. Use the dB slider for lowering or increasing the volume per track (you can also type in e.g. -6 dB,  if you want to decrease the volume by half.

adapt loudness
Tip: You can also set keyframes (when selecting ‘Use keyframes’) allowing you to do sequences of different loudness settings over time. This is very convenient when you want to match music to interviews, etc.

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Can I use self-created DVD Menu Templates created with Nero 9 or Nero 10 in Nero 2019?

Yes, this is possible with some workaround. By default, Nero Video cannot support customized menus created with Nero Vision in Nero 9. Please follow the steps mentioned below. This should work identically for self-created menu templates from Nero Vision Xtra (Nero 10).

Copy your customized Disc Menu from Nero 9 located in folder “C:\Users\<User>\Documents\NeroVision\Templates\CE” to “C:\Users\<User>\Documents\NeroVideo\Templates\CE” which is used for Nero Video 2019

1. Navigate to each disc menu folder, and find a file with extension “*.tpl”. (below example shows folder “This PC\Documents\NeroVideo\Templates\ CE \ 1\ TemplateCreatedbyNero9\SD.4.3”)

TPL_12. The *tpl file is an xml file where you need to add a global unique identifier (GUID) so that you can open it in Nero Video. Please access this website, follow the two steps in the screenshot below, and copy one of the GUIDs (each line below represents a GUID).

Online GUID3. Right click on the *tpl file of the menu that you have moved into “… NeroVideo\Templates\CE” before and select to edit it with Windows text “Editor”.
4. Click on an empty space after the entry “<metadata>” (4th element in the line).
5. Insert a new string “<GUID>{******}</GUID>”
6. Paste your GUID into the brackets {******}. This will read like e.g.:
GUID_added7. Save the file and restart Nero Video
8. Open the template in Nero Video menu selection page under “My menu templates”menu selection customized
9. Do this for each menu you want to handover from Nero Vision to Nero Video

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I want to create a 16:9 DVD but my Movie shows black Bars at the Top and Bottom. What can I do?

You are probably making use of a CinemaScope movie format in 21:9 or similar, but the regular DVD widescreen format is 16:9.

In order to be able to create a DVD and watch this format without black bars at the top and bottom, you need to scale this to your 16:9 format via Nero Video editing, first. Just be aware that you will cut off some image information at the left and right rim of the image.

Open an editing project via ‘Make Express Movie’. Check your project format under the top menu ‘Options > Movie Options’, and select ‘TV Widescreen’.

Movie Options

Import your movie and add it to the timeline. Put the mouse over the timeline thumbnail and a hover selection will open. Click on ‘fx’ to open the Express Effect window. In there, select the drop down menu under ‘Scale’ and select ‘Scale and Fit’.

change aspect ratiio_1

Now your video will match the aspect ratio of your 16:9 widescreen project (just be aware that you will have cut off some image information at the  left and right rim of the image).

change aspect ratiio_2

To create a DVD click ‘Next > DVD > DVD-Video’

Create DVD

Tip: If you happen to import 4:3 images or videos into a 16:9 project, Nero Video will automatically remove the black bars with auto content generated from your video or image.

aspect ratiio_4_3

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