How much video can I burn on one DVD? Which settings do I have to select?

This depends on one hand on the type of disc on the other on the video quality (compression rate) you prefer.With standard quality (5073 kbit/s) you can have 2 hours of video onto a DVD-5 (4.38GB).DVD Set EN_1 00033With high quality (8000 kbit/s) you will be able to burn about 1 hour to the same disc.DVD Set EN_3 00033

Quality settings are available in ‘Options > Recording format options’

The Tab ‘General’ lets you select your regional TV standard under ‘Video mode’ to PAL (Europe, etc.) or NTSC (North America, etc.). Per default it is set to be in sync with the language of your operating system. Also ‘SmartEncoding’ is set to ‘automatic’ by default, and we recommend to keep this. So, in a normal case, there is nothing to be set within the tab ‘General’.

TIP: Check Nero KnowHow Glossary if you want to learn more about PAL/NTSC or SmartEncoding.

Quality #1

In the tab  ‘DVD-Video’ under ‘Recording format options’ you have ‘Quality settings’ available to select from.

Quality #2

You can also have ‘Nero Video’ compress your quality automatically so that your content fits on one disc. Lots of content on one disc can lead to a high compression resulting in a lower viewing quality, though.In such a case we recommend using a ‘DVD-9 Disc’ (double layer disc with 8.5 GB). This will roughly double the space on your disc and increase recording time based on above mentioned quality levels.For ease of use ‘Nero Video’ has disc format switch that allows hot format switching from within a project’s content screen and within the final burning screen.

DVD Set EN_4 00033

TIP: Learn how to create a DVD-Video with menus in Nero Video via Nero KnowHow 00112

Nero KnowHow 00032

What are the restrictions of a Nero trial version?

Nero trial versions can be tested for 15 days starting from the date of installation.

AVC, MPEG-4, and AVCHD video formats are not supported for encoding in Nero trial versions. Also the burning options are limited (100 MB / 30 sec).

From Nero start screen you can directly buy the product. After purchase you can easily convert the trial version into a full version product.

To do so, just open Nero ControlCenter and enter the serial key delivered with your purchase.Add serial EN 00001_2Also check out the video tutorial

Nero KnowHow 00001

Can I test Nero trial versions without losing my existing copy of Nero?

No problem.

Your previous Nero version can coexist with a current Nero trial version on the same system. Also when you are going to uninstall the Nero trial version  your existing Nero product version will remain untouched.

The current trial version of Nero can be downloaded here:

You can easily convert a Nero trial version into a full Nero product version by entering the serial key delivered with your purchase.

Add serial EN 00001_2

Also check out the video tutorial.

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What can I do if Nero does not accept my Nero serial number?

If Nero does not accept your serial number, please check the following:

Go to ‘Nero ControlCenter’ and check for the installed products under ‘Serial numbers’.Add serial EN 00001_1Make sure that the correct Nero version is installed on your PC.

Go to ‘Nero ControlCenter ‘and click on ‘Update’ to make sure that the latest update of your Nero version is installed.

In ‘Nero ControlCenter’ you can check your serial number, and re-enter it, if necessary.

Make sure that you’re not having any typing errors.

Note that you cannot install Nero 2017 products using a former Nero product version serial number.

If you are using a trial version of Nero 2017 you can easily enter your bought serial number into Nero Control Center to switch to a full product.Add serial DE 00001_2Also check out the video tutorial.

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