How do I find out, if I have a Smart TV?

The strongest indicator that you probably own a Smart TV is the availability of a network port on the back of the TV set. Usually this is labeled ‘LAN’.

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You can connect your TV either via cable from this port to an identical port on your internet router. The other option is to to enable the ‘WLAN’ (Wireless LAN) / ‘WiFi’ option in the menu of your TV.

In both cases make sure that your TV set is connected to the same network as your smartphone.

Most TV sets that have such a connection will show up as ‘Play to’ target in ‘Nero Streaming Player’.

You can also use DLNA product search to confirm if your TV is a DLNA certified product: You can search by manufacturer, product type or device classes and capabilities.

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Some of my videos and music on my phone don’t show up in Nero Streaming Player App. Why?

It can happen quite frequently that videos and music purchased on a mobile device have coyright restrictions and cannot be streamed by a 3rd party app.

If the video that is not show up is a video recorded by your phone, make sure your phone is connected to the Internet, as it is likely that you have the iCloud option turned on and your video is stored on iCloud.

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How can I play photos, videos, and music located on my Smartphone wirelessly on my TV ?

Just coming home from vacation and eager to watch all the great photos you shot on the big screen in the living room. Nothing could be easier. Just install free Nero Streaming Player app for iOS and Android via the respective app store.

Nero Streaming Player is an easy to use app for your Smartphone and Tablet that plays photo, video, and music located on your mobile device also straight to your WiFi connected Smart TV.NSP Play from this device TV & Device_1 00053Switch on your TV set. Make sure that your Smart TV and your mobile device are connected to the same WiFi network.

Start Nero Streaming Player. The home screen will show available playback devices in your network. Make sure your Smart TV shows up. Then press the upper button to stream media from your mobile device to your TV set.

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The next screen will show photos, videos and music on your mobile device.  For switching the media browsing mode click on the respective icon at the bottom.

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In photo view click on a photo and the playback view will open. Touch and swipe left to get to the next image, touch and swipe right for going back to the previous image.

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Now click on the ‘play to’ icon and select your network enabled TV set.

NSP Play from this device_2.3 00053Swipe again to watch your photos or press play to automatically play images in sequence.NSP Play from this device_TV & device_4 00053

For playing videos click on the film icon, for playing music use the music icon at the bottom and continue as described already. When playing music you can also filter between Album, Artist, Genre, and Songs.

Tip: Nero Streaming Player can also play photos, videos, and music located on your PC to your mobile device and directly to your TV set. Read more on this under FAQ:

How can I play content from my PC wirelessly to my TV using my Smartphone as a remote control?’

Also watch the video tutorial

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