What can I do with Nero Streaming Player?

Just came back from your vacation and your Smartphone is packed with all the nice memories captured as images or videos? Now, your family and friends are eager to watch it, but it’s no fun showing it on the small screen of your smartphone.

‘Nero Streaming Player App’ is a clever and easy to use solution for playing photos and videos on your smartphone wireless to the big Smart TV screen in the living room.


‘Nero Streaming Player App’ works on your smartphone or tablet, no matter if iOS or Android.  Just play files from your mobile device to any UPnP/DLNA enabled Smart TV or other Wi-Fi® media players in your home network – all without the need for cables or plugs.


Nero Streaming Player App also allows you to play media like photos, slide shows, videos, music, movies & TV shows from your PC to your Smart TV. Moreover you can use your smartphone as a remote control for browsing and playing all your media files from the PC.  So just lean back and enjoy your slide show or movie with family and friends.

  • Stream music, photos, and videos from your smartphone directly to your Smart TV
  • Browse media on your PC  (photos, slide shows, videos, music, movies, TV shows) via the App on your mobile device and stream them to your TV
  • Stream media from your mobile device to another mobile device that runs ‘Nero Receiver App’
  • Stream media stored on your PC to a mobile device that runs ‘Nero Receiver App’
  • Play photos located on your PC as slide shows with automatic transitions and music on the big TV screen
  • Sort and play your music based on artist, album cover, title, or genre, and stream to a DLNA receiver
  • Make your smartphone become a remote control for volume, stop, pause, next/previous title
  • Available for Android and iOS devices
  • For streaming via the PC, Nero MediaHome must run on your PC

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What can I do with Nero Receiver?

Stream videos, photos & music via your PC in your home network and play your media wirelessly on your mobile device with super easy to use ‘Nero Receiver’ App.

  • Stream videos, photos & music to your tablet in the garden!
  • Listen to PC music playlists on your smartphone in the bedroom!
  • Friends came over? Show some photos & slideshows sitting on the couch!

Also stream media files between different mobile devices within the same WiFi network – even platform independent. E.g. use Nero Streaming Player App on one mobile device as a wireless media server and via Nero Receiver App let your second mobile device become your wireless media player. Nero Receiver App is also compatible with numerous other UPnP / DLNA media servers and media player apps.


Nero Receiver provides you with an easy and high quality solution!

  • Play photos, videos & music stored on the PC to your mobile device
  • Stream music and music playlists
  • Stream photos and slideshows
  • Cast single videos or several videos in a row
  • Play any media file from Media Player® to your tablet or mobile
  • Cast media files using other UPnP / DLNA media servers – also media server apps
  • Pause or stop media playback and skip titles using your smartphone

Special features in combination with Nero MediaHome

  • Transcoding: always stream in device-compatible format
  • Face Recognition: automatic categorization of your photo library
  • Geo Tagging: sort photos by places you have visited
  • Themed Slideshows: stream slideshows with automatic intro/outro, transitions & music

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New versions of Nero Streaming Player App available!

New versions of Nero Streaming Player App are live now.
Check details for your mobile operating system below.

Nero Streaming Player iOS 1.0.46

  • Select content from your album
  • Play your albums to TV wirelessly
  • Direct access to Nero KnowHow App (when installed)
  • Downloaded videos from the Internet now play in correct orientation
  • Issues with using the home function fixed
  • Some minor bug fixes

Nero Streaming Player Android 1.0.38

  • Less memory consumption and better performance
  • Direct access to Nero KnowHow App (when installed)
  • Some minor bug fixes


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How do I find out, if I have a Smart TV?

The strongest indicator that you probably own a Smart TV is the availability of a network port on the back of the TV set. Usually this is labeled ‘LAN’.

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You can connect your TV either via cable from this port to an identical port on your internet router. The other option is to to enable the ‘WLAN’ (Wireless LAN) / ‘WiFi’ option in the menu of your TV.

In both cases make sure that your TV set is connected to the same network as your smartphone.

Most TV sets that have such a connection will show up as ‘Play to’ target in ‘Nero Streaming Player’.

You can also use DLNA product search to confirm if your TV is a DLNA certified product: https://spirespark.com/dlna/products/. You can search by manufacturer, product type or device classes and capabilities.

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Some of my videos and music on my phone don’t show up in Nero Streaming Player App. Why?

It can happen quite frequently that videos and music purchased on a mobile device have coyright restrictions and cannot be streamed by a 3rd party app.

If the video that is not show up is a video recorded by your phone, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet, as it is likely that you have the iCloud option turned on and your video is stored on iCloud.

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