What can I do with Nero Receiver?

Stream videos, photos & music via your PC in your home network and play your media wirelessly on your mobile device with super easy to use ‘Nero Receiver’ App.

  • Stream videos, photos & music to your tablet in the garden!
  • Listen to PC music playlists on your smartphone in the bedroom!
  • Friends came over? Show some photos & slideshows sitting on the couch!

Also stream media files between different mobile devices within the same WiFi network – even platform independent. E.g. use Nero Streaming Player App on one mobile device as a wireless media server and via Nero Receiver App let your second mobile device become your wireless media player. Nero Receiver App is also compatible with numerous other UPnP / DLNA media servers and media player apps.


Nero Receiver provides you with an easy and high quality solution!

  • Play photos, videos & music stored on the PC to your mobile device
  • Stream music and music playlists
  • Stream photos and slideshows
  • Cast single videos or several videos in a row
  • Play any media file from Media Player® to your tablet or mobile
  • Cast media files using other UPnP / DLNA media servers – also media server apps
  • Pause or stop media playback and skip titles using your smartphone

Special features in combination with Nero MediaHome

  • Transcoding: always stream in device-compatible format
  • Face Recognition: automatic categorization of your photo library
  • Geo Tagging: sort photos by places you have visited
  • Themed Slideshows: stream slideshows with automatic intro/outro, transitions & music

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Does Nero allow streaming media files between two mobile devices, independantly of my PC?


Yes, this is possible with Nero mobile streaming solutions.


When you have two mobile devices available within your home network you can use one device with Nero Streaming Player App as streaming server and the second device with Nero Receiver App as client.

With this setup it is extremly easy to stream your photos, videos, and music e.g. on your iPhone with Nero Streaming Player App to your second mobile device (e.g. your iPad) utilizing Nero Receiver App.

Find information on how to use Nero Streaming Player in this blog: Nero KnowHow 00045.

Find information on how to use Nero Receiver App in this blog: Nero KnowHow 00057.

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Can I play videos, photos, and music located on my PC wirelessly to my tablet with Nero?

Sure, this works comfortably via Nero Receiver App within your home network.

Nero Receiver_EN

With Nero Receiver you can play videos, photos, and music located on your PC via WiFi straight on your tablet or smartphone and control playback functions comfortably via your mobile device.

Nero Receiver is compatible to many UPnP / DLNA media servers like Windows Media Player®, Cyberlink Power DVD®,  Nero MediaHome®, and more.

What benefits do I have with Nero Receiver?

  • Play videos, photos, and music located on your PC on your tablet in the garden or anywhere in your house
  • Play music playlists from your PC on your snmartphone
  • Watch photos and slideshows located on your PC comfortably on your couch
  • Control media playback via Start, Stop, Pause on the mobile device

In Combination with Nero MediaHome on your PC, Nero Receiver even extends its functions:

  • Navigation functions: play single videos or several videos in sequnce, and make use of previous title/next title
  • Via search function jump to any place withing your movie
  • Play Nero MediaHome design slideshows with effect designs, intro, outro, titles, and matching music

This is how you use Nero Receiver via Nero MediaHome

  1. Open Nero MediaHome on your PC
  2. Select the “Play To“ button presenting the active device list
  3. Select your tablet/smartphone from this list
  4. Select a video, photo, slideshow, or a music playlist in Nero MediaHome
  5. Click on the play button in Nero MediaHome
  6. Your mobile device will load and immediately play your selection
  7. Via play control in Nero Receiver use Pause, Start, Stop, previous/next Title

This is how you use Nero Receiver via Windows Media Player®

  1. Select a file via Windows Explorer
  2. Right click on the chosen file and select “Play to device”, then select “Nero Receiver”
  3. Your selected video will show as thumbnail within the streaming playlist window and autoplay once loaded
  4. If you selected several videos as a playlist Nero Receiver will play them sequentially
  5. Full navigation controls Start/Stop/Pause/previous/next Title will only be available in Windows MediaPlayer Streaming window
  6. Within Nero Receiver you can use Play/Pause/Stop

Before you can do media streaming via Windows Media Player® you need to activate media streaming under “Windows Control Panel“, once:

  1. Open “Windows Control Panel” and type “Media” into the search field top right
  2. Click on “Media Streaming Options” (located directly under “Network and Sharing Services”)
  3. Activate media streaming via clicking on the respective button
  4. Personalise streaming options to your needs

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